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  1. Probably TVI-925 terminals: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TeleVideo We had those connecting to an IBM Mainframe running CMS and the Dec Vax running VMS.
  2. I have a cheap VPS available, so I thought I'd put up a Mystic BBS. I have it running, but need some guidance on configuring. I'm confused about screens, menus, message bases, anyone have some sites to help get me started?
  3. Fair use doesn't apply in this situation, especially since this is a for-profit activity. These are derivative copies of the original artwork and as such infringe on the original copyright. Especially since Atari is still using this artwork on current products. It's a shame, because I would really like a set. Marc, has there been any discussion with Atari on officially licensed cards?
  4. These look pretty cool, but how legal are these? The box art is still under copyright and the cards are duplicating the art of the box and the cartridge.
  5. Has anyone put the sio2sd in a 1050 and keep the 1050 functioning? I'd hate to destroy something that was working (even as useless as a 1030).
  6. In my case, I use SIO2USB and Ape on a Thinkpad running Dropbox. All of my A8 stuff is in a folder in Dropbox (currently at 2.8GB) so I can easily use the same images/files with an emulator on my laptop or desktop computer along with my 800XL. Makes it really easy to download new stuff to try, I just put it in Dropbox. The Thinkpad is also wifi enabled, so I can put my 8-bit set up wherever I want. I've been thinking about switching to Bittorrent Sync for more space, but I currently have 10.9 GB for free in Dropbox.
  7. You'll need a way to program the cart, which can either be an A8 computer or the AtariMax USB programmer. To use an A8 computer you would almost have to have an SIO2PC device. Did you get anything else with it or just the cart?
  8. What a lot of long distance podcasters do is have each participant record themselves locally during the Skype/Hangout. Then they send their recordings to the main person who syncs them up in something like Garageband. That way you get a high quality recording on all ends.
  9. Anyone have copies of the Micromiser software? Micromiser set them free in '02: https://groups.google.com/d/msg/comp.sys.atari.8bit/eHevLEFgcTg/F_R4KsJ1io0J But I can't find copies anywhere.
  10. I cut the cords off of some bad ingot power supplies that I'm planning on attaching a USB plug on so I can do this exact thing!
  11. My favorite emulation machine is currently an Xbox. I already modded it 8-10 years ago, so it was a piece of cake setting it up. I went on eBay and picked a four pack of controllers to augment the two controllers I already have. You could probably softmod an Xbox and get it all set up for under $100 (including 4 controllers). The nice part of using an Xbox is that I can use the composite/svideo output on a CRT, looks like the original. I also use the component out with a projector that looks very old school. It's a blast to play! You can also remap buttons to keys on the keyboard, and even joystick movements. In Satan's Hollow I set a button to be joystick down for the shields. Downside is having to use Xbox controllers and the inability for paddle games. I've tried four player SNES bomberman, but I haven't tried four player Mule yet. (Wish it supported the 4 controllers as a multijoy interface too.)
  12. Put me down for: The complete RAM320XE/576 card in enclosure 1200 CZK Covox audio +200 CZK ECI pass-through connector +50 CZK 130xe
  13. Because when you have 20 carts sold it's a lot easier to track down who dumped it, if they sold a 100 downloads then it would be harder. :-) Is the A8 market big enough to actually support someone as their full time job?
  14. I do appreciate your hard work, and want to see you succeed. But you are being fed bad information. Nowadays a cartridge is a lot easier to copy than a floppy, anyone who has the Atarimax USB programmer can easily dump the cartridge. This piracy talk is holding you back on your success. Look at Dungeon Hunt. A game that is not a well know property of which he has easily sold 40(?) copies and has a waiting list. "The greatest danger to the success of most artists is not piracy but obscurity" I went to Video61's website. There is no way I would ever order from a company where they don't even own a domain name, let alone a website stuck in 1998. I do wish you success, the A8 community needs developers. But it is a two way street, the developers also need users. I, for one, want to be able to play what I purchased on my 800xl and under emulation on my Xbox and Android game player. I cannot do that with Venture.
  15. Well, here is my solution. I went to eBay and won a copy of Venture for the Colecovision for $5.24 shipped. Not that I don't appreciate the hard work that went into the A8 version, but being accused of piracy has put a bad test in my mouth. There are too many other projects, such as Dungeon Hunt, to support.
  16. Might as well save your money, there are other companies in the A8 world that respect the needs of their users. I'm pretty soured on this whole situation, especially with talk of booby trapped code to prevent the use of flash carts or use in an emulator.
  17. A good 80 column solution for my Atari 8-bit, preferably a PBI solution.
  18. Apologies to Mclaineinc, he's saying the exact same thing I was saying, I read his message too fast. :-)
  19. Or it hasn't been dumped because the Atari community is a lot different than it used to be. There aren't technical reasons why it hasn't been duped, and in fact it's rather silly to be expending so much energy into copy protection. Has Dungeon Hunt been uploaded anywhere? When my copy arrives I'll be transferring the ATR over to my IDE+ so I can play it on my 800XL. What's gotten people bent out of shape is that they want to support the A8 community and buy products, but instead they are treated as criminals. And to add salt to the wound, the product is purposely defective. Joking about the situation is not helping either.
  20. Wow. Just when I thought it couldn't get more customer hostile. Especially in light of all of the conversations on getting the file size down to 16K.
  21. The B+ does have composite out, they moved it to the headphone jack (it has composite and audio in the jack). The micro SD card won't be any different than a regular SD card.
  22. Some 1' SIO cables would be nice, maybe even 6" ones. It could really cut down the clutter.
  23. I was never a Venture fan, but was wanting to purchase it to help out the A8 scene. Well, that's not going to happen now.
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