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  1. I saw one episode where the main character is writing a book in AppleWorks. They got the screenshot of AppleWorks right, but he was using an Apple ][+ and a IIgs monitor, which I don't think was possible.
  2. I haven't tried it, but maybe Retroarch's atari800 core would work?
  3. The channel is ##atari (two pound signs . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Come to ##atari on Freenode, it's pretty active. Plus, if you get a shell account somewhere, you can chat on irc from your Atari: From the web you can IRC with Kiwi: https://kiwiirc.com/client/chat.freenode.net/##atari
  5. To emulate the Atari 8-bit computer, your best bet is Altirra, an 8-bit Atari computer emulator if you are on a Windows machine. There is a new version of AtariMacX emulator for macOS, and for Linux, atari800 or Altirra under Wine. Once you get an A8 emulator running, head on over to Atari 400 800 XL XE Books on Atarimania and check out the books, probably Your Atari Computer would be a good start. And welcome!
  6. Steve Jobs purposely hobbled the IIgs so it didn't overshadow the Mac. The IIgs was in color and had some great sound, he did not want it to be faster than the Mac Plus.
  7. I believe so, I used a Supra interface back in the day with a Panasonic printer without issue. I've never used an 850 with a printer though.
  8. I would think you would have to make changes to the atari800 emulator before you could do anything with an SIO port hanging off of the Pi.
  9. I have an LCD TV/VGA monitor, which usually won't sync until I plug the composite or s-video in a couple of times. While everything is on, try unplugging and plugging in the composite a few times and see if you get a picture.
  10. The Ultimate cart supports the 1MB (8Mb) cart. The AVG and Uno carts only support the 128KB (1Mb) Atarimax carts.
  11. Boot into Basic and try to print some text with the LPRINT command.
  12. Check out Fastbasic: https://github.com/dmsc/fastbasic You lose the line numbers of regular basic, but you gain the ability to compile your program. There is a cross-compiler that you can use on your Windows box.
  13. 1. davidcalgary29 - 1 cart 2. xrbrevin - 1 cart 3. skriegel - 2 carts 4. Marius - 2 carts 5. brenski - 1 cart 6. AtariSociety - 1 cart 7. Mathy - 2 carts 8. Haightc - 1 cart 9. Markk - 1 cart 10. Sleepy - 2 carts 11. Nezgar - 1 cart 12. Gunstar - 1 cart 13. Chaosfaktor - 1 cart 14. Wadeford - 1 cart 15. sanny - 1 cart 16. DNA128k - 1 cart 17. Senor Rossie - 3 carts 18. KlasO - 2 carts 19. NML32 - 1 cart 20. CharlieChaplin - 1 cart. 21. slx - 1 cart 22. David_P - 1 cart 23. Rainier - 1 cart 24. AtariPortal - 2 carts 25. patjomki - 1 cart 26. Allan - 1 cart 27. Toddtmw 1 cart 28. TheNameOfTheGame 1 cart 29. adam242 1 cart 30. Stephen - 1 Cart 31. Jinroh - 1 Cart 32. Philsan - 1 Cart 33. Lastic - 1 Cart 34. invisible kid - 1 cart 35. gozar- 1 Cart Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. OS won’t matter, you just need to be able to put files on a FAT32 formatted SD card. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Do you have any sort of SIO2PC or SIO2SD device? Carts that work standalone (simply put files on an SD or CF card) in order of my preference: - Ultimate Cart - AVG Cart or Uno Cart - Side 2 - AtariMax MyIDE II Carts that need an SIO device or programming device in order of my preference: - The!Cart - AtariMax 8Mb and 1Mb
  16. It's great monitor, I have several, and the soundbars give you a great, compact set up. If you have an UAV in your 130XE, the output looks as good as my VBXE (going through a GBBS-8220). I guess I should make a cable and see how well my ST looks going through the GBBS-8220...
  17. This is what I do too, only with Dropbox. I set up a spare laptop, and use Remote Desktop to control it. That way I can keep the laptop closed so it takes up very little space In fact, I keep the monitor on top of the laptop. I need to look at syncthing... :-)
  18. Whoo oo! Fifty posts away from Stargunner!
  19. I like having the U1M for SDX and flashable OSes, it's really nice to always have high speed SIO no matter what software you are running. The memory upgrade is secondary, although SDX really likes having more than 64K. There are several XEGS cart conversions that require 128K. But, if all you're going to do is play games, than anything but an SIO2PC (or SIO2SD) would be overkill. Although the ability to switch internal basic to Deluxe Invaders (or Assembler/Editor) is just icing on the cake. :-)
  20. The U1M is nice for alternative OSes (such as high speed SIO all the time), SDX, and flashable 8K carts. I have Deluxe Invaders in one of the cart slots. :-)
  21. First up would be some sort of storage, the SIO2PC-USB can be put together for under $8 using an FTDI device and some header wires. This would require you to use a computer or Android device (with USB OTG support) but it's cheap and easy to build. You can also look at other SIO2SD devices mentioned above. I'm in the processing of building an Sdrive Max, I've spent about $25 to get the parts for it. Once you have that, for programming, look at Fastbasic, an advanced basic and editor that can be compiled. After those, the next item would be something like a Uno, AVG, or Ultimate cart. Then you would to look at hardware expansions. The Ultimate 1MB is not for the faint of heart to install, put it would be the next item to set up.
  22. I was never a fan of the arcade game, but that's not an option. :-) I would rather have a version of the 2600 Enduro for the A8. A direct port would be nice, but I'm sure the computer can do it better. I'm quite surprised Activision never did an A8 port.
  23. What's the best way to add asset tags to my retro equipment? I'd like to inventory it all, Mailing labels? Dymo labels? Something else? i would like to be able to remove the label in the future, just in case.
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