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  1. I hate to necro-bump this but…. I have been fooling around with my pi3 and atari800. Got all that working but I was trying to do the MIO emulation in a possible effort to move my bbs from a pc laptop to my pi. I followed all the steps above but I can’t seem to get the mio to see the hd image. I added MIO_SCSI_DISK=/path in right after the MIO_ROM line in the .atari800.CFg file. I go into the mio set up using scsi 0,0 starting at sector 2 ending at 65536. This is how it is set up on Altirra. But when I try to save the config I always get an error on device 0,0. I used dd to create the image. The RAM disks the mio creates work fine I just can’t seem to get atari800 to see the Hdd.img Was there any other step you guys did to get the mio hd to work? Using 4.2.0 compiled for my pi. any help appreciated. thanks!
  2. You bet! I think it is a 1971 model. Can’t get the true Rolling Stones sound without it. Had it shipped from Moe’s Music in Virginia. Great people down there.
  3. I tried my last two bbsing sessions no answer. The port 23 bbs answers but I think that might be a pc bbs.
  4. I take it this bbs (port 1985) isn’t up?
  5. How about putting a switch on it to turn on/off the device connected?
  6. That is for sure. I have a few wrt120n’s floating around and I think both of them are toast. They were hardly used and I dragged them out to use as a switch some months ago and they didn’t work properly.
  7. Maybe try to backup your firmware setting and reset it to factory and work your way backwards to implement all the settings one by one. I had an Apple router that stopped port forwarding one of my ports. Couldn’t figure it out and I reset it and started over and it solved the problem.
  8. I just have one wimodem. For my st. Use the mss-100 for my 8bit. though….watching some videos recently. There is another version of the wimodem. I think it is from the old net.com. seems not quite a feature rich as the wimodem but can’t say for sure. What I found nice about the old net version is it uses a 9 pin serial plug. this would be great for the Atari 850 to plug right in. I know converters are available but to be able to plug directly into a 9 pin serial for the Atari (and many PCs) would be awesome. unfortunately it seems the old net modem requires a null modem “hat” where wimodem is plug and play.
  9. Bad day yup. I have been having a few weeks of bad days!! 👍
  10. Nice. I sent you a msg yesterday that I was able to download. It was crapping out at first but I pointed to the xyz.ttp file again (using ansiterm) and it all of a sudden started downloading and completed! I d/led the res switch file. Checked it and everything was there. yes I was in raw mode using ansiterm at 19.2 baud. great work! craig
  11. That is pretty much what I figured. The jittering isn’t really noticeable unless you look close. I am using a 39 inch tv so probably if I was using a smaller tv I wouldn’t notice it. thanks again for all your help.
  12. Woo hoo! I had some luck! I tweaked your settings and still had those lines. I watched this video of a guy working on correct timings. (I think the channel was firebrand_x or something like that) and with your setting and tweaking other setting as shown in the video I was able to get a really nice hi-res picture! Both on Hi-res and Med-res (I don’t use like-res too much) I have a slight jittering but it is very slight. I am thinking maybe there is some type of interference on an adapter/cable issue but it is really hard to see. It still didn’t work on plain old 2x, but with the 2x 240x360 I was really able to dial it in. Thank you so much for your help! My med res settings still are a little wonky but it really has improved! Correct me if I am wrong but the st to scart only supports med and low res, is that correct? Thanks again!
  13. Thanks a bunch! I will play around with the settings after work.
  14. I gave your profile a shot this weekend. I didn’t have any luck with hi-res. I am guessing either my tv doesn’t like the resolution (it does say unsupported format) or the Atari to vga adapter is flaky. I can get some hi-res out if I change out the 384p setting to line 2x 240x360 but it is really jittery. I don’t think I will use hi-res too much. Even your low/medium setting were just a bit off for my tv. I included my Json file. Some of the settings I am not sure why they are set that way but they seem to work. Do you think an St to Scart cable to the ossc would improve anything? ossc_profiles_0.88.json
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