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  1. six-pin is secam. however, if you want to be sure - check the serial number: **ATS = Secam
  2. don;t know if these are what you're looking for DiskIO Plus -basic.atr Diskio 4.3 20w Rev C -basic.atr Diskio 4.4.atr Diskio Plus 25w Rev C -basic.atr DiskIO Plus -basic [alt].atr
  3. fingers crossed the disks remain readable and stand up to copying after all of this time?
  4. forum is gone. no way to recover it, sorry.
  5. i still have a c64 3-in-1 football add-on disk: LHG-105 - Standings & League Leaders i don;t have a means to read it, does anyone have a use for it? what can be done with it? is there any possibility of reading/copying the data from a c64 disk using an Atari?
  6. what about the computer itself? sio port? sio cables? unless it's just "one of those freak occurrences" and was nothing more than coincidence?
  7. is this about MMM or 3-in-1 Football (Lance Haffner)? i thought the thread was about 3-in-1 Football (Lance Haffner) - and it seems a little pointless signing up for alerts on 3-in-1 Football, if the alerts are completely unrelated couldn't MMM (baseball game) have its own thread?
  8. "exploding Tonic Water? - that's going to be a whacky Off Licence when it opens" just managed to find the really old image of my son Daniel - in said Y-fronts and gig t-shirt
  9. older I get, the more of my comedy heroes disappear before their time: Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd, Tommy Cooper, Graham Chapman (best eulogy ever - thanks to John Cleese), Terry Jones (so sad), Caroline Aherne, Eric Morecambe, but Rik Mayall and Robin Williams were taken decades too early. Mr Jolly Lives Next Door is one of the Comic Strips' finest efforts. Throw in A Fistful Of Travellers' Cheques, Bad News & More Bad News - for a great evening's worth of laughs. "what's Mr Jolly Got that we haven't?" "our bloody Fairy Liquid" "you'd have thought he'd have shown us his chopper last night" we saw them on the Weapons grade Y-Fronts Tour. We took our son - he was 14 at the time, but (like myself and my wife) he loves almost everything Rik does. anyhow, little story: we're three rows from front (centre stage). the finale is a musical number with the succinct title "f**k off home" - them both wearing XXXL-sized Y-fronts (over their jeans). to finish they throw these into the audience. there's a fella sat next to my son, and Rik's Y-fronts are hurtling through the air toward this guy...last split-second, my son sticks out his left arm, grabs y-fronts in mid air and secures them under his T-shirt. fella looked livid. My son is now 31 with his own house and in his den/aka computer room - those Y-fronts are pinned to the wall - 17 years later! Rik Mayall is from Droitwich (8 miles away from me) and even did an hilarious mockumentary : Behind The Green Door - which was shot in my local town in 1982. Rik = a true local legend.
  10. incredible really that, so many people know of this Atari game - and other platform versions crop up on ebay - yet somehow, 3-in-1 (A8) continues to do a "Percy Blakeney".
  11. don't know if there's anything in this apple version that is useful? https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-IN-1-COLLEGE-PRO-FOOTBALL-Apple-II-II-IIe-IIc-IIGS-1984-Vintage-Game-RARE/184415944058?hash=item2af00bfd7a:g:iIcAAOSwblBfQyq7
  12. https://www.ebay.com/itm/3-IN-1-COLLEGE-PRO-FOOTBALL-Apple-II-II-IIe-IIc-IIGS-1984-Vintage-Game-RARE/184415944058?hash=item2af00bfd7a:g:iIcAAOSwblBfQyq7
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