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  1. thought I'd bump this thread with something applicable/timely. well, unless you've been hiding in a cave, you'll be aware that this weekend marks the 50th anniversary of one of mankind's greatest achievements. Were it not for the frontier breaching competition between the USA and USSR, Kennedy's Moon Shot "before the end of this decade" statement may never have been realised. and with the eclipse the other day, I'd been listing my favourite moon-related songs. now, a list is just (well) - a list, so I thought i'd do something with mine. so as my little tribute to man's "little stepping stone into the cosmos", i've put together a mix here's the files MP3: drive.google.com/open?id=10K3s08QkP2b-pASl7ZMbX5bIMKOfun1k (in various Atari formats): PDM Side/Side2: drive.google.com/open?id=1uvN10ZddmPWCaR9JUnaBbXTE28P3m8Vj Emulator XEX file: drive.google.com/open?id=1cxUs2L2aUisw-jEEcTEjH1BQ0m628Cwj Atarimax: drive.google.com/open?id=1Ac-hBYZ-HmP2cpOp6BWMvOuewxQEEmN4 the!Cart: drive.google.com/open?id=19YRWNRQcyMaTfT3mfJgNS76LzCFZShy3 MegaCart: drive.google.com/open?id=19zkCtVmlwR6ZMIDO2_J0UOkw6fys6AWx what's included? ■ Thunderbirds countdown ■ Final Countdown - Europe ■ Space Oddity - David Bowie ■ Aquarius - 5th Dimension ■ Moonage Daydream - David Bowie ■ Highfly - Jon Miles ■ Rocket - Def Leppard ■ Space Truckin' - Deep Purple ■ Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival ■ Fly Me To the Moon - Frank Sinatra ■ Rocket Man - Elton John ■ Far, Far Away - Slade ■ Whole of the Moon - Waterboys ■ Fly Like An Eagle - Steve Miller ■ Eclipse - Pink Floyd ■ Moonlight Shadow - Mike Oldfield ■ Spaceman - Killers ■ What's Next to the Moon - AC/DC ■ Space Station No5 - Montrose ■ Ticket to the Moon - Electric Light Orchestra ■ Calling Occupants (Of Interplanetary Craft) - Klaatu ■ Starman - David Bowie ■ The Eagle Has Landed - Saxon ■ Man on the Moon - REM ■ Steppin' Out - Joe Jackson ■ Walking on the Moon - Police ■ Cosmic Dancer - T-Rex ■ Fun In Space - Roger Taylor ■ New Moon On Monday - Duran Duran
  2. absolutely! things are like carpet tacks ⛏️⛏️🔨
  3. but that doesn't follow. if tracks are damaged through overheating then the drives would not work when reverted to stock. I've had a chat with @flashjazzcat externally of here - as I've a feeling the Wire Wrap pins on the IS Plates have wrought sh*t on the board sockets. Strange though, that the socket contacts are still fine with the original ICs - and "stock" works hunky dory?
  4. his sales methodology makes no sense whatsoever. ■ more (individual small) actual transactions to process = more work ■ more picking/handling = more shiftwork = more salary costs ■ why should it matter if people "re-sell" their purchases? he's made his profit from the initial sale - bothering about re-sales is unnecessarily protectionist of his own interests - even someone buying 3 or 4 items could be doing so to re-sell...so what's the point? ■ when the 8-bit bubble finally bursts - when our generation have gradually all died/incapable of playing with the hardware - he'll end up with a load of un-sellable stock - he should be "making hay" while he can
  5. both were on separate PSUs and data cables. am wondering if (at some point) some random mains spike has damaged both? strange that BOTh drives work perfectly well once reverted back to "stock" wondering if the IS Plate boards have been fried? and way to tell?
  6. starting to feel like Groundhog Day this is happening with BOTH of my IS Plate 1050s. BOTH were working fine til tonight. Now - if I power them up as D1: Drive WILL spin up, and inserting a disk results in initial drive movement - as expected, then on powering up the XL ■ without Option Key - fart noise and READY ■ with Option Key - fart noise and SELF TEST If i revert BOTH 1050s to stock then BOTH 1050s boot without issue VID-20190716-WA0001.mp4
  7. it's sound advice. however, i've gone as far as re-burning new OS roms and this made no difference at all. even going as far as trying two different happy roms and a copy of the Irata Verlag rom - same fault/symptoms thanks Ryan. yep, I have some precision sockets here and I have tried using these to achieve better contact..before hand i blew compressed air thru everything to remove any microbes of dust or disk debris that "may" have been lingering. again, no luck. powers on, spins up. insert screws to re-assemble case and power LED works, but no activity. btw - i've even tried keeping the drive the right way up (just in case) and re-inserted the screws from below, making no iota of difference (which means it's not likely the flipping of the case to re-insert screws that's causing the fault). best guess? something. somewhere is shorting out once the case is re-assembled - but (for the life of me) i can't see what it could be...certainly shoudln't be board underside as it's already in situ in the bottom half of the case before the case is re-assembled. But perhaps the "tightening of screws" is having a negative affect?
  8. i found these are quite good too https://www.vesalia.de/e_c64cartshell.htm i have a couple and they fit well
  9. definitely something to do with the board. swapped board to known good mech and known good ICs - same symptoms. board going to be dumped. will scour ebay for a replacement.
  10. Hi Ryan ■ all main ICs swapped in and out - no real change ■ reverted to stock - no real change ■ new Irata Verlag eprom burned and installed - no real change "no real change" = ■ remove lid, re-seat everything (incl jumpers) - powers up fine and boots fine ■ gently turn over to re-screw lid - power LEd but refuses to spin up - no activity at all this happens in every instance
  11. am starting to think this is completely unrelated. both my 1050s - IS Plate and Irata Verlag are refusing to play ball - even with 90k/130k disks. i did a mega imaging session for someone about three days ago - 48 disks. now the IS Plate won't format anything - even from Dos 2.5 and the Irata powers on, but no disk activity. if i take the board out and re-seat it, it spins up, but the process of turning it over to screw the case back must unseat something - as it reverts to no spinning up am thinking the formatting issues may be heads out of alignment or the head is clogged with sh*t off the 48 disks? guess what I'll be doing Sunday?
  12. I was copying some ATR images to send to Nir earlier and came across a whole bunch of 65k files (one attached) Problem is, the "write ATR to real disk" option in APE/Prosystem (obviously) doesn't recognise these ■ attempts to format - first pass completes, second pass stalls "Drive 1 aborted. [drive failed format] Prosystem is reading the 65k ATR as 40 TPS / 18 SPT / 128 BPS Alpha-Load Menu Maker A.atr
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