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  1. Apple II Sabotage - 156 minutes Just one game. Always loved Sabotage, first non-Sierra game I got shown on the Apple when I was given it by family and the best paddle game I own. It's a bit rough to play at times due to the Monitor /// ghosting like mad and my paddles definitely need cleaning yet it stays being tons of fun. I got my serial card in, a CCS 7710 (I wouldn't put a nice SSC in a II+ because half the software I see taking advantage of the SSC won't run anyways due to not having a 65C02) which the seller had also bundled with a 7720 Parallel card (having RAM instead of ROMs but notably sharing the same driver as the 7710) and a homemade clone of the ALF MC1, which was all of $16 and some change on eBay. Loaded up ADTPro and it turns out whenever I use the generic Serial driver made for the 7710 it just goes to a black screen so I guess that was a bust, the serial does work amazingly for a VT52 emulator to my PDP-8 though and the thread about using the A2 as a VT100 emulator has me interested as maybe I could interface it to the 11/23+, so I just went back to loading stuff over audio for now. Depending on how the day goes I may go grab a new game, I saw the shop has Wolf3D for the Jaguar which I heard was quite good and has some unique bits to it, and I'll definitely be trying to load more random Apple bits. I want to find more games that use these paddles, they're a fair bit fun, but I just don't know many titles that aren't RPGs or text adventures so that'll take some time.
  2. Arcade: Asteroids - 72 minutes Cabal - 14 minutes Missile Command - 91 minutes Pac Man - 7 minutes Soul Edge (Ver. 2) - 46 minutes Tetris - 20 minutes Xybots - 22 minutes Atari 2600: Demon Attack - 20 minutes Midnight Magic - 35 minutes Atari 7800: Xevious - 11 minutes PDP-11: Super Star Trek - 20 minutes VIC-20: Omega Race - 46 minutes Woohoo, variety! Arcade stuff was all fun, mostly test time on everything but I did take some extra time with Asteroids/Missile Command and Soul Edge Ver. 2 is one of my own PCBs. Can't say I did too great at any of 'em, nothing really worth bragging about, but ah heck they're all fun to play. The 7800 came out to do some Atari stuff. Xevious is the only 7800 cart I've found/I dislike the 7800 stick so I haven't had much reason to search for more 7800 games yet, it's mainly my 2600 nowadays, but maybe I'll get one of those adapted NES pads or an Eladdin controller/PCB to build with here someday. PDP got time in mostly playing around with the old DECUS C compiler, it's relatively slow running on the 11/23 with no FPU and I think it was made for something higher-end, but I broke out SST and realized that I can't remember how to play that for jack/I haven't actually played it since I used my old Compucolor before it went on the shelf/I vaguely remember the manual being quite large meaning it's not a priority at the moment. Finally I pulled the VIC out and fired up Omega Race. That Kraft stick I have which looks like a C64 is cool, I love playing stuff with that and it feels so nice, but aw man those VT100/3270/Apple II keyboard have me spoiled and the VIC feels like stale gummy bears which made me . I finally ordered a serial card for my Apple II, about seven years of complaining about not having one later, so that's cool to me. Hope is if I can, in the 64K I have/with a Videx 80col card, emulate a VT52 or VT100 then maybe I could hook it to the PDP? The 'ol b-day shows up soon here too so I'll probably buy myself something fresh to play with, maybe expand the S-100 box out a bit with some new FPGA-based kit or look into a MiSTer.
