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  1. I've had the idea since before 1999, so I had better just hurry up and act on it. The basic framework for GTIA Magazine is complete. Included in the framework is the Volume 0 release, which is some Zmag/A\zine articles from March of 1986. Analog magazine was a big part of my Atari life back in the 80s, so I'm hoping the GTIA Magazine will help re-kindle some of that excitement. The magazine will be published on the first Tuesday of every month in ePub, Mobi, and Markdown format. But now we need content. Feel free to submit articles on anything vintage electronics (released before 1989) to me at [email protected] or fork the repo at Github and add your submission there. Also, feel free to translate the articles into other languages! More information is available at the GTIA Magazine Github site. Suggestions? Comments?
  2. Do you have some sample code to compile?
  3. I want to put an XEGS in the living room with an SIO2SD adapter, all ready to boot into a menu of games. But I don't want to have to have the keyboard hooked up. This gives me two problems: The XEGS immediately launches Missile Command and doesn't boot off of the SD drive when the keyboard isn't attached. If I hold down Select it will boot, but I don't want to have to do that. Is there a pin I can pull up on the PIA to disable Missile Command? Looks like I can pull out pin 11 and it will always disable Basic. When using MyPicoDos, it requires the keyboard to back out of directories or switch drives. Is there another "gamedos" that would give me a menu that can be totally driven from a controller?
  4. After researching SIO connectors and hubs, I think I'm just going to start adding cat 5 jacks to my equipment. Almost all devices only require 5 lines, and if I have anything that doesn't work over the 5, I still have my SIO port.
  5. I pulled the board and you could tell where the solder had hairline fractures on the bad SIO port. I resoldered all of them and the drive is back in business. I'm just never going to remove the cables from that drive if I can. :-) Thanks everyone!
  6. Should I watch these if I'm a complete beginner in Assembly, or should I continue through my books until I'm more confident?
  7. I was looking at several of his items, even talked to him about pick up. Unfortunately, the stuff was too nice and went pretty high. $162 for the boxed Atari 800, $102 for the boxed XF551, and his Mega ST 4 was at $390 last I looked. The boxed 130xe went for $77.54.
  8. 80 Columns needed to be added to the XL line as early as possible for it to have any affect. Maybe even create a compatible card for the 800? But since it wasn't even in the plans for the 1400XL, Atari apparently didn't view 80 cols as a necessity. That's too bad. It would have made it a lot more appealing to students, especially those heading to college.
  9. Since I was so young at the time, I went to archive.org and read the Dec. '83 issue of Byte. I never realized how big CP/M was, no wonder Atari was looking at creating the 1060. Atari and the rest of the 6502 machines had already lost the business world by Dec. '83. Anyway, a 800XL with a 1050 disk drive was ~$650. An IIe, 64K, and disk drive was ~$1,400. A C64 and 1541 was ~$500. PC clones were over $2K. Not only would 80 columns put the XL more on par with the IIe, but it would also help it compete against the lower priced C64. Even though the business world was lost, the home market was not. p.s. That issue also has a review of the ATR-8000 by David and Sandy Small along with an article about Microsoft Windows.
  10. Looks like that fixed it! Now what about the full text of the article in the feed? :-)
  11. The problem I see is that you have a C64 and an Adam set up instead of an Atari. :-) I usually use completed listings on eBay as a starting point on what something is worth.
  12. I recently dove into a 600XL to upgrade it to 64K. While I had the cover off, I started to wonder why the 800XL ever existed... So, for the first part of this what if, what if the 800XL never existed? Two scenarios (both assume the monitor jack is added): Atari releases a 16K 600XL and the 1064 64K upgrade Atari releases a 16K 600XL and a 64K 600XL (possible naming it the 800XL) Atari releases a 64k 600XL Concentrating on one model would bring down the manufacturing costs, and allow them to increase their profit margin. Also, to my untrained eye, it appears that the 600XL had fewer components and would be cheaper to manufacturer (for example, only 2 ram sockets instead of . Second part: Adding integrated 80 columns to the XL line One of the biggest advantages that the Apple //e line had was the 80 column option. Would the Atari computer been more competitive with the Apple //e if it had 80 columns built in?
  13. Can I just add a battery to the 320XL to have a battery backed up ramdisk on a 600XL?
  14. This is peculiar. I had my upgraded XF551 as D2, plugged into my 800XL. Into the other SIO port was my AtariMax SIO2USB connector. Yesterday, it wouldn't boot anymore, APE wasn't showing any activity. Troubleshooting it tonight, it looks like the one SIO port isn't working anymore. I thought that was odd. Where do I look first on trying to figure out what's wrong?
  15. You might want to look at a couple of the sio2sd solutions too (such as http://www.lotharek.pl/product.php?pid=23). With PicoDOS you can set up a few 16MB disk images with the games they want to play. I have several AtariMax carts, APE/SIO2USB, and SIO2SD, and use them all about equally. My APE server is an old Thinkpad I inherited. I set it to not go to sleep when the lid is closed, so it stays out of the way. To make it easier to put stuff on it I also installed Dropbox. So I can just dump things into my Atari8 folder and know they'll be on my APE server.
  16. Kirkman, there seems to be something up with the RSS feed of your blog, I can't get Feedly to seen any new post since Nov.
  17. Success! I pulled a drive out of an old PC and set the jumper to DS0 and it works! (After I found a disk that would actually format.) It's an 1.44MB mechanism, but it appears to work fine as a 720KB drive. Unfortunately, the face plate with the carrier didn't match up, so I need to find one that does.
  18. I have the top piece and the bracket for the drive. I'm going to dig out a 3.5" drive and fire her up. Should be awesome!
  19. I just found my copy of this book in with an old ebay purchase. :-) In that artifacts.pdf, is that a list of things missing? The guy I bought this stuff off of seemed to have a great deal of stuff. I can start looking.
  20. I was going through a 17 year old eBay purchase and found a CSS upgrade box with a chip. The chip was by Atari, so that means in another box I must have a XF551 upgraded drive. I found it, but it's not complete. I don't know what this little box thing is for:
  21. There was an updated Centipede posted to the forums that support it too. (Technically, it's not analog mode, it's just trackball mode :-) I can't find my trackball to try it out though. :-(
  22. Analog published a graphics driver, G:, which allowed you to print all the graphics characters to a printer. Let's see if I can find the issue... Issue 35, http://www.atarimania.com/mags/pdf/analog_no_35.pdf
  23. Go to http://sdx.atari8.info/index.php?show=en_addons and get the Emupack. It contains a driver to let you access the emulated drive.
  24. I think you'd be happiest just getting one of the SIO2SD drives that are around. Fully compatible with each and every system you have. That's the route I took with my XEGS that's on my TV. It has a 2GB SD card and every game I want to play. I just need to find out why Summer Games doesn't like it. :-)
  25. That's exactly what I was thinking as a solution! :-)
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