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  1. I looked at both of those, but I couldn't figure out where to start with the Type 2 keyboard on the 800xl. It's just two columns, so I figured it would be the easiest to repair, but I just can't see anything wrong with it. Do the keys come off? What do I look for first? (I don't see anything like what's on the 1200xl keyboard page)
  2. I have three machines with various keyboard problems. Is it worth it to try to fix them? The AWC (number 70166201) keyboard just has two "columns" that don't work, I just don't know how to repair them. Another 800XL keyboard causes the machine to not start up when plugged in. Finally, none of the keys on my 600XL keyboard except for the RESET/OPTION/SELECT/START/HELP keys. I can pull up more about the keyboards, if it's worth fixing them (I hate throwing things out)
  3. I used AtariWriter to take notes at a conference this past week (under emulation, but I think it still counts :-).
  4. That's what I figured. So how could I use an IDE drive with SDX and the OSS carts? Is there a way to expand the flash?
  5. Is there enough space, is it possible, to put SDX and Action! onto my MyIDE+Flash cart? I currently have Basic XL, XE, Action!, and Mac/65 on my MyIDE+Flash cart, but I'd like to switch to SDX.
  6. uc65 kind of reminds me of Action!. Something else to add to my list of things to learn... :-)
  7. My configuration is the MyIDE+Flash cart with a Transcend 128MB and the OSS carts in Flash (Basic XL, XE, Action, Mac65). I start it up, select what cart I want to use, and it boots up. As a beginner, this works well for me and is a lot faster than anything SIO based. I'm assuming the new MyIDE II + CF works in about the same way.
  8. It runs pretty well on my Nexus 7 (2012). My only problem so far is the keyboard. I can't figure out how to do control keys or shift-control keys. I already had the Hacker keyboard installed,which still doesn't work. In fact, some things are worse. Trying to do a control sequence and nothing gets typed plus the keyboard hides. Planetary Defense 2012 is awesome though!!
  9. I ripped the atari segment for everyone's viewing: http://dl.ryancollins.org/ColbertAtari-high.mp4 (It's not that good though. :-)
  10. That was my email address from running OS/2! Around 94-95 then. :-)
  11. What did the SIO audio in do? Was it just used for music tracks when loading cassette software? Could it be used to create an SIO sound card?
  12. As I sit here at the mall with my iPad, I started thinking of ways I could get my Atari fix on the go. (Until Android gets some apps that compare to Tweetbot and Drafts I'm not switching. And I do have my Nexus 7 tablet, just not with me. :-) What is the feasibility of taking Atari800 and setting it up to stream it's video to an HTML 5 client? Kind of like VNC or Remote Desktop? Since the emulator knows exactly the state of the screen, it could optimize the video. VMware is pushing it's VDI product for remote window desktops, I would think the hardware and bandwidth requirements would be lower is this situation. It would lower the barrier of entry to bring new people into the Atari world. Plus, it would make it easier for students to start coding without using a raspberry pi. Native remote access clients would be even better!
  13. That's what I was thinking. Usage case would be my brothers. They just want to play some games.
  14. Is there a better way for me to add music to my game? I was playing around with VBIs in action and I did get that working. :-)
  15. That's an interesting idea. At the very least, using an mp3 player would be a very cheap way to add read-only storage. You'd be limited to what you could do with it though. I use my iPod with my CuttleCart on my 2600.
  16. Anyone have any examples playing music in Action!? I've looked at CMC, but can't quite figure out how to use it in Action!.
  17. I just ordered 5 flash carts before the end of the year and got them in a week or two. I wouldn't worry about it, he replied to a tech support email of mine on New Year's Day!
  18. Ah, boost is only for left and right. :-)
  19. Am I doing something wrong with boost? When I hit the fire button nothing happens (tried it with my Sega gamepad and my Wico Boss).
  20. My name precedes me? Is that a good thing? :-)
  21. It really makes you want to try one more run... Collision detection on the walls is very touchy, quite a few times it knocked me out when I didn't think I touched the wall.
  22. PERFECT! proc main() BYTE bell=$4E0 BYTE screen=$4F1 BYTE lmargin=$52 BYTE noclik=$2DB BYTE insert=$9D lmargin=0 bell=$60 ;off-$60,on-$4C screen=$00 ;off-$00,on-$22 noclik=1 insert=$FF ;off-$00,on-$FF XIO(2,0,41,0,0,"D1:SRC") return How do you find these locations? I don't even know where to start! And my next goal (after I finish my game) is to figure out some way to make the bottom line in the editor useful. (It would be nice to have a indicator on whether I'm in Insert or Replace mode, for example.)
  23. xio command works great! Current code (turned off key click too) proc main() BYTE bell=$4E0 BYTE screen=$4F1 BYTE lmargin=$52 BYTE noclik=$2DB lmargin=0 bell=$60 ;off-$60,on-$4C screen=$00 ;off-$00,on-$22 noclik=1 XIO(1,0,41,0,0,"D1:ACTION") return I also put it in the default directory (D1: for my MyIDE+Flash, D8: when in the Ramdisk) so now I start Action!, go to the monitor and type R"S". The last piece of the puzzle for me is to set it to insert mode... If I can find where that is stored.
  24. Ok, here's my test. I created a Action! file on D1: called simply S: proc main() BYTE bell=$4E0 BYTE screen=$4F1 BYTE lmargin=$52 lmargin=0 bell=$60 ;off-$60,on-$4C screen=$00 ;off-$00,on-$22 return I load Action!, hit <CONTROL><SHIFT>M, then type R"D1:S" It works, configures Action! how I like it. Two more questions: 1. Any idea how to set it to INSERT mode? I couldn't find anything that changed in the $400 block. 2. Does anyone know how to set the default directory in MyDOS from Action!? The docs say to use CIO function code 41. I have no idea how to do that... :-)
  25. Also, check out Your Atari Computer. Archive.org has it. And look at the book section on Atarimania (although it can be overwhelming!)
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