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  1. You write code on a Windows/Linux/macOS machine, and compile for the Atari. Getting the executable over to the Atari is an exercise for the reader. 😎
  2. My old high school in Ohio had a lab of them, this was the late 80s/early 90s. I have no idea what model they were, but I saw it on a visit after I graduated. All of them were networked to use the floppy drive (or two?) that was connected to one of them. I was blown away. Alas, I don't know what happened to them. Probably shipped off to the dump. 😢
  3. Here's probably the simplest upgrade: You'll need an Svideo cable for your Atari though. And you lose composite video. If you feel like doing more, then next up would be the UAV upgrade: https://thebrewingacademy.com/collections/atari-800-xl-xe-xel-xld/products/tba-ultimate-atari-video-uav-board-for-400-800-xl-xe
  4. That's weird, I'm running atari800 on a Pi A without issue. But, I'm not launching X, so maybe that's the difference.
  5. The Pico is a microcontroller, there is no Raspbian or apt-get. 😎
  6. What's your process for this? Save to a disk image and open the image up in Altirra or something else?
  7. I use drives >5 on my Side2/Incognito/IDE+ addons. That way drives 1-4 are always available with whatever else I want to do.
  8. Like others have said, the Sophia 2 will get you DVI output. With my Incognito 800, I've been playing around with a Retrotink Pro. A little pricing, but the HDMI output is outstanding. It almost looks like I'm using an emulator on my LCD.
  9. Donkey Kong may read the joystick differently than Pacman. Start up basic and run this code: 10 ? STICK(0) 20 GOTO 10 Now, move the joystick to the different directions. These are the values you should get for the different directions: 10 14 6 \ | / \ |/ 11--15--7 / |\ / | \ 9 13 5
  10. I wouldn't bother with any of the previous video upgrades, the Ultimate Atari Video (UAV) is superior.
  11. I went to Miami University and student taught at Centerville, does that help? @toddtmw is down there.
  12. A review I saw said they are 1.8v to 5.5v.
  13. I'm about 1.5 hours south of Maumee. And, I don't know, 7 or 8? A school district near me had an 800 lab, and I happened to be at the auction when they were getting rid of them so I got a bunch for a song.
  14. I'm assuming it's 3.3v and not 5?
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