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  1. I don't have the upload speed at home, but if you have a relatively fast Windows PC and >5Mbps upload, you can use Parsec.tv to share Altirra out to someone on the internet. Parsec lets them use their controller in your emulator.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a C64 in The Princess Bride. Yep: http://princessbrideforever.com/princess-bride-dissecting-freds-bedroom/
  3. Which one? There are so many different versions running the same chipset, and a lot of those don't work under Win10 because they don't have signed drivers.
  4. Then I think you'll need to use one of the emulators that can also simulate CRT effects. Or maybe borrow a CRT. :-)
  5. Two pokes will get what you want, but I'm not at my Atari right now to test. Set the hue to green for Graphics 0, with the black and the characters as green. They you wound't have to find a monochrome monitor. If I get a chance, i'll play today, but someone will probably beat me to it. :-)
  6. What about us non-1088XEL users? Can we hang this off of the regular SIO port?
  7. Hmm, another idea for a case (although it is a little expensive and only a Kickstarter): Amiga 3000 inspired modular Amiga/PC desktop computer case
  8. I set up a Raspberry Pi A as an Atari using the atari800 emulator. It runs everything at full speed, I use it mostly as a PAL machine. Unless you are looking at using the other emulators, I would skip Retropie and go directly to atari800.
  9. Oh wait, I think it's because I'm using Unix line endings, which is just a LF, not CR/LF. I fixed the macro and it now works. Sweet!
  10. I finally got a chance to try this macro, but I can't get it to work. It asks to convert, and then goes through the file and ends with NOT FOUND. Any ideas?
  11. I love AtariWriter back in the day, but today I use The Last Word. :-)
  12. From what I understand, the 850 was released before 9-pin serial cables were standardized, so it's wiring is different.
  13. They played fast and loose with the 400 pricing, in March of 1980 it was listed at $549. Also, Atari had a 48K upgrade board for the 400, but I don't know where they are getting that 26K ROM max.
  14. Neat idea, but I wouldn’t want to drill into the case. I use joystick extension cables so I don’t have to try to get into the built in ports. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. I'll take some pics when I take it apart.
  16. Today at The Ohio Retro Gamer convention I picked up the following 5200 controller: Apparently someone got sick of the crappiness of the buttons and replaced the keypad with micro switches, and while they were in there, they spread the four buttons out along the top perimeter of the controller. I need to clean up the joystick potentiometers, but the buttons all work. Has anyone seen anything like this?
  17. I can't wait to test it on my Chromebook!
  18. Looks great! The only comment I can think of right now is that the screenshots would look better if you did them in Altirra, although I don't know if Altirra can use the 1088XEL U1M firmware. :-)
  19. The quick and easy video upgrade will get you 80-90% of the way of Clear Pic or Super Video upgrade. The UAV blows everything else away, and is a lot easier to install than either the Clear pic or Super Video.
  20. The Mac Classic shipped with System 6 in ROM. I think it was pretty limited, but with 1MB and one floppy that ability helped it be a little more useful. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. That’s pretty awesome! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  22. I’m going to run out and check this week, I can’t remember. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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