  3. Ah man, school and work-related stuff (or lack thereof for a while) had me playing about nothing and doing other stuff but I picked up some games recently so back to posting times it is. Apple II Karateka - 22 minutes Jaguar Tempest 2000 - 168 minutes PDP-11 Dungeon - 78 minutes The Apple II is out and up again as I realized I still had the pesky RIFA cap in my PSU and needed to remove that before it went poof and made a foul-smelling mess, what better way to test it afterwards than playing something? Turns out I still sucks at Karateka/playing joystick games with paddles is hard but whatever, it looks fun. T2K has been tons of fun, it was definitely worth the $30 I paid for it anyways, and it's been about all I do with my Jaguar. I look at buying a new game now and then, my collection is just Cybermorph/DOOM/T2K with a single controller on the RF out, but I'm not sure what is or isn't good so I'll need to look into it some more. The PDP has come along a ton further than when I got it, it's still a very basic system (Q/CD backplane, 11/23+ CPU, 128KW of RAM, and a RQDX3 with a RX50 disk drive) but having storage I can easily swap is super cool. I hope to buy a MFM drive emulator soon so I can have megabytes of space but hey, Dungeon doesn't take more than 130K so it fits fine in the 400K a RX50 disk holds. For those who don't know it's just pre-"Zork" Zork, same game with a different name and text at points, and it's always a ton of fun to run through. I looked at maybe getting the 7800 out and playing some arcade-y stuff so who knows, maybe some of that for next week? The front of house at work is coming back tomorrow meaning that I'll have to do arcade things to make sure everything is good before next weekend when the state lets us open that portion, I'll definitely have some times logged off those machines as I can't wait to get to mess with those again even if it's a little bit of extra work to disinfect the control panel so often.
  4. Arcade: Soul Edge Ver. 2 - 15 minutes PC (DOS): DOOM 2 - 96 minutes PDP-11: Tetris - 55 minutes Welp, not a ton but it was fun. Lot of work and helping people move but I did get some time in which is nice - as-of posting I'm waiting on my sticks and buttons for the Soul Edge board which are supposed to arrive sometime today, I've just been shorting buttons on the harness to ground for now to test everything which isn't exactly a good way to play a fighting game, oh well. Doom 2 because why not I guess, I did 1 last week anyways - friends from school and I did a co-op run and it was good fun, kinda nice as I was the only one who had actually even played the game before out of the four of us so it was nice seeing people learn the game. The PDP also shows up again for some Tetris, not much though. I've been struggling to find a terminal that'll emulate a VT52 all too well past one on Windows but I'd like to move to using a RPi as I have one in a case with some RS232 ports right off the side of it thanks to a little 4-porrt board which would make it a nice console of sorts. TU58FS works perfectly (although I did buy a hard/floppy disk drive controller so who knows how long I'll keep needing the TU58 emulator) but I can't get a terminal that wants to do the graphics right and don't have a VT52 or VT100 that supports cyrillic making some stuff impossible to play. It's move-in week on-campus and I volunteered to help since they always seem to be short on staff and then have a game club event on Saturday that I need to bring setups for, plus I agreed to help most of my friends move back to their apartments since I'm the only local out of the group, so no clue if I'll get many more games in but Ion Fury is looking nice and I'm thinking about getting a GDEMU clone for the heck of playing more Dreamcast.
  5. Arcade: Soul Edge Ver. 2 - 75 minutes PC (DOS) Blood - 312 minutes The Ultimate DOOM - 180 minutes Forgot the times for last week out at Replay and I honestly don't remember everything I played so I'm skipping those - this week was a lot less variety but whatever. So yeah, got a new arcade board in which is neat. Found someone selling a Soul Edge v2 for cheap, I always love messing with our v1 at the arcade so this seemed like fun. I still don't have buttons and sticks for it but I mounted the board, power supply, and one of those cheap GBS8200 v4s to a bit of scrap plywood and it's a nice setup, hooks out to any old VGA monitor (my spare IBM 8513 for now) and it's probably heading with me to school the weekend after next to be set up as something at the game club event for incoming freshmen alongside a bunch of other stuff. Past that it was just classic FPS time, I ran through the first two episodes of Blood on Extra Crispy which was frustrating and then messed with old doom for a while as I had no better ideas of stuff to do. Not sure if I'm going to have much for the next week past more of the usual with old 90s shooters and Soul Edge, don't really have much else to do past some work and I'm trying to wind down a bit before school starts up again - if anything I'm probably going to do co-op stuff anyways as some friends are coming up to town early due to on-campus jobs, being RAs, etc.
