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  1. Will the Adventure and Star Flashbacks be re-released as well? Thanks...
  2. It is odd that there is no info, but what I would like to see at least is the date at which the new Flashback units are set to be released. I can be surprised at what the game list is, but I just want to know on what day I'll find out. I agree too that it looks like the cabinet line will be the future focus. Certainly fair enough. Wish I could have engaged that product line but money and space considerations unfortunately sidelined me on that. And I also agree about the scarcity...in my area, there really weren't any Flashback X's being sold, mostly the Genesis consoles and the 1ups. If the company brings them back this year and keeps retail well stocked, it will give me time to save up money for them (would especially love the Legends with the Star Wars games, etc.).
  3. My apologies that I am just getting back to this now. I thought no one had replied (didn't seem to get any notifications, but I'm sure I just missed it). I tried very hard to figure it out, and I think I did...Axiom Verge. Even though there is still some doubt, this mostly feels correct to me...
  4. I'm trying to recall a game name. Not even sure the exact genre, but I think it echoes back to the Gradius/etc. shooter titles. Or, maybe it is a platformer like Metroid? Odd that I can't remember that aspect. Anyway, fairly certain it begins with 'A', and that it was made in the last several years, maybe at first just digitally on Steam and then with physical releases. I've seen it covered before in Game Informer. Various keyword searches failed. I believe it was a well-received project.
  5. Does this already exist: a non-scripted series, sort of like that fish-tank show, where celebrities have home arcades built/stocked for them? 

  6. Since it's been a while, just wanted to ask again if we can expect info coming soon for new Atari Flashback units. Thanks again...
  7. That's actually a very good point. I remember waiting to purchase Donkey Kong for Atari 800XL. Wish I still had it. I believe it was priced at $40. That was four weeks of saving from my paper route. I literally remember that, waiting to get the money to acquire it. So I do acknowledge this analysis. Also, another thing occurred to me about which I forgot: I suppose, at some point, the difficulty level of games promoted the industry of assistance. Published guides for titles could be purchased (they still exist, but probably not to the degree as they did in the past), and video-game magazine subscriptions surely benefitted. Plus, am I mistaken, or wasn't there phone calls one could make at a premium price? Haven't thought about calling lines to get info, or whatever, for a fee (I'll have to search this, but weren't they called 900-lines?) in a long time, but I think you could do that to get pre-recorded help. Not sure if that was during the Atari age as well. Never considered the rental-shop angle, by the way...like I say, good point...
  8. Great thread. This was made for me, since I was about to come on here and ask the probability of this ever coming to Steam or Switch (not that I have Switch, but someday I may). Was watching the movie Nintendo Quest and learned about a game with which I wasn't familiar: Cowboy Kid. Looked up a video. Would love to interact with it. Unfortunately, out of my price range. So...what are the chances? I recently found out about (and acquired) the trio of Shadowgate/Deja Vu/Uninvited being on Steam in original Nintendo Entertainment System versions. Would love to see Kid head there as well. I second the motion of Batman, as I was recently watching that movie. Checked a video of that one: strangely, didn't seem to follow the movie that much, but maybe I didn't watch the gameplay long enough. Boy and His Blob I have for Wii Virtual Console, but it would be nice to have it elsewhere, as my Wii is not always available. Just in general, I think an effort should be made to make most video games available to legally buy. Or, barring that, I wish in my area there were game stores that would allow you to rent the games (but play them on-premises, I would imagine). I assume that business model exists somewhere... Going beyond the general, off the top of my head, Beetlejuice and Monster in My Pocket (I think that's the latter's title) would be others for me to wish about. I've always found movie/television licenses to be fascinating pieces of history. Would love to see Gilligan's Island up, and that makes me think -- why was there no Brady Bunch NES game? Missed opportunity...
  9. I'll generally echo everyone's thoughts by saying I wish games weren't made to be so difficult, and would always allow Konami-code-like options. This especially goes for earlier games, such as ones on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Never understood that design model. Maybe the thought was no one would ever play to the end on most games, and the system wouldn't have a long lifespan? And I have to say, sorry to hear about that ruined Mario Party game, especially since it was a family event...that's supposed to be the WiiU's expertise.
  10. I'm placing this question here because lately I've been trying to play C64 software, but it really could apply to any system. Just curious if anyone else finds that the controls for the Internet Archive site come and go. Lately, they've been gone on everything for me. Using Chrome. Is there a better browser? Also, is there any good link, maybe to a video, that explains how to get the controls to work? Maybe someone here has a tutorial up? Thank you...
  11. AAA177

    Math Gran Prix

    Because of a floor refinishing, I will be without access to television or Internet for a day or so (I've avoided the phone generation so far, with a very old one only for emergencies), and will be down in the basement level. I decided to bring down Atari Greatest Hits on the Nintendo DS (also the Game Boy Advance Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure cartridge in that slot) to help pass the time. I was going through some games to decide what I would concentrate on and then decided to try one I have never played at any time before -- Math Gran Prix. Just curious -- does anyone else think this is somewhat fun?
  12. On my mind: Could a chain of classic arcades be created that operates on the gym-membership model? 

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    2. Max_Chatsworth


      @AAA177 What city were you thinking about doing this in?

    3. Keatah



      I believe that nostalgia is good for most everything the first or second time it's re-experienced. It gets old real fast for everything except the best of the best of the best times & things.


      When I got rid of my 400/800 sometime in the late 80's I hadn't played it til the mid-90's via emulation. It was rather crude - but emulation developed and became accurate. And sometime in 2018 I had a real blast of nostalgia with great realism.


      Today I use emulation frequently, it's almost like I never got rid of it. So no more blasts of nostalgia.


    4. AAA177


      @Max_Chatsworth  I myself wasn't thinking of doing it, but if I was, I would think a major city that has a large amount of our particular demo, i.e. fans of the hobby. Maybe Los Angeles, San Francisco would be appropriate? NYC? Not certain. But it would be interesting to read about an existing classic arcade attempting to do this. Going by one reply here, perhaps this is already in existence. 

  13. Anything new to report on 2020 Flashback units? Is the pandemic going to affect distribution? Thanks.
  14. My status: Anxiety about ordering from eBay. Anyone else have that, or should I not worry?

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    2. wongojack


      I bought toilet paper on ebay last week.  No problems


    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      Yeah they have had a number of items delivered with virus included... seems ebay is removing price gouged items like cleaners and such, giving guidelines on everything except how not to spread disease. Just wear a mask and gloves... disinfect the box and then whatever you touch as you unbox including the prized item. Discard all the crap as well as protective gear and Carry the clean stuff into your house.

    4. GoldLeader


      ^  Good advice Doctor!!

  15. As a previous person said, a lot... Easiest way to say it is, I want all my old Atari stuff back. I even wish I had never returned this small Atari printer I accidentally purchased at Sears (I know, strange) thinking I was buying a bigger printer. Forget what it was, looked like a cash-register-type printer. But maybe mostly I want my 520ST back. Along with my youthful Atari-playing days (summer, new Antic is out, all that)... That's what I want back. In terms of what I wish I had at least at one time, if not now necessarily, that's a lot, as well, but I would have loved to have an Atari 7800...
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