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  1. Greetings and apologies for resurrecting a year old topic. I'm the owner of the Colecovision expansion in question (that photo was taken by me). We (the Pelikonepeijoonit) had heard rumors of these things for a while and knew people that claimed to have owned one in the 80s. Finally we managed to get one from a fellow collector and then later a complete boxed one in a bunch of Salora stuff. It was more than a prototype, though all of them were hand built. We assume a test batch was released and sent out to some stores, but as far as we know, we have the only two in collector hands... But if Coleconut really does have one, would be nice to know. Here's some more story... http://pelikonepeijo...=DESC&wrongVer= And more pictures: http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/1.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/2.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/3.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/4.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/5.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/6.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/7.jpg http://parssinen.net...saloraex1/8.jpg Here's what is says on the Salora Manager box. http://parssinen.net...rinboksista.jpg Here it is being mentioned in a Salora Manager ad. http://parssinen.net...mainoksessa.pdf And here's the manual that came with it. http://parssinen.net...raex1manual.pdf
  2. Yeah, had to report this (I'm the games editor of the site in question), been reading the thread and following the auction since day 1.
  3. Here's a little project that I've had in my mind for a while : http://www.pelikonepeijoonit.net/ratemyrare/ You can upload a picture and a small description of the rarest items in your collection and find out what other visitors think of them. Kinda like Hot or Not or Rate my Kitten, but for game collectors. I just got the site working, but it might need some refining still.. Let me know what you think and take part. Thanks.
  4. Apparently the change of hosts I ordered and paid for 3 months ago is finally under way... should be up soon, but then i need to make some updates... Sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Read the story, see the images and download the disk image from here: http://www.pelikonepeijoonit.net/articles/arcadest.html An arcade trivia game that's powered by an Atari ST1040FM. Anybody heard of anything like this?
  6. Good choice, congrats! Now, when's the next contest?
  7. Here's how mine went. Pretty much. 1. Get an idea 2. Draw a sketch with pencil on paper 3. Throw away that sketch because it looks like crap 4. Draw another sketch and be somewhat happy with it 5. Scan that picture 6. Launch Photoshop 7. Use many hours reproducing the sketch with curved lines (note to self - start saving for a GOOD drawing tablet) 8. Color in basic colors 9. Add shadows and blend them in 10. Add highlights and blend them in 11. Add details 12. Add textures (either taken from photos or made from scratch in Photoshop) 13. Add text and stuff A somewhat similar process that I used with this picture: The Creation of Rapu-Santeri
  8. Looks like everybody has had the same idea. Here's my version (that I DID start long before I saw the pics on this thread... )
  9. Hmm.. Can't edit my posts I see. Well, now it's fixed.
  10. Damn. Just noticed I'm missing one 'I' from the game name. Will be fixed. Manu
  11. The silver version of Nathan Strum's latest... whoah!
  12. No filters but by hand, photoshop blend modes and textures. Here's one in a similar style I've made with a tutorial type deal : http://www.sci.fi/~man/thoughthrough/
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