  6. It's definitely been fun but I decided against Sunday, had friends out yesterday and four more today but nobody else can do tomorrow - just waiting around for the first band as I type. Got a $10 Odyssey 2 and worked down some deals on Studio II carts but it definitely wasn't like last year walking out with Commodores, a 5200, and a Studio II for ~$125. Lots of fun with the games as always, no competition for me, and then two hours back to Erie after the last show - the feet are sore so I'm glad to get some time to sit down.
  7. Aquarius: Tron Deadly Discs - 22 minutes VIC-20: Omega Race - 15 minutes "Maybe I'll beat something" yeah that didn't work out. So after struggling with the school I go to for a few days for screwing up my schedule the second semester in a row and not being able to get back all my courses I had one day of playing games. The Aquarius came out as for some reason I decided I wanted to try programming it again... yeah that's not happening, even playing Tron made my hand cramp up and the keyboard isn't much better. The VIC-20 fared a bit bitter with good 'ol Omega Race but I just didn't hold attention on it for very long, oh well. The PDP did get used for ~450 minutes or so, friends and I wrote a game in straight C forever back and I got my DECUS C compiler going after tons of effort so I'm going to see about porting it back if at all possible - so far so good but who knows how long that will last. ReplayFX is this week and that means woohoo, arcade/pinball machines and probably a new console or handheld is coming home with me - no clue what it will be but I hope it will be fun. Since the PDP is going to be on I'll probably try something else with it but I've run out of RT-11 stuff and I still haven't built my drive adapter board so I can run a floppy and MFM drive, eventually that'll happen I guess.
  8. I'll be driving down from Erie again, third time, but just Friday and maybe also Saturday instead of a four-day pass. Sucks to see the seminars go but it's understandable, I remember last year the ones I went to had not that many people at all show up anyways. I'm excited to just get to play some of the stuff that we don't see up where I'm at and listen to the bands, Bit Brigade is the only one I recognize this time around (never stayed up or was playing games when Flashback was on in the past) so they're the only one I really want to catch but I imagine the others will also be good. I don't know if it'll be like the first time I went but now I have friends going with me, it should be fun getting to play stuff multi-player although I don't know if I'll be able to do stuff like buy a 5200 and drag that around with other people unless I bring a big bag...
  9. Well, nothing more for today because it's finally not hot and I want to do work outside, so... Atari 2600 Kaboom - 250 minutes Atari 5200 Moon Patrol - 45 minutes PC-9801 Dead of the Brain - 560 minutes PDP-11 Tetris - 30 minutes RCA Studio II Squash - 14 minutes X68000 Akumajō Dracula - 200 minutes Cameltry - 55 minutes ...and most of that was just in two days. Running down the list I broke out the 2600 for Kaboom and got really into it, man why do I keep forgetting that it's a fun game? The 5200 was out for a bit of Moon Patrol, I keep forgetting that I don't have space for it on my shelf that hold systems by the PC and need to use it in a different room, so I think I spent more time moving it than I did playing. PC-98 makes an appearance as I found out someone had done a translation for Dead of the Brain - it crashes a bit and I don't think I'd have wrote some of the same text but I mean for a quick and non-machine translation it's actually really nice to see, cool of whoever did it - I'll still stick to just reading the JP text but this was neat. The PDP came out for more Tetris and trying to run a C compiler, yeah C was different back then so that was fun to try and figure out. The Studio II got brought down by the PC from my room and I quickly realized that I'd much rather be playing with a ELF or VIP with some chip-8 games but hey whatever Squash isn't a bad Pong game. Finally the X68000 pops up as I fixed up three - all of them had dead power supplies, one of them in addition had broke drive belts on the floppy drives and another was missing a power switch. Some capacitors, belts, 3D printed parts, and video cables later and I got them all working. Tested them with my two go-to games, got the one out the door just in time for its intended purpose of a birthday present with a SCSI2SD full of games and the other two are waiting around on the shelf now - still no clue what to do with them but my personal 68K collection is now sitting at 11 systems and I only really need one (maybe two just to keep a 68030 in case?) so I'll probably start trying to find some of these a good new home. Hopefully next week will be something interesting but I get the idea it's not going to be, have to go deal with my university messing up and deleting my schedule about a month before classes start for the second semester in a row, going to have to try and get back in the courses that are now full because I lost my spot due to this, and also work exists... maybe I'll beat something for once in a good while? So far Dead of the Brain is just about the only title I've actually completed this summer.
