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  1. Hell I'd consider preordering that, I love Haunted House and that would look great next to my Texas Chainsaw and Halloween games. 👍
  2. mipaol

    RetroN 77

    If it is compatible with the Harmony cart I'll buy a Retron77 day one, this will be a great solution for playing 2600 games on my living room tv which doesn't have a coax connection but two spare HDMI ports.
  3. Last game I played was Flash Gordon so right on I get to fly a spaceship.
  4. Chetiry would be my recommendation, spot on Tetris clone with multiple game modes and three choices of music (persistent background music in a 2600 game still amazes me every time I play it) plus the songs have a spooky old carrousel vibe to them which is just awesome.
  5. Wow reading some of these posts make me glad I live next to a pawn shop that hardly anyone seems to know about where the owner sells 2600 games bulk in a bin for two bucks each, the most expensive Atari game I've seen there was a copy of Snoopy and the Red Baron in excellent condition, which he had in the glass case because I think hes a Peanuts fan, and even that one he only wanted $10.
  6. Right now I'm playing Flash Gordon and Plaque Attack both in very good condition which I found at the local pawn shop for only $2 each.
  7. You can turn the swearing off in the options menu (I like it though I wish more games had nudity, strong language, and generally more graphic mature content). As for the game itself I think its awesome, its very colorful and fast paced, the guns are imaginative the rebirth scenes are clever and theirs lots of stuff to grind on and shoot at. Definitely a must own for Xbox One owners who want something new and just a bit strange yet with a subtle familiarity for those who are experienced with the movement mechanics of the Tony Hawk Pro Skater series.
  8. Portable Coleco and Inty systems would be nice but I'm not sure how they could manage the controllers on a handheld.
  9. I'd like to see the Flashback series branch into classic handhelds. Atari Lynx or Sega Game Gear flashback systems that look and feel like the originals but with better screens and modern rechargeable batteries preloaded tons of games would be awesome. An Atari 5200 Flashback would be great too, it could come with better joysticks that can also be used on the original 5200 systems.
  10. Back in the 90s when the local Blockbuster Video was liquidating their NES rentals I had a chance to buy one of their copies of Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak but didn't because I thought it was a kid's game.
  11. Lately I find myself enjoying handhelds more than console or PC, with handheld systems you're not stuck playing games in one place, you can enjoy handheld gaming in any room in the house or even take it outside. Sure handheld systems might not be as powerful as say a PS4 or gaming PC but the 3DS and Vita are still way more advanced than anything I grew up with. Also systems like the Game Boy, Game Gear, and of course the Lynx are highly collectable and very affordable to collect for, collecting handheld cartridges almost feels like collecting trading cards, and their doesn't seem to be as much attention on handheld collecting versus retro console collecting so I generally find better deals on games.
  12. Super Breakout because it has an astronaut on the cover so you know its out of this world (also its the one I've played the most so I'm better at it than Circus Atari).
  13. I'm not sure if he ships to Canada but so far I have had nothing but good experiences with Best Electronics. http://www.best-electronics-ca.com
  14. Far be it from me to question a vulcan's logic but I recall a video where Gamester81 interviewed Joe the owner of atari2600.com and they showed the areas in his home and garage where they cleaned and stored all the items, than again that could have only been items from the big purchase they made in Florida.
  15. lol yep I made that same mistake when I ordered from them, I paid for two day shipping but it took over a month for the three items (two games and a connector) to even ship and once they did it still took a good week and a half if memory serves. I ordered from them once and once was enough, maybe I've just been lucky over the years but I have never before or since experienced such slow service and total lack of communication from an online retailer.
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