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  1. This is what I do too, only with Dropbox. I set up a spare laptop, and use Remote Desktop to control it. That way I can keep the laptop closed so it takes up very little space In fact, I keep the monitor on top of the laptop. I need to look at syncthing... :-)
  2. Whoo oo! Fifty posts away from Stargunner!
  3. I like having the U1M for SDX and flashable OSes, it's really nice to always have high speed SIO no matter what software you are running. The memory upgrade is secondary, although SDX really likes having more than 64K. There are several XEGS cart conversions that require 128K. But, if all you're going to do is play games, than anything but an SIO2PC (or SIO2SD) would be overkill. Although the ability to switch internal basic to Deluxe Invaders (or Assembler/Editor) is just icing on the cake. :-)
  4. The U1M is nice for alternative OSes (such as high speed SIO all the time), SDX, and flashable 8K carts. I have Deluxe Invaders in one of the cart slots. :-)
  5. First up would be some sort of storage, the SIO2PC-USB can be put together for under $8 using an FTDI device and some header wires. This would require you to use a computer or Android device (with USB OTG support) but it's cheap and easy to build. You can also look at other SIO2SD devices mentioned above. I'm in the processing of building an Sdrive Max, I've spent about $25 to get the parts for it. Once you have that, for programming, look at Fastbasic, an advanced basic and editor that can be compiled. After those, the next item would be something like a Uno, AVG, or Ultimate cart. Then you would to look at hardware expansions. The Ultimate 1MB is not for the faint of heart to install, put it would be the next item to set up.
  6. I was never a fan of the arcade game, but that's not an option. :-) I would rather have a version of the 2600 Enduro for the A8. A direct port would be nice, but I'm sure the computer can do it better. I'm quite surprised Activision never did an A8 port.
  7. What's the best way to add asset tags to my retro equipment? I'd like to inventory it all, Mailing labels? Dymo labels? Something else? i would like to be able to remove the label in the future, just in case.
  8. You would need an Incognito, which are very rare, or an Incognito 2, which isn't for sale yet. An 800XL would be cheaper and easier. :-)
  9. I read these posts, and have to think about the 8-bit guy. He easily sold over 300 copies of Planet X2 for the C64, on floppy, and each copy came with a digital download. I think they were $40 a piece, and after he sold out, he still offers the digital download for $15. He was able to parlay the success of that one game to a Kickstarter for the MS-DOS version, where he raised of $100,000 on a goal of $30,000. Granted, he has a big following from his Youtube videos, so that helps. And the C64 & MS-DOS audience dwarf the Atari community, so I'm sure that is a big plus. If you are wanting to make money making games, you would be farther ahead switching platforms and expanding distribution to include floppy and digital downloads. As much as I like new software being created for my favorite computer, I'm never going to purchase something from Video61.
  10. I'm loving the new display effects, I feel like I'm back on my old Magnavox monitor. As I was setting up a new machine under the new version I was wondering: Is it possible to bundle up a profile with the support files it needs and share it? For example, letting someone put together a machine with the hardware and firmware, along with disks, and put that together as a file that can be shared. Right now, setting up a U1M machine with a hard drive is very intimidating.
  11. Looks good! I don't know when I'll have time to get pictures, but I'l try this week unless someone beats me to it. There is a layout issue for numbered lists once the number hits two digits, there isn't any space after the period before the text starts.
  12. AmazTools for iOS works well! Is it possible to get a blue background to match the default Atari screen? And what do the symbols above the time mean? The Bip is really impressive, especially for an $80 watch.
  13. I spoke too quickly, I may be able to change the watchface from my phone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/amaztools/id1386033880?mt=8
  14. That's really cool! I'm on an iPhone, do you know if I can install the watchface by pairing the watch temporarily with an Android device and then switch back to the iPhone?
  15. If you try to use s-video on a standard 800XL, it will only be black and white because the chroma line isn't brought out to the jack. It's a simple wire to add though.
  16. In '79 Atari did the best that they could have. No one knew what computers were going to do, or what they could do, but Atari knew enough that they wanted to capitalize on the new computer market. Unfortunately, the release of the 400/800 was the last big innovation Atari did. It could be argued that adding midi ports to the ST was a big innovation, but unfortunately, the ST was mostly off the shelf parts.
  17. This guy makes soldering SMD compnents look easy:
  18. I've been playing around with Backblaze's B2 cloud storage. $.005 per gigabyte a month, 3 terabytes would be $15 a month for storage. That's a small price to pay for the piece of mind. The downside is that it would take me forever to upload 3 terabytes at 5Mbps. :-)
  19. Don't tell me how it turns out, I want to be surprised in 13 1/2 hours.
  20. Along with Materola I got the Art of Atari book, and it’s really awesome. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. Yes, but it was undocumented. I read about it in Antic, and used it to send my girlfriend's cover letters to prospective employees .
  22. One of the best ways forward for Atari at the time was to sell a better designed 1200XL. Add 80 columns support, update the graphics, add the PBI, and release the 1090XL. Give people something they couldn't get with the 400/800, but still make it backwards compatible. Lose the RF. Rebrand the computer line. They would have beat the Apple //e to market by a year, and would have had AtariWriter and Visicalc/SynCalc. Everything a business needs. :-) Even 5 years later Atariwriter was still an amazing wordprocessor even if it was limited to 40 columns.
  23. The printer is pretty good with ink, we guesstimate less than $.50 for a 24"x36" poster.
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