  10. Space Dungeon - Man it's just fun, one of the few reasons I still even get out the 5200 and definitely the game I have with the most playtime on it. Missile Command - It's not the arcade but it's still really fun - I finally got a trackball controller and that made it so much better. Star Raiders - I still don't even know how to play it properly, should probably look at the manual, but it definitely looks cool and I love most of the old space games. Moon Patrol - One of my favorite games on a ton of systems and even one of my favorite arcades, no clue why but it's just cool. Jungle Hunt - I couldn't think of a fifth but I do break this out a bunch so I guess it goes up there. If this tells me anything it's that I should probably look more into the library, maybe check out some homebrews, so I don't just go slapping Jungle Hunt on random lists.
  11. Well, it's pretty much PDP week here and it's going to stay that way for a bit. PDP-11 Barmen - 20 minutes Dungeon - 74 minutes Tetris - 104 minutes Super Star Trek - 55 minutes VIC-20 Omega Race - 22 minutes So, after a bunch of digging around I found that some of the old classics - Zork and Tetris - had some amount of start in the PDP-7 and PDP-11s, neat-o. Barmen is Tapper except I can't figure out how to actually get it to play... it started working somehow but I still have no idea, maybe another time? Dungeon is pre-Infocom Zork and neat at that, my build is from '78 anyways and plays just nicely under RT-11 - I couldn't get it to run for the longest time, turns out I just needed to go back from v5.7 of the OS to v5.3 as it takes up less RAM, whoops. Tetris is Tetris, I never knew but the Electronika 60 that it was made on is just a Soviet clone of either a LSI-11/03 or -11/23 down to even running RT-11, so yeah it just worked fine for me as I'm using a -11/23+ with RT-11 as my only operating system. I pulled up Super Star Trek, I'm just starting to get the game but it's definitely fun even if I don't get it half the time. Reminds me of the Compucolor version, probably the same game with some changes, but I'd have to take the Compucolor out to actually tell if that's any true. Finally the VIC comes up with Omega Race which is just fun so I don't have much else to say on it. So yeah, as I said above, basically just a PDP week for me - I should be getting a disk controller in the mail tomorrow which could run something like four floppy drives and another four MFM hard drives once I get the breakout board for it. I'd love to have actual hard disk storage so I could start trying things like UNIX - at the moment I'm using an emulated serial-based tape drive, but with this thing using old Winchester disks I'm a bit weary about buying in as the price seems insane on most of these Seagates - so I need to look into drive emulators soon here. Expect some X68000 for next week as I'm getting three more in that I found super cheap to fix up, one will be a birthday gift for a coworker who's wanted one and the other two will probably be sold to fund my new thing for minicomputers as I already own more than enough 68Ks and should honestly be cutting down on them instead of getting more.
  12. Didn't have much work so I got a good few games in this time. 2600 Crystal Castles - 11 minutes Demons to Diamonds - 5 minutes Galaxian - 30 minutes Midnight Magic - 3 minutes Video Pinball - 20 minutes Wizard of Wor - 35 minutes 3DO DOOM - 30 minutes 5200 Space Dungeon - 65 minutes 7800 Xevious - 45 minutes PC (DOS) Realms of the Haunting - 85 minutes VIC-20 Omega Race - 15 minutes Ultima: Escape From Mt. Drash - 25 minutes So yeah, nice little lineup for older titles this week. For whatever reason I decided I wanted to go revisiting some old consoles, namely Atari stuff, as it's been a while. Brought the 5200 down to my setup, had to clear a ton of space to fit it, played Space Dungeon, then realized it was the 7800 I actually wanted to mess with - whoops. Can't say I got too into many of the games but it was the first time in a long while I had given Xevious an honest attempt and that was pretty fun to do. For the rest of the systems it was mainly testing hardware out. Got a new 3DO Blaster in the house so I gave that a test with my usual "let's try to clear the first episode of DOOM" and realized that the game runs so slow it got a bit painful, I guess I'm too used to the Jaguar version for consoles now. VIC-20 got a new power supply that isn't just a 5V phone charger spliced into the output of the old brick so I had to try both a tape and cartridge game, bot were happy so I was also happy. Finally I got a nice little (moderatly capable) DOS "laptop", a Toshiba Libretto, and had nothing else nearby so I got Realms of the Haunting on it and found out real quick playing that game sucks on the tiny screen - oh well, it's a neat little thing. The RS232 to USB adapter ate itself, I was hoping to get some more stuff with the PDP-11 but that failed and I really don't feel like keying in the ODT bootloader (still haven't got a ROM for it) so next weeks goal is to get that going again and also work on some old Gottlieb EM pinball machines - I doubt any of it will get done but ah whatever, it'll be fun to do as much as possible.
