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  1. 1 1050 and 1 810 fail to load disks, the other 1050 won't power on, and the other 810 turns on but doesn't seem to do anything.
  2. Awesome, I'll send a message to them soon. Thanks for your help!
  3. I know about Best Electronics, but do they do repairs? Oh and I love Best. Very good service.
  4. I happen to have 4 disk drives, 2 810, 2 1050, all dead since I last checked. I have at least 50+ disks and whatnot and I need your help on what I should do. I enjoy using the real hardware and I'm wondering what on earth I should do with my disk drive situation. I'm wondering about repair options or if at this point I should get new drives instead.
  5. Mario Maker is here!!!

  6. I'll give you my top 2: 1 Night Driver 2 Pong
  7. I made it only on level 1 on normal(2930 points): But on easy I made it to level 3(9370 points):
  8. This game is hard! Stage 1: Stage 2: Stage 3: Total=392. Everything NTSC.
  9. I got 6-0752 on Alley Cat. And I got 2950 on Tin Can Alley Cats. Both are NTSC.
  10. I like Jr. Pac-Man the best. It's fun, unique and hard. I like the Atari 8-bit version and the arcade version a ton.
  11. Sorry, I don't have a BASIC cart yet, but I may be getting one soon. The printers should work, I've used them on my 600XL before the keyboard broke.
  12. Sorry that I didn't specify, but I'm using Atari SIO and I tried a 1025 and a XDM121. I'm using AtariWriter for the text files.
  13. I just got an old Atari 800, and it refuses to print a single letter on multiple printers. I've tried loading a file from cassette and it worked, so I'm wondering what could be wrong with this Atari 800?
  14. I really liked that article, please do more like it!
  15. The manual is online here: http://www.atarimania.com/documents/Atari-820-Printer-Operators-Manual.pdf
  16. Looking for a copy of Adventure International's Adventure #7: Mystery Fun House, as long as the game works, I am fine with it.
  17. If it is boxed only: My rarest IB(Box+game only) game is Pirate Adventure, Adventure #2 by Adventure International, my rarest CIB game would be my Spy vs. Spy 1+2 combo disk and My rarest Utility would be my CIB 1988 Atariwriter.
  18. So, what is the rarest game you own? I think mine is a loose Golden Voyage, Adventure #12 by Adventure International, a 9/10 on Atarimania.
  19. I am 12 now and I got my first Atari computer, a 600XL when I was 9.
  20. Here is my score: (First life) (Final score)
  21. Found the culprit, just as everybody thought, it is the small paper feed gear: Split shown on the top middle of the mini gear.
  22. Okay, so I just got a 1020 from ebay in fairly good shape. So I power it on and the pens are dry, but I can see the pattern. Then the paper wouldn't move enough, it would go about 1/3 of the way down/up. Print head just needs new pens, and it moves perfectly fine. Needing help on getting the paper to move properly, so anybody know what I should do?
  23. I got 8,810 on my first life. And 30,400 on my final score. Score on NTSC hardware.
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