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  1. ...and you can "kill two birds with one stone" - by adding a VBXE - greatly improved video, with onboard ram that can be assigned (upto 320k) to your XE.
  2. and what about all of those other explorers who got the same ship at the same time, or earlier, or later...and took the same route...or different routes? and as for those faster ships that overtook you...some of those will have been available when we got our first A8s...and could well have reached deep space long before we even launched. 😀 i have no idea where I'm going with this - the permutations seem infinite. all i know is your last paragraph killed about 100,000 functioning braincells this end. perhaps deep-space exploration was a bit too much a stretch - as analogies go? 😀
  3. talk about being hoist on their own petard - they (Maplin) shaft the customer with stupid levels of overcharging "own brand" (aka re-badged Far-eastern) hardware. the customer in turn shafts Maplin back by going direct to the supplier. karma. 😊
  4. @Xuel I suppose the number of "quieter" sections in my file have lent itself nicely to the experiment? there's definitely an improvement. although, I'd say the it's not specifically the "quieter bits", - some of the louder passages suffer equally - with decent headphones it's very noticeable. I think it may be more about the sheer number of things "going on". For example - (louder passages) CCR and AC/DC sound nice and clear, Montrose & Killers suffer badly. and timely that this gets a re-airing during the anniversary week of the second moon landings!
  5. thanks. that's really helpful. just searched for "ATR Maker Deluxe" but can't find a copy.
  6. well, as the A8 version has still not surfaced, I'm wondering if the AppleII version of Lance Haffner's 3-in-1 College and Pro Football is a good candidate? 3in1 fooball apple II complete.zip
  7. i have the deluxe - the switches are useful yes. mine's the six-port 2-switch, 5-IC (CD4066BCN) 1988 Computer Software Services Inc version
  8. i have the deluxe - the switches are useful
  9. 10 hours ago, Brenski said: @flashjazzcat well I don't doubt JFC will produce a GUI that runs in 5 simultaneous windows using only 2k of ram 😉 it was a bible joke: 5 loaves and 2 fishes ? 😀 i'm here all week.
  10. @flashjazzcat well I don't doubt JFC will produce a GUI that runs in 5 simultaneous windows using only 2k of ram 😉
  11. @MrFish sorry to hear that. fingers crossed (for you) that life takes a better turn very soon
  12. hmm. thanks. it may well be. but i'm not going to call from the UK.
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