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  1. I never understood completionist collecting for consoles. It means that most of the games you have suck. But hey you have them all!

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    2. raskar42


      I don't collect for me, I collect for posterity.

    3. The Usotsuki

      The Usotsuki

      What Bryan said.


      I'll settle for emulation and maybe the best of the best on metal.

    4. dustygraves.


      im a pack-rat)


  2. If you want to collect games at sensible prices, Jaguar is not the console for you.
  3. As soon as I get one of my pre ordered skunkboards I am down!!
  4. Now that he pulled the timeline I would like to change both my votes to no. What an immature ass.
  5. The Rick


    Needs Elansar and Yopaz cd releases added
  6. My jaguar collection is starting to look like my n64 collection. nice and solid with everything I want and nothing that I don't. love that feeling.

    1. MegaManFan


      Completing a Jaguar collection was/is one of the most satisfying things I've ever done. Enjoy!

  7. Ordered both games. Thank you sir and keep them coming !
  8. epic 4 person gaming night! mk8, gauntlet, mp9, djhero 2 etc. love gaming w friends!!

  9. Sorry to hear about that man. Sometimes, despite your passion, priorities get in the way. I wish you well and please drop in every once in a while.
  10. Tried to update my Project 64 emulator from 1.6 to 2.1 today and all I got was a festering bundle of malware. And the emulator wasn't even included or available! screw that noise.

  11. As of 4pm today I am the proud owner of a Sunnyvale heavy sixer. Paid $20/bucks for it with 15 games and two sticks. just had to order a power cable. The original OEM gray model of course :)

    1. Gredler


      where did you find the oem gray power adapter? I need one :/

    2. dustygraves.


      hey man) welcome to the club! i own 2 loose units and one in it original box.

    3. Austin


      Very cool! I'd like to eventually get a CIB heavy sixer. One of these years..

  12. The AA Marketplace. Where people price gouge just like ebay, but feel all warm and fuzzy about it because it's member to member! :)

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    2. FikapPacMan


      I'm not sure its even price gouging as much as its the resellers taking over...be happy because at least its not as bad as nintendoage.....I have lost out on 4-5 deals I sent the first PM for because the seller has written back that someone has offered him more than his ask and lots of situations over the past year when sellers say someone bought the whole lot....great for sellers but really shitty for collectors...oh well

    3. The Rick

      The Rick

      Now I'm not saying it's everyone, but I'd say most sellers aren't doing anyone any favors price wise on here for being part of the community. I am having much better luck on craigslist and at local and online play n' trades when it comes to finding deals, steals, or just reasonable prices.

    4. FikapPacMan


      Yes there are still some really solid members left and they seem to be the same people I buy / trade with...the days of the marketplace forums being for collectors more than not though I believe is over....it is more now a try here before ebay to avoid the fees....I don't even need steals of deals but so many people who just sign up and try to shill...its a rubes dream at times

  13. Some idiot bid the Gorf up to 300 already? Wow..good for you I guess. I'm shooting for the fanny pack myself!!
  14. "WINNERS DON"T USE DRUGS" William S. Sessions, Director, FBI

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    2. Master Phruby

      Master Phruby

      How come there was never a 7800 version of Narc?

    3. bomberpunk


      because the 7800 programmers support drug use.

    4. Reaperman


      I dunno, they worked out pretty well for that bicycle guy.

  15. Ask and you shall receive, this one goes out to Bryan:

    1. Bryan


      That's more like it.

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