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  1. Were you able to figure out what those other rom chips did? I think it is the chip in U46.
  2. Count me in. Would it be a drop in replacement for the original board or will you be producing the metal case too? Either or count me in.
  3. Hey guys, I have a few non working floppy drives I am looking to give away to a new home. Just pay for shipping. The models are: MPI 52SA QUMETRAK 542 Teac FD-55F-31-U Texas Peripherals 662464- no controller board just on me for more info.
  4. Cool. What should the config.sys file have in it?
  5. I know in order to use fdisk extended memory is needed. But is there a hack to run that on a stock 64k machine?
  6. Good news! I got an 800xl and the side2 works! I did order a Hong Kong 800xl. Most of the chips are socketed except the ones for the ultimate 1 Meg. Doh! Well at least I have the side2 working! Thanks for the help!
  7. Hey guys, I have. Bunch of excess stuff I got in a lot I bought. To my knowledge nothing works. I really don’t want to break it up and sell it as a lot. Otherwise I am afraid I may have to take it to the recycler. (I am running out of room) 400 Computer 410 Tape Drive Ape Face Interface MPP modem Koala Pad Light Pen Joysticks 4 port joystick tap. I am winning to give this away to anyone that wants to pay the shipping.
  8. There is definitely something wrong in the ram department. It didn’t show its face until I started working with the side2 cart. I may eventually work on it but I think it is probably a better idea to get another Atari just so I have a backup. Hell, I only paid around $50 for the xe a few years ago.
  9. I see 8bit fix has a fully socketed 800xl. I am leaning that route since I am pretty confident it has been fully tested and being everything is socketed it should make a upgrade fairly easy. I would like a 130 but it doesn’t appear any are out there for a sane price at the moment.
  10. I have just discovered my 130 xe may have some memory issues. They just turned up while trying to get an side2 cart to work. I know in the CP/M mode, the Atari is simply a terminal but could this memory issue cause my issue with the CP/M disk not booting?
  11. I was afraid of this. Oh well. I will probably just look into getting a new Atari. Which would be the best to get for use with the side2 an 800xl or 130xe?
  12. Well I tried it. Same result. Will not boot into Sparta dos. I reads the drive for 2 seconds or so then just a blank screen. I re-flashed the rom with just the Sdx rom, the side.rom and went back to the side2.rom. Side loader works and is updated it just won’t bring up sdx. I did forget to back up the original code from the rom so I don’t have that to go back to. Does anyone have the version 1 side2 rom dump? I didn’t fool around with the resistors yet. I may try this over the weekend if you think that could be the problem. Just find it odd that v1 of the rom would boot (sort of) and the updated roms won’t burn at all.
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