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  1. Would it be more economical (CPU wise) to work like Mac OS with pull down menus instead of drop down windows? Pull down, where it requires a click to pull down the menu vs drop down, like on the ST where the menu drops down when the mouse pointer moves into the menu bar region. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hMENx28FueA
  2. The copy protection here is the hardware for the CSS upgrade, not for disks. :-) I don't know of any available upgrade to install the two drives in the XF551 though.
  3. You guys are too quick, I recognized the mod right away. :-) If you read through to the end of that thread, you'll see that I finished the upgrade with a 3.5" mechanism. Works well.
  4. I ran Ape under VirtualBox on OS X for a while until I got a hold of a cheap laptop running Windows XP.
  5. I use my 800XL on IRC all the time. Granted I just telnet to my OS X machine and run irssi. :-(
  6. I'm assuming. The manual has the directions for setting up a port for a BBS, I just haven't had a chance to try it yet. :-)
  7. It's not a popular path, but a Portmaster 2e will do what you want for up to 30 machines (depending on the model). They go for under $100 on eBay, I use one right now hooked up to my 850 to put my A8 online. Here's an example of one on eBay. Be sure to watch the prices (some of those offerings are insane). Not small, but I can use it with all my vintage computers, along with two vt420 terminals I have. :-)
  8. My Mio has the header for the 80 column card, but if I remember correctly, it's really close to the edge, I don't think that card would fit in the case. But maybe I'm remembering it wrong. :-)
  9. I had the same find with a 1200XL I purchased over 10 years ago. I never used it, and finally got it out to see what's up. It wouldn't start, so I opened it up to reset the chips and found out it had a Newell 256K upgrade. Very nice.... Wish the previous owner had done the video mod too, but I guess I can't be too choosy, lol!
  10. I'm following this thread with interest, because right now on my 800xl with an IDE+ I cannot use the built in SDX with Action! I use SDX normally, but when I want to use Action! I disable SDX and boot off of SD 3.2 that I put on the IDE plus. Such a kludge.
  11. (Not that I have the finances or technical skills to pull this off...) My ramblings: This should be viewed as strictly a replacement motherboard with 5 slots with a couple of additions. Flashable OS with built-in SDX and RTC 1 MB SRAM (items 1 & 2 mimics the U1M) SDX cartridge compatible cartridge port, allowing stackable carts and SDX the ability to turn the cart port off and on Additional POKEY socket that could be used for stereo (but not required for operation) IDE Built in 80 cols (XEP compatible) Nothing new with those ideas, and compatible with everything out there (XEP80 required for 80 columns). For input, put a socket on board for an Arduino to provide a USB interface to keyboards, mice, and game controllers. Tie the GPIO pins (through a level convertor and other magical electronic pieces :-) into the POKEY and PIA and you should be able to use USB HID in any program. You'd still want to keep the two joystick ports for paddles. The Arduino should be able to emulate a multijoy interface too. I don't know what would go into the slots, maybe an ethernet card... I don't think advanced graphics (with the exception of 80 cols) would be necessary. I'd hate to not have the slots, just in case. :-) Could one or two slots be ECI slots? The Commodore guy designed the C64 board in two months, and had a board back from manufacturing in 3. He predicts his board will cost around ~$200. Adding a U1M, Side2, and stereo POKEY costs about $140. Bob1200XL posted that a replacement 1200XL board (4 layer, 5x7) would be $25 in quantities of 100. Just some wishful thinking... With the IDE+ in my 800XL I'm pretty content with my machine as is, the only thing I'm really missing is an 80 column mode.
  12. Oh, and a PS/2 keyboard interface and a socket for dual pokeys.
  13. SRAM would be a better solution, put 1MB right on the motherboard. No worrying about refresh and all that. Wasn't there a mock up floating around somewhere of a A8 motherboard in a SF351 ST Floppy case?
  14. The C64 is getting a replacement motherboard, the A8 should be next. :-) Include 1090XL compatible slots, some form of DVI/VGA out (through a built in VBXE interface), and Ultimate 1Mb. Unfortunately, all I can do is post links and make outrageous requests.
  15. I think Spy Vs. Spy really isn't a pick up and play type of game. :-) Kudos on Summer Games (as long as you skip the swimming events, those are too long and boring).
  16. Mashed Turtles Dynakillers Four player games that could be played by only two: Castle Crisis
  17. Check out the programmer's blog about programming it: http://www.dadhacker.com/blog/?p=987 (I'm just amazed how good the conversion was when he wasn't even a fan!)
  18. I wish there were more classic software available for purchase for download, but I can see that it would reduce profits. A $50 game at 10% profit margin is still $5.00, people probably wouldn't pay that much for a digital download (yes, people are not rational, they'll spend that much on a burger without thinking :-). I'd like to buy Beef Drop, but I'm not going to spend $30 on it (I'm not that big of an Burgertime fan :-). Especially since I'd only be able to play it on my XL and not in the emulators unless I dump it. Make it a download, $4.99, and you have a deal. I did buy Castle Crisis on cartridge, for two reasons: 1. It was before I had any Atarimax cartridges or SIO2SD 2. Paddles are the best way to play it.
  19. gozar

    RPi BBS?

    My first BBS was a Linux box in '94 or '95. I went an entirely different route. Lynx was the main program ran when a person connected. For messages I had a local innd installation and used tin. Pine was used for private messaging. I forget how I created users though. Worked pretty well, and was very distinct for the time. Nowadays I'd add an irc server. :-) All of this on a 386dx-40 and 4 megs (I think) of ram. Recompiling the kernel really helped speed.
  20. Another option that I'm using is a Livingston Portmaster terminal server. I picked up a 32 port awhile back on eBay, and currently use on port with my 800XL and 850 interface to connect to BBSes and use IRC. By using a terminal server, I can connect several of my older systems up to it. Bonus points for allowing me to connect my VT420 terminals up. :-) Requires a little more work for the set up, and for some reason I have to reset the port my XL is on a lot, but I'm sure that's just some configuration issue I need to figure out.
  21. Is anyone working on a Native Client version of any emulator for use in Chrome? That would be pretty sweet to be able to run Atari800 easily on any system that runs Chrome.
  22. 800XL (Christmas 1984) with RAMBO 258K upgrade, Ape Warp+ 32-in-1 OS upgrade, video modded Ape SIO2PC-USB and Lenovo laptop XF551 XF551 with 3.5" drive Atari 850 (connected to a Livingston Portmaster terminal server) Commodore 1702 monitor IDE+ with 2GB CF Currently using it to learn Action! and for IRC. For games I have a XEGS on the living room TV and a 64K 600XL on the basement TV. For portable games I have Colleen running on a JXD-S5110b.
  23. I may be wrong, but I have yet to find a working solution of SDX and Action! (or any of the OSS carts). My current solution is to switch off SDX on my IDE+ and boot off of SD3.2 when I want to use Action!.
  24. I gladly forked over the money for a cartridge version.
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