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  1. Because as good as Maximo is, it is coupled with rage, broken controllers, and shattered TV screens.
  2. Just as a note, the latest S models come with a garbage single antenna 2.4 GHZ wireless band only card. This is fine if you don't have a lot of wireless devices and you don't live in an apartment complex where everyone is eating up the 2.4 GHZ band channel, but if you do (and you don't want to wire your 360), you're going to need to purchase an additional wireless adapter for duel antenna and 5GHZ support.
  3. I had this issue. The problem was the power adapter. Are you using the official genesis block with the correct voltage. I had a 9v NES one on mine and it didn't output any video until I replaced it with a 10v adapter. I now have a problem myself with the system crashing, but as to the video problems, changing the adapter fixed the issue.
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