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  1. I think it would be awesome to create something with atari800 that could be a downloadable app for Linux/Mac/Windows to run one specific A8 application.
  2. Does your 800XL have a memory upgrade and are you using an off-brand Sega gamepad by chance?
  3. I have just the font for this: https://ctrlcctrlv.github.io/TT2020/docs/
  4. Add me to the list people of owning one but haven't installed it yet.
  5. The C012296 is the older version of the Antic. I remembered it being mentioned in the RamboXL installation: http://www.atarimania.com/documents/rambo_manual.pdf Don't know the difference, but pin 8 needed to be connected to the board. Does that offer any help?
  6. Is that a modified Shamus? The original doesn't run on the XL or XE computers without the Translator.
  7. Looking good! Quick trick, at the MyDos menu, M, E477 to restart. :-)
  8. Here you go: https://www.instructables.com/id/A-Super-Easy-Arcade-Machine-from-1-Sheet-of-Plywoo/
  9. Yeah, the menu is pretty awesome, it feels like you're using an Atari!
  10. atari800 works really well, and it's easy to script from the command line so you can set up different machines running different software if you want. Is there something it doesn't do that you need?
  11. It's already pinned, 3.20 will be the last version to support WinXP. Even though there will be newer versions of Altirra, it doesn't diminish the fact that 3.20 is awesome emulator.
  12. 1200XL with a U1M, but stock OS and SDX & PBI stuff turned off. It will boot Basic. I'll try the reset button and let you know. Next will be to grab a stock machine and see what happens. 🙂 Thanks!
  13. Well, I've flashed my cart twice. After it is done, I try to use The!Cart, but the computer acts like the cart doesn't exist and I have to reflash the base image. Anyone have an idea what I'm doing wrong? I'm going to put together a small workbook and try it.
  14. Duh, read the docs Goz! :-) I'll try this tonight. Thanks @JAC!
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