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  1. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Lance-Haffner-Apple-2c-Vintage-Football/124279514849?hash=item1cefa2e6e1:g:F6sAAOSwYORfIv4-
  2. well mine have been on ebay Uk for a couple of weeks. i've two listings: 2x 6' = £32 for the pair 1x 6'6" + 1x 3'6" = £27 for the pair. i think that's a decent price, considering there's some extra-long SIOs there.
  3. well it probably doesn't as: a: i don't intend to sell it, and b: if i did, i have a spare case
  4. not really Brady - Patriots (i was a Patriots fan 19 years before Brady threw a ball for them). spray paint.
  5. ■ 800XL with Controller Card, Omnimon XL, stereo pokey, dual SIO, internal SIO2PC-USB, UAV, ½mb ■ 1050 Happy ■ EclaireXL with bespoke 3d-printed case/lighting ■ SDrive Max ■ 2x 1050 ISPlate ■ Ultimate Cart, Side2, Syscheck II
  6. there's another thread here somewhere where i listed them: Alphaload - Fuji Alphaload - Scrolling Aura Menu Elton C Games Disk [unknown] Games Disk [maybe early Ian K] Gamesmaster [Mikran] Howfen Dos ver 3.07 Howfen Dos ver 3.08 Ian D Menu Maker Ian K Menu Creator Ian K Menu Creator [1.9] Ian M Menu Creator Jon C Jon C Utilities Menu John E Multi Menu John W Menu LK Avalon Max's Megamix [Rob C] Menuloader Microdos Mockingbird Multi-Boot Multi-Boot Gold Multi-Boot Super XL Plus ver 1.0 Rob C Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 1 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 2 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 3 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 4 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 5 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 6 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 7 Rob C Musical Menu-Maker 8 Speedmenu v 3US [bibodos] Stevesoft Menu Supaboot Menu Super Boot Ultraspeed Alphaload Ultraspeed Multiboot Warpspeed Multiboot Yogi Menu Note: this is not complete - just as it was at that point in time
  7. just some added info: the menu maker in question is called Alpha-Load Menu Maker. It has four different menu options: Multiboot: Multiboot - Multiload: (Not Sure if this is it, but my understanding is that option 2 allows for creating menus with multi-part files) Alpha Menu - Atari Logo: Alpha Menu - Scrolling Colours: As for RobC Menus - there were some later add-ons - like DiskeyII and Musical Menus. RobC Games Menu RobC Menu Maker/Utils: RobC Utilities Disk: RobC DiskeyII/Muscial Menu Maker: - you could add a game tune to the menu, it plays during initial menu load (until a menu item is selected). Adding a musical menu (I think) resulted in one less menu option on the main screen. Hope this helps
  8. this topic: mentioned a LOGOMENU on the reverse of 1.1, but it was never confirmed.
  9. i've a nice collection of menu disks - including the two different MB colour scrolling types. PM me. The two were: both MB variants and not Rob C. One had a Fuji symbol, while the other had a scrolling colours with background/foreground scrolling differently I heard RobC was a postman - in the northwest (Manchester/Stockport area)? there are plenty of RobC menus - includign musical menus - where the added music played while the menu was displayed.
  10. ST Version [high price] looks like someone knows what they have with this: even rating it "10 rarity!"
  11. your findings are from 1990s to early 2000s. tapes are clearly from 1984. i'm pretty sure they were the "very brief existence" of the Card/Tape-Based Magazine
  12. weren't they the "card magazine" sold in Newsagents as a single card with the taps stuck to it. the magazine was (i believe) loaded from the tape
  13. would this be possible? i have a feeling that most 1990s software had a "year zero" default of January 1, 1970 again, this is a good little workaround, but one to be careful with. for instance; 2020 is a leap year., so in reality this fix would need to not just line up the correct day/date combination, but also need to be another leap year. so in this instance, only 1984, 1988, 1992 and 1996 can be used. it becomes a little more complicated if you're intending to use any of those files in future years. with your workaround the earlier dates are the best bet. consequently, anyone creating a new file in Timewise would need to be aware of the correct starting point (date). new file creation.................start dates to use 2020................................1984, 1988, 1992, 1996* 2021................................1985, 1989, 1993, 1997* 2022................................1986, 1990, 1994, 1998* 2023................................1987, 1991, 1995, 1999* * do not allow much scope for future use/updates
  14. 1. Visicalc 2. Atariwriter 3. Disk Wizard 4. Replay 5. can't recall the name - or find the software now - but it was a disk cataloging/listing mini database. you added the title at the top and it inserted the entry into a vertical list (all fitting across 40 columns)
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