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  1. What about other emulators? Atari800 has F12 as Warp Speed F1 as the emulator menu. The option, select, start keys are different too.
  2. It's even easier than that. I got my program working, listed it to disk, and then loaded it into The Last Word to combine the lines. :-) I also wrote a program that would take the 10 line listed file and break it up to multiple lines for when I needed to change it.
  3. One thing I would ask is to stay away from OSRAM. :-)
  4. I fixed Crack My Luggage (http://cdn.gtia.com/2014/CrackMyLuggageV1.atr), it should always score your guess correctly now. Full directions are available at http://gtia.com/2014/02/28/crack-my-luggage-turbobasic-xl-ten-liner/.
  5. An 800xl AS IS. Very yellowed case. I plugged it in and didn't get anything so I opened it up. Apparently someone had started to upgrade the machine to 256k. Pokey had some sort of glue on top, and wasn't even seated in the socket. I removed it, and there was glue all over one side of the socket. I'm going to have to replace that socket and then I'll test out the pokey. On the plus side, it does have 8 41256 DRAM chips, so hopefully I'll be able to get it running as a 256k 800XL.
  6. Well, there is something definitely wrong. I just had a guess that had three solids and one white, which would be impossible. The solving routine must be getting confused, probably when there are multiples of the same number. I'll dig into it! My normal way I test is to just go up, use 0000 as my first guess, 1111 as my second, and so on. Apparently that works. :-)
  7. That is weird. Let me play with it tonight and see if I can re-produce it!
  8. I want to remove GozMind since I've reworked it. The new game is called Crack My Luggage: I "borrowed" Bill K's character redefinition tricks, removed the confusing symbols, and wrote up some better directions. The atr is availble here http://cdn.gtia.com/2014/CrackMyLuggage.atr and more info is available on my website, http://gtia.com/2014/02/28/crack-my-luggage-turbobasic-xl-ten-liner/
  9. (Unrelated...) I wanted that 600xl! I didn't want to pay $65 for it though. :-)
  10. DOS 3 was my first DOS, and I used it almost exclusively through high school and college. I don't understand all the frustration with it, seems to work ok to me. Of course, I only had one floppy drive at the time.
  11. Is it cheating to load the listing into The Last Word and combining the lines to make it fit in ten?
  12. Yeah, I thought all the 130XE users went to 512K or 1MB. :-) I think it's a power issue with the MyIDE+Flash and the Transcend card. That would explain why my 1200XL doesn't like it either. If I remove the Transcend, it works correctly. (Now to figure out how to power it...)
  13. Whoops! I usually remember to resize before uploading. :-)
  14. I love it when I find treasures in eBay purchases from 10 years ago... Anyway, my 800XL was acting just a little bit flakey, so I dug one of my 130XEs out to just run a memory test and compare. The first 130XE I pulled out is only registering 64K, so that is a project for another day. :-) The second one I pulled out happened to have a 256K upgrade to it. And whoever put it in had to really work desolder all those chips and putting in sockets. Anyway, the upgrade appears to work ok, except my MyIDE+Flash card will not boot. I get I/O ERROR - REBOOT, or the machine just has messed up video. Other carts work, my AtariMax Flashcart with SDX, my original SDX cart, all without issue. Now this same cart also won't boot my 1200XL with a 256K Newell upgrade. So it's either the cart or I have two machines that don't like it. Any ideas? Attached is a pic of the upgrade. Looks pretty standard to me. Oh, and there is a hole drilled in the case by the SIO port, but there's nothing to it.
  15. That looks pretty compact, but I am totally out of space. I need to refactor my solving procedure first.
  16. Snow day means I started and finished an entry: GozMind - My 10 liner for the NOMAM 2014 competition It's a very simple Mastermind clone. I'm hoping to refactor it and fit in graphics instead of characters, but I don't know if that will be possible. It's a good starting point for me though.
  17. Lol, I was thinking the same thing! But my idea has changed to a game like Glider for the Mac, with static screens.
  18. I agree with therealbountybob. Write a puzzle creator and let it precompute the puzzles. You really want to have only one possible solution for a puzzle. As I've played computer generated Sudokus, I can tell when there are multiple solutions.
  19. I used valve oil from my trumpet. :-)
  20. Jameco has them for $.39 a piece. What other standard chips should I buy? Anything under $10 and they add $5...
  21. What OS are you running on your desktop? Windows - Altirra (http://www.virtualdub.org/altirra.html) OS X - Atari800MacX (http://www.atarimac.com/atari800macx.php) Linux - Atari 800 (use whatever package manager is in your distribution of choice) All of them need the Atari ROMS (well, Altirra doesn't really need them, but it is recommended). .atr are disk images, you load them into one of the virtual disk drives and start it up.
  22. Ok, I was making it a lot harder that it was. One keyboard was fine, three of the keyboards with mylar just needed to be dissassembled and then reassembled. Two of my 800XLs needed one of the multiplexer ICs replaced. I'm assuming that's what my 600XL also needs, I just ran out of chips from my donator 800XL.
  23. Success. A bad multiplexer IC on the motherboard. One fixed!!!
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