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  1. My status: Anxiety about ordering from eBay. Anyone else have that, or should I not worry?

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    2. wongojack


      I bought toilet paper on ebay last week.  No problems


    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Yeah they have had a number of items delivered with virus included... seems ebay is removing price gouged items like cleaners and such, giving guidelines on everything except how not to spread disease. Just wear a mask and gloves... disinfect the box and then whatever you touch as you unbox including the prized item. Discard all the crap as well as protective gear and Carry the clean stuff into your house.

    4. GoldLeader


      ^  Good advice Doctor!!

  2. As a previous person said, a lot... Easiest way to say it is, I want all my old Atari stuff back. I even wish I had never returned this small Atari printer I accidentally purchased at Sears (I know, strange) thinking I was buying a bigger printer. Forget what it was, looked like a cash-register-type printer. But maybe mostly I want my 520ST back. Along with my youthful Atari-playing days (summer, new Antic is out, all that)... That's what I want back. In terms of what I wish I had at least at one time, if not now necessarily, that's a lot, as well, but I would have loved to have an Atari 7800...
  3. Brought my Hyperkin 5 over to a friend's house this evening for a Nintendo session. Hadn't used it in a while, but a few months ago, it seemed to be okay. This evening, after a long play of Shadowgate, I noticed the system stopped loading games, it kept saying they were unreadable, couldn't load, etc. I didn't have the actual Hyperkin controller with me, so I was taking the carts out and replacing them with new carts without going to the menu. Just wondering if that could have been the issue, or, as we thought, maybe the unit gets too hot? Just curious if anyone else has experienced this. Figure I would ask here first before searching the web for any info. (As a side note, Shadowgate, which I had never really experienced before, equals its illustrious reputation; it was a lot of fun.)
  4. Been busy so haven't kept up with all the flashback units this fall/winter so far. Didn't even know about the Star and Adventure versions. They seem pretty cool, with the NES Star Wars games and Maniac Mansion. Curious if these are hard to find in stores. I noticed only Wal-Mart online seems to have them (as well as the Legends, which I will look to pick up, hopefully). Thought the Blast units would be in CVS (picked up one there last year) but so far haven't seen them there. Also haven't seen them in Target or any brick/mortar. Not even on Amazon as far as I see, but I mostly want to pick these up in stores instead of via the web. Just wanted to see where people are getting them, thanks...
  5. I don't know if this was mentioned - read the thread, but I could have missed it - but is the X out officially or was the street date violated? I know this was asked, but not sure if it was definitively answered (although the point about the SD card is very helpful): is there even one difference this year on the X in terms of game list? I so far don't see any... The Legends unit quite frankly seems awesome...looking forward to it (and the X as well)… (anyone have any video reviews up yet?)...
  6. AAA177


    Thanks for all the replies. Some really good perspective here. I respect even the brutal opinions. I especially enjoyed the last post...some excellent philosophical points. Didn't know about that commercial...that's actually extremely interesting. If that is truly the case - and I do believe it - then I suppose some consumers may have felt misled. Enjoyed all the technical talk...and someone mentioned the clones. Alien is kind of a fun one in that respect. And yes, this has been discussed before. My recent playing of the title informed my need to post. Some topics are fascinating enough that we create new discussions on them. But I get the point...
  7. @Nukey Shay Thanks for the explanation. I think I understood most of it. That's too bad that there was such limitation on it. Like I say, really like that game overall except for the whip, but in the end it's not such a big deal. I'm glad it was at able to be as engaging and full of depth as it is. Definitely a gem for me. I will check out your version. Ultima, those are great ideas. Makes me want to see it now on an Atari 7800 or Atari computer (I assume your ideas would have to be on a more advanced Atari). Of course, if you meant simply a remake on a modern console, yeah that would be cool too.
  8. Thank you so much, I appreciate it. Been wanting to read some old game reviews...
  9. Is there a site that has a complete archive of this magazine? Or at least the first several years? Thanks.
  10. I've always liked Raiders of the Lost Ark and found its presentation very cool/neat. Just two issues: wish the whip was a whip and the spider looked like a spider. But I place emphasis on the former because the latter is more easily imagined. Curious if the programmer has ever said in interviews, or been asked at conventions, why he did the whip like that. I can't imagine it couldn't have been accomplished. Even a straight line either extending out or quickly appearing in full might have been graphically interesting. Not criticizing, by the way, just curious; I assume it may have been some sort of tradeoff, but even though I don't program, it's hard for me to comprehend as the whip is arguably one of the more vital parts of the character. Great game, and I hope to see it on a Flashback someday, somehow...
  11. AAA177


    Pac-Man, in hindsight, really wasn't that bad of an adaptation. I think what we all may have encountered is a phenomenon with which we are all familiar...the pressure to enjoy something after much anticipation. Thinking back, it was a big license, Atari was doing its best, and when it was first witnessed, the pressure was simply too much. No different than being able to enjoy a band years after its entire catalogue is at one's disposal...if I went from Hard Day's Night to A Day in the Life in real time, or Last Train to Clarksville to Listen to the Band in a similar frame, I probably would have a different perspective. Same thing with books from favorite authors, movies, etc. Not without its flaws, very obviously, but I appreciate it more these days. (I also enjoy the new version on the portable.)
  12. AAA177

    Virtual Atari

    Thanks for the response. I assume then I can continue to play safely? Not an expert on the web and all of that, but I do really enjoy the site whenever I get the urge to play some of the games...
  13. AAA177

    Virtual Atari

    I noticed a little while back that Chrome says the Virtual Atari site where you can play games conveniently in the browser is not secure, with the message planted in the upper left corner. When I search for the site, my mal-protection software flags the site as completely checked and fine. The warning on Chrome said information could be accessed. I've occasionally received such a warning on other approved sites (Edge doesn't say this on V Atari, but Edge also doesn't allow my mal-protection software to approve sites; Edge occasionally does do the not-secure thing as well on other sites). Just wondering if I have anything to worry about. I assume this may be a false alarm on Chrome's part?
  14. Completely understand and will welcome the ads. I wish I could subscribe, but money is somewhat tight at the moment. (Forgot there was that option.) What I will do is try to click on ads that interest me (I won't do it haphazardly or just to support, because that can work against the site, I think; as on YouTube with channels I like, I try not to click past the ads to support the creator). In particular, sometimes some ads for Amazon will follow me and I can buy a short story/comic. Which leads me to a question: do you receive remuneration just for a click, or does a transaction have to take place? Also, from a different angle: Can you receive money just for the impression, or does a click also have to take place? Someone mentioned selling downloads in the store: not sure if this is possible, but if there were a way to purchase a download such that I could play right from my computer without having to separately download an emulator, that would be great...I just don't like to download too many things from the web, and when I play Atari games I usually go to an in-browser site.
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