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  1. Sorry for confusion.. looks like the versions we tried are OK, but have problems when run under QMEG.
  2. What translator disk? I'm talking about this game Gallahad - http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=4066
  3. Hi, has anybody working game Gallahad? Every version I tried has missing some data of items and after getting past big rift it has no room data and main hero just keeps dropin from to bottom in empty space.
  4. Ok.. I already finished it some hours ago.
  5. Hi, does anyone knows how to finish this game? We think we did all necessary but when trying open the vault at the end with the card, it sets ALARM and the game is over..
  6. From Altirra Hardware Reference Manual - "NMIST bits 6 and 7 are set starting on cycle 7 of a scan line where a VBI or DLI is active. Clearing those bits by writing NMIRES does not prevent the interrupt from firing, but can confuse an NMI dispatch routine."
  7. MaPa


  8. Being overly pedantic... we could also say that "To enable a display list interrupt, bit 7 of NMIEN must be set." is enough to ENABLE DLI. Instructions in DLIST "only" triggers DLI if it's ENABLED (but maybe I'm mistaken because my English is bad).
  9. Where is defined SCREEN variable? It's not defined so it's value is zero so you are poking zero value in address area of 21-458 (zero page with OS/BASIC variables, page one - stack etc.). No wonder it crashes
  10. No, this is code for that "unsolvable" level Poison was writing about.
  11. Hello, here is our contribution to realtime compo on Forever party which theme was Aliens, Eggs and eight bitters. Idea, code: MaPa, gfx: PG. alieggs.xex Alieggs.zip
  12. Maybe I don't get it, but isn't this demo from some ZX Enhanced machine and surely not Atari?
  13. http://a8.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=7003
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