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  1. @jgkspsx Thanks for the reply. I agree now, they must have made it up. That is an awesome pinball concept, would love to play it. Would love to see Dracula rise out of the coffin. Would be great to play on Halloween...
  2. Wanted to post this in the Gaming Discussion forum of the General section, but could not do so, as I did not see a start-new-topic button (perhaps that is why there are no posts there). I may have asked this before and forgot, but a forum search did not yield a post on it (and if I did, I apparently forgot the answer; getting older, unfortunately). Was watching the Parker Lewis episode where Jerry is addicted to video games (although the dialogue contained that term, for some reason they also frequently referred to the addiction as computer games, which I thought was odd). A title was mentioned: Drac Attack. Has there ever been a game with that title? I searched but came up with nothing. I assume it was made up, but the other games mentioned were real (Pengo, Altered Beast). Could it have been a dedicated handheld, maybe black/white? In the episode, handheld games were featured as well.
  3. The combination of Ghouls n Ghosts, Castle of Illusion, and Rastan, all for SMS, as mentioned somewhere above, I have to say is one great play session. Excellent choices. (I actually find SMS, especially the colors in the graphics, to be really appealing; never owned or played the system, but I've been looking at many videos and have used a couple of the games - that I can get to work! - on Archive Org; would I be crazy to say it was a bit better than NES?) Anyway, here are my three recent, played on Atari Vault, Steam...Asteroids Deluxe, Space Duel, Maze - something or other, can't recall, sort of like Pac-Man...all arcade versions.
  4. AAA177

    Congo Bongo?

    Just getting back to the thread after seeing a notification ... did not realize you were working on this, thank you so much. Question: can I download that NTSC zip-folder and then run it through Virtual Atari?
  5. From the video, it seems as if many characters from the Activision-2600 days were present, such as the alligators, gold bars, sunset, etc. Was the code simply transferred over, or was it rewritten from scratch? And was there any mention of copyright issues? Not that I want there to be, mind you, but I was wondering if any licensing and/or similar discussion for permission (even if for free) from Activision Blizzard took place. (Maybe someone could ask on one of the designer's Twitter feeds about this; I myself am not on the platform) In terms of this, I have to say, I am very happy that the visual style has been retained. Not that creating a new 2600 visual vocabulary wouldn't be great as well, but this definitely brings us all back, I think we would all agree...
  6. If I read between the lines of some of the things Crane et al. said about this new business venture, I almost get the impression they might look to scale higher and bring on other colleagues and even new designers from the homebrew community. In this way, they could ramp up output and generate cash flow and significant cuts from other works submitted. I also have to assume they may port some of these games to other consoles (Intellivision, Colecovision, et cetera). Haven't gone through the entire interview yet, so maybe some of this is contradicted, but it would seem a safe bet. (By the way, I would have to assume the statement that they need to sell one million units to justify the investment was a joke; am I wrong? Only reason I mention this is it makes me feel safe in terms of not buying right away, as money just isn't there for it at the moment - unfortunately, collector's edition is out of the question, although even if I had the cash, I doubt I would have been fast enough, I'm just one who never is at that game.) Did they get to many questions from the thread? My impression was they did not, which is understandable. Great job on the interview from what I've seen so far...
  7. I'm starting to go through the interview...some very interesting stuff. Just wanted to quickly mention one thing: whoever suggested (in a comment) making a commercial for MeTV is a genius. Never occurred to me. I also wonder if MeTV would be interested in selling the games, plus merchandise like tee shirts, on its shop. And although I am not an expert on television-commercial prices, from what I understand, on a smaller digital-network such as MeTV, prices, especially late-night, might not take up that much capital. Perhaps the team could get themselves on that channel's collector's show for exposure, as well (I'm not sure in my area I can watch that because it might be interrupted by news, but nevertheless, would love to hear that they were on it).
  8. I'd like to know if this is a first pitch to Activision Blizzard or Atgames for perhaps a partnership, or if perhaps it might be a pitch for companies like Disney or WarnerMedia to promote upcoming content via IP adapted to the 2600 platform (cartridges based on something like Stranger Things or Pixar/Marvel cartoons would be great promotional items, and suppliers of incremental revenue for the media conglomerates)...also, are there investors backing this venture? In terms of programming, did the Kitchens and Mr. Crane literally do it like in the past...just pure assembly? Were there other assistants involved in the making of the titles? And some of the images from the trailer look to be similar to Activision games of old...was permission needed to do it in this style? And a request: please consider partnering with Activision Blizzard for Pitfall 3. Is there a way for Garry to write a title similar to GameMaker for a new release? For what it's worth, I honestly believe this is the start of a big enterprise, especially if titles were made vis a vis the first paragraph. I also potentially see these types of games being used in educational settings to teach programming. Thank you for taking my questions. (I will not be able to watch on Twitch, but I hope this makes it to YouTube as a replay; thanks again...)
  9. Just found out about this. Pretty amazing news, I've been wishing for something like this for years. Couple questions... Anyone know of an article, perhaps an upcoming one, that tells the details of how all this came together, and maybe discusses the economics underpinning the model? Maybe if this is being backed by investors, if it is a first pitch to Activision Blizzard or Atgames for perhaps a partnership, if perhaps it might be a pitch for companies like Disney or WarnerMedia to promote upcoming content via IP adapted to the 2600 platform (cartridges based on something like Stranger Things or Pixar/Marvel cartoons would be great promotional items, and suppliers of incremental revenue for the media conglomerates)... I'd also like to know if these games will eventually make their way to retail, or if the non-collector editions will always be around (i.e., produced). I unfortunately cannot buy now because money is tight, but would like to eventually acquire these titles...and not to collect, to play, of course. They do look great. Activision should really commission Crane et al. to make a third Pitfall for the classic platform... Thanks...(maybe Bill L might have some insight? And if this has already been answered - couldn't read every post - please link to the relevant section)...
  10. AAA177

    Congo Bongo?

    I understand. Thanks for the reply. It's a cool game...
  11. Thanks for all the replies. They are helpful to me. Emailing sounds like good advice, the jjgames option I will check out, and glad to hear about no problems from Gold Leader.
  12. AAA177

    Congo Bongo?

    Any chance of a homebrew Congo Bongo update?
  13. Just curious if anyone here has used a site called DK Oldies. Happened to see a banner ad for it and checked it out. Seems a cool place from which to buy - I like how it seems to categorize and emphasize condition, such as complete, etc. - and its interface is easy to visually consume/navigate and very clean. But I wanted to see if there are any reviews here before I try it out (may not be a little while, anyhow, before I buy). Thanks in advance...
  14. Will the Adventure and Star Flashbacks be re-released as well? Thanks...
  15. It is odd that there is no info, but what I would like to see at least is the date at which the new Flashback units are set to be released. I can be surprised at what the game list is, but I just want to know on what day I'll find out. I agree too that it looks like the cabinet line will be the future focus. Certainly fair enough. Wish I could have engaged that product line but money and space considerations unfortunately sidelined me on that. And I also agree about the scarcity...in my area, there really weren't any Flashback X's being sold, mostly the Genesis consoles and the 1ups. If the company brings them back this year and keeps retail well stocked, it will give me time to save up money for them (would especially love the Legends with the Star Wars games, etc.).
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