  13. Well I see forum the layout changed since last I was on here, neat-o. Atari 7800 Xevious - 25 minutes PDP-11 Adventure - 35 minutes VIC-20 Omega Race - 40 minutes Yeah, nothing too exciting because the weather has been amazing out so I've been making it a point to get outside. Finally got the PDP to work reliably and upgraded it to having 256K of 22-bit RAM instead of the previous 64K of 16-bit stuff - no advantage for me past more to use but whatever. Adventure is always fun, I think I beat the Apple II version a few years back but it's cool to play it on something closer to what it was made for. The 7800 came out to play some Xevious as I finally found the stupid cartridge, I thought I lost it as it's my only 7800 cart but it was just sitting with the stack of all the no-end-label 2600 games - I don't like the 7800 joystick at all and I suck at the game but hey, it looks nice and that's always cool. Past that just Omega* Race on the VIC as I needed to test a new video cable I had made and a joystick I fixed, surprisingly both worked fine and the game like always is fun. Someday I need to get more than a few cartridges for the thing, maybe break out the tape drive and get a bigger RAM expansion to try out some newer stuff anyways.
  14. 32X: DOOM - 21 minutes Virtua Racing Deluxe - 6 minutes Genesis: Sonic the Hedgehog (6-Pak) - 30 minutes Splatterhouse 2 - 55 minutes PDP-11: Super Star Trek - 11 minutes Lot of Sega. With Sonic Mania coming on the PS4 for free thanks to me paying $100 for an online service I never use, I figure "ah let's try to beat the other 2D Sonic games"... yeah that was a mistake. Turns out I'm real bad at the first and can't get to the second zone without a lot of luck, so maybe that idea will be shelved for a bit. Did get to play with the 32X again and that's always cool, I just recently got my own Jaguar so going back and playing 32X DOOM gives me another comparison on which port I think is best. The PDP-11 is also starting to see some time, I got it to (very slowly) boot an operating system (RT-11) off of an emulated drive via a 2400-baud serial connection. I have no clue how to play SST but I keep hearing that it's one of the big classics so maybe I'll actually read the manual and figure it out another day.
  15. ...well, been a while since I posted in here... PC (DOS): Dark Castle - 25 minutes Sharp X1: Gradius - 109 minutes Nothing too exciting but hey, they're games. Got Dark Castle in while I was fixing up an old IBM PS/2 30-286, makes a pretty nice test game to play with the keyboard and mouse on a system like that anyways. I've always sucked at it, never got farther than the first few screens, but someday I'd love to try and beat it. The X1 is a similar situation, my X1 Twin had a floppy drive go so I wanted to test it on a game I had on floppy. Gradius is really cool, I've never actually beat it until just the other day when I played this version, as man do I suck at shmups. It was cool but I'd say go play a version with an actual controller, this one was nice and fast but you use the numpad like arrow keys which works but I'd imagine anything else is better. So yeah, I guess it's time to get back on this thread for me... going to keep up the odd stuff just because odd computers are about all I play on nowadays past some newer stuff. I hope by the end of the year I'll be able to log some time for the PDP-11 as that means I got my -11 I'm working on building up and going with a proper storage drive.
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