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  1. i may have some somewhere. drop me a PM in the morning and I'll go check out some boxes of keycaps i have stored in our garage.
  2. one or two nice additions there, thanks. but most are dupes from the link on page one of this thread. nice that we appear to have a working Steve's High Menu Maker, at long last.
  3. there were a lot, but most have not yet been dumped here's the list by software house Analog Computing - Halley Hunter, Observational Astronomy Program, Solar System Scaler Antic Software - Halley Patrol, Halley Watch, Space Base, Stargazing APX - Starware Atari - Atari Planetarium Bits and Bytes - The Solar System Capestyle Software - Halley Hunter Centurion Software - Galactic Travel Compute! - Skyscape Cybernetic Information Systems - Big Dipper Dynacomp - Space Base Hardcore Software - Star-Search Kinetic Designs - Astronomy Package, Horizon, Star Encounters Mindscape - The Halley Project Moses Engineering - Planetary Positions RPS Corporation - Our Solar System Tech-Link - Astronomy Software Package, Kepler, Sat Plot, Star, Twilight Thunder Mountain - The Halley Project UTsch (Gerold Utsch) - Astronomie Urania Systems - Space Base Unknown - Astronomy Quiz, Comet Halley, Local Sidereal Time & Date, Marooned in Space, Planetarium, Skyscape, Solar System, The Sun, Zodiac a8 astro.zip
  4. out of interest - what is the second monochrome screen test you ran?
  5. and (at least) one Atari XL keyboard?
  6. Just a little update to this. The boards have arrived in New York safe and sound. I really can't recommend FedEx enough. Steven needed the boards delivered before court proceedings on Weds. Package was collected from here (in Worcestershire, UK) 13:28 Friday afternoon, and delivered to Steven's lawyer's offices in Park Ave, New York today @ 10:03am Full tracking details (this is really stunning, when you consider how often it wasn't physically moving) Jan-10-20, 13:28 PM, - Picked up - BIRMINGHAM, WM B26 15 miles Jan-11-20, 21:18 PM, - In transit - STANSTED, ES CM24 137 miles Jan-12-20, 04:43 AM, - Arrived at FedEx location - MEMPHIS, TN 38118 4,366 miles Jan-13-20, 04:40 AM, - Departed FedEx location - NEWARK, NJ 07114 1,089 miles Jan-13-20, 07:37 PM, - On FedEx vehicle for delivery - NEW YORK, NY 10036 Jan-13-20, 10:03 PM, - Delivered - NEW YORK, NY 10178 15 miles 5,622 miles in 2½ days! I'm just astounded at what FedEx can do - that Bryan Adams guitar advert MUST be based on fact! Anyhow, Steve has kindly left me some feedback (and me him) Fantastic seller! Needed FAST delivery to US. Worked past midnight to help! Buyer: k****c Atari 600XL and 800XL Chelco Motherboards ***RARE Really nice when things work out - fingers crossed for the court case.
  7. I can't really go into detail. But it's to do the Chelco business Steven's father's estate after he died in 2009.
  8. Q: what would Brenski's - 2 Chelco Atari XL Motherboards be doing in a New York Courtroom? Here's the Images of my Chelco boards - as listed on ebay. A: Late yesterday evening I was contacted on ebay by Steven - this was his message: After a little discussion, we managed to make arrangements for BOTH of my Chelcos to be dispatched - FedEx to be delivered for 10am Monday Morning. Steven has given me permission to discuss this in very general terms, suffice to say this concerns his late father's estate. His father was founder of Chelco (in 1976?) The Two boards are being submitted as exhibits/evidence to prove that Chelco did manufacture parts for Atari. I hope all goes well for Steven (and his sister), and that my boards have somehow, helped in some small way. Steven has promised to update me once a decision has been reached by the court. Naturally, I'll update this thread at that point.
  9. My USB PSU - 2A works fine, no issues with external devices either. I also have a multi-USB adapter and I plug the other XL through the 2a socket on that too. Again no device issues with this either.
  10. ...and you can "kill two birds with one stone" - by adding a VBXE - greatly improved video, with onboard ram that can be assigned (upto 320k) to your XE.
  11. and what about all of those other explorers who got the same ship at the same time, or earlier, or later...and took the same route...or different routes? and as for those faster ships that overtook you...some of those will have been available when we got our first A8s...and could well have reached deep space long before we even launched. 😀 i have no idea where I'm going with this - the permutations seem infinite. all i know is your last paragraph killed about 100,000 functioning braincells this end. perhaps deep-space exploration was a bit too much a stretch - as analogies go? 😀
  12. talk about being hoist on their own petard - they (Maplin) shaft the customer with stupid levels of overcharging "own brand" (aka re-badged Far-eastern) hardware. the customer in turn shafts Maplin back by going direct to the supplier. karma. 😊
  13. @Xuel I suppose the number of "quieter" sections in my file have lent itself nicely to the experiment? there's definitely an improvement. although, I'd say the it's not specifically the "quieter bits", - some of the louder passages suffer equally - with decent headphones it's very noticeable. I think it may be more about the sheer number of things "going on". For example - (louder passages) CCR and AC/DC sound nice and clear, Montrose & Killers suffer badly. and timely that this gets a re-airing during the anniversary week of the second moon landings!
  14. thanks. that's really helpful. just searched for "ATR Maker Deluxe" but can't find a copy.
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