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  1. Here's the link to The!Cart Studio page: http://www.wudsn.com/productions/atari800/thecartstudio/help/TheCartStudio.html :-)
  2. I usually put my hard drive at D5: so I can have 4 floppy drives attached if I want. Is it hard to change?
  3. Is the ATR stored in a syncing folder such as Google Drive or Dropbox? I keep everything in Google Drive and I have to turn off syncing when using Altirra. I'm assuming the file is being flagged as in use somehwere.
  4. This looks really cool, and something I could use. Question, can the copier detect the size of the sector of the disk automatically? I'm probably doing something wrong, but the last time I tried to back up some of my personal disks I ran into issues not know which disks are SD, DD, or ED so I missed data. I have a mix of SpartaDOS, DOS 3, DOS 2.5, and MyDOS disks. I'm sure there are others in there...
  5. I would put State/Select/Option, right justified to the :, on the left, and C/D on the right.
  6. I can try mine with a PAL 800XE, but I don't think the Dell monitors support PAL.
  7. I had this idea too. The hardware is easy, it's the software that needs to be written. Besides a disk emulator, I could see three other devices to add. A modem device for BBSing or connecting to the Linux box as a terminal. A raw network device for things like games, give each Atari its own IP address through the Linux box. The other would be a REST translation device, allowing the Atari to use various APIs out there. The Linux box would take care of the network and SSL side of things. This would allow things like a Twitter client.
  8. Ugh, that's terrible that someone doing that. atari800 is in the repo, so I believe an `apt-get install atari800` will also add it to any Raspbian install.
  9. Good news then, SIO2PC came out during the 8-bit computer's lifetime, so it would be a valid replacement for a disk drive. You would need to upgrade the memory of your 400 to really use drives though. Finding a DOS computer with a serial port is probably easier and cheaper than trying to find a drive.
  10. I have a PS1 LCD that I've used, no modding involved since it has composite input. I also have a 15" LCD TV that has composite/svideo/VGA: Dell has a line of monitors, the 2007FP, that have composite/svideo/vga/DVI:
  11. Looks good! I wish I would have thought of it when my daughter was younger. :-) Have you thought about making it a little harder to format a disk? Maybe control-f and typing out yes?
  12. After playing around with Fastbasic, I recommend it for programming on the Atari in basic. Or us the cross compiler. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. And that's what fixes it (although I could have sworn I tested that scenerio :-). I assumed Default meant to use the one on the boot drive. I figured it was something simple. 🙂 Thanks!
  14. @flashjazzcat, @Stephen and I are have an issue with v.3.02, Altirra (3.20), and booting from a CF image. Stephen is trying to duplicate his 1088XLD set up, using the U1M and the XEL-CF3 while I'm just setting up a generic U1M/SIDE2 combo. The result is the same, the machines will not boot from the CF image. It starts up, and gets to a SDX prompt where we can access the CF image, but config.sys is ignored. On my setup, the autoexec.bat file is run, but my SPARTA.DOS folder was ignored. Weird thing is that if I replace the U1M rom with ultimate.rom V.2 from July 2018, it works as expected. Any ideas?
  15. Google Drive for home works differently than if you have Google Drive File Stream in a business setting. The first uses a folder on the local hard drive and syncs all files and folders, the latter maps a drive letter and caches the files you are working on locally. But, what you've said makes sense, and was what I was assuming. It's no big deal to pause the sync while I'm using Google Drive. :-) Thanks!
  16. Perhaps it's useful to know that I do the same with Dropbox without problems. That is good to know! I'll test Altirra with some files in Dropbox just to make sure it's not something goofy with my machine.
  17. One problem I'm seeing is with Altirra and Google Drive. I store all of my Atari files in a folder in Google Drive, and it works when using Altirra at first. But, floppy drives set to R/W will switch to VR/W and cannot be saved, while hard drive images will become unusable with a "File in use" error. I'm assuming this is a Google Drive issue. If I turn off sync while using Altirra I don't have any issues, but thought I would mention it just in case something can be done.
  18. I typed in quite a lot of listing from Analog, without frustration. Maybe their error checker was better than most?
  19. What @flashjazzcat said. The only line above that is valid in Atari Basic is 230, and that's probably not correct. I would recommend to people that they type the code, not just copy and paste. Working up muscle memory on typing basic will go a long, long way.
  20. To get started, all you need is the computer hooked to a monitor. That will get you into Basic where you can start learning the commands and making it do things. Next up, you'll want to be able to save your creations. For that you'll need a disk operating system (DOS). Check out the disks, do any of them say some variation of DOS? You can use the SIO2SD at this stage and download a DOS to start, but that adds some complexity. A good DOS to start with is MyDOS (scroll down, you'll see a zip file). As for books, look at Your Atari Computer (XL/XE) edition. It covers getting started with your computer and also introduces you to Basic. Once you are familiar with programming, you can move on to other books/languages.
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