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  1. I was thinking of checking the sio lines and see if there is 1 line that is causing the issue. I was going to disconnect that line from the sio chain and see if I can still use the percoms with the atr and fujinet. Do you think this might cause damage to the percoms or the other peripherals if a line is disconnected?
  2. Whew. Good thing AtariAge doesn’t delete anything. I couldn’t find where the file went. I knew I sent it around and sure enough I made an atr of it years ago. Attached is it. let me know if anything comes of it. thanks. MSGBASE.atr
  3. Amis is working on getting a copy of xl on southern amis. When I get a copy of it I will see what I can extract. However, I believe his is the Corvus hard drive version so I don’t know exactly what all was changed as far as disk I/o on that version. So I don’t if I will Be able to get it to read the file. But I’ll give it a shot. I know I tried it with that copy of PhoReM I recovered from My download disks but it required basic xe. Didn’t have one of those so I tried it with Altirra and it didn’t really work. Maybe now that I have an ultimate cart I will revisit PhoReM as well.
  4. I have been playing around with it. It appears not on the atr doesn’t like the percoms but the Fuji net won’t boot with the percs on the sio chain. Still playing around to see if it is just one of the percoms or all but something is hogging the sio bus.
  5. I have one message base recovered. I asked a lot of people to figure out what it is from no one could figure it out, however, I am now confident it was a FoReM xl message base. I looked at it in a text editor, clearly there isn’t any ground breaking messages in there but I would like to recover it. I thought I had an extracted copy somewhere on my bbs pc but I can’t find it so when I get a chance I will put the floppy in and extract it and post it here. To see if anyone can extract the messages in a readable form. -Craig
  6. I had this issue with the Mac version many years ago. Something was wrong with the Mac version so I put the windows version in a wine container and it worked.
  7. Not that I am aware of. Did you try hitting the enter button a couple of times?
  8. I was actually logged on and I was doing a few things with it. I will try to implement John polkas busy bbs app in the near future.
  9. Holy moley, jumping through all those hoops. Wow. I just wanted everything connected through one sio cable. I will play around a little more with it in the next few days see if I can find any easy way of doing it.
  10. Never mind. I am being dense. Yes I can adjust my set. For some unknown reason I thought that was an adjustment in the 800xl. Doh! Thanks for putting up with my ignorance. Doh!
  11. I followed the manual word for word. A great manual it is. So originally I had it set up how manual indicated and I just now flipped them. Funny thing I was playing around with the terminals yesterday but never flipped the composite and luma (or was it chroma.). But is it all working now even know I nuked two pins on the uav. It doesn’t seem to affect anything but I am going to order some pin headers and replace them.
  12. I just so happen to be flipping around YouTube and came across flashjazzcat’s recent uav video. The one he was working in was displaying the same symptoms as mine when the color line was connected. He determined that the composite and Luma wires were switched in the terminal block. I switched mine plugged the color in back in and wala perfect screen. I am still going to search for that apc.xex and test it but at least I know all the lines are now connected. Thanks again for the help.
  13. I gave it a try. None of the percs were plugged into power and even with the fujinet out of the loop it won’t boot. Weird huh? Like it said it is no biggie. I ordered another sio “hub” and going to connect all the percoms into that one as to isolate them from the rest of the systems.
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