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  1. Ok I had a few minutes today and went down and put new fuses in both my percoms. (Blew them both in trying to get the rfd working. Took some preliminary voltage tests on the little chips closed to the pin connector. Was getting some weird readings. From 4+ volts to 3.x volts to .16 volts on another pin. I took another look at the board and some of the ceramic caps look very strange. Possibly overheated? I know these caps don’t go bad often but the previous owner cut holes in the back of the case mounted a fan and took the board cover bezel off the drive. Leads me to believe this beast was getting hotter than the average percom. Could these ceramic caps need replacing? Here are some more pics I took of the ceramic caps.
  2. I have to get down and work on it. Haven’t had time today. I might take you up on your offer. However, my model is the rfd44-s2. So I am assuming my rom is for the double sided models. According to the Percom Primer (mentioned above) the rfd40 is the single sided model. Let me work on it and see if the doctor and I can get it working. Maybe he knows someone who can dump my rom.
  3. Thanks. I do have a copy of this. Helped me when I was working on my at-88.
  4. I’m going to go through all the ic’s and see if they are getting voltage. Probably won’t get to it til tomorrow but I have a feeling we will need to meet up to see if we can revive this beast. I’ll let you know how I make out.
  5. The bottom spacer was missing but I just went down and looked and found it hiding inside the case. Installed it. Brings all my 5v voltages up to 4.95. Plugged everything back up and the same result.
  6. Hey Guys! It has been quite a while for me to be out and about, but I am starting to get my Retro juice flowing again. Recently I acquired the Percom RFD44-S2 that was listed on Ebay. It is a strange beast, but since I had one of these boards back in the day, I have been waiting to get my hands on one. I knew full well it was going to arrive in non-working condition. I was correct, save for the after market fan that someone mounted to the back of the case due to the heat issues these had, and hell with 2 full height drives (Which brand I have never heard of) it probably was able to fry an egg. But that isn’t what I am concerned about at the moment. As with all Percoms, I replaced all 3 Voltage regulators (even though the top two were fine.) The RFD is the model that has those sockets for the regulators what was always an issue. (Had an issue with mine back in the 80s as well). I cleaned the contacts on the Sockets reinstalled the board and I got some life out of the old drives. They just spin and keep spinning for maybe 3-4 minutes and stop. I knew from the AT-88 that I fixed up that this was not proper behavior but I gave it a shot and plugged it into my 130 XE. Nothing. Not really a surprise here. So, i checked the caps, they were all showing “something” on my multimeter. I don’t have an ESR meter so I couldn’t properly test them. So I had some 33uF 16V caps from the AT-88 project so I swapped out all the 33uF caps. Four in all. Plugged it back in and the same result. Check the caps, the top two over by the regulators show ok, the third one down shows OL. However, if I pull it from Circuit it shows fine. The one on the opposite side of the SIO ports shows high capacitance in circuit but fine when pulled out (not too much of a Surprise). So I am stumped. I checked my Diodes, most of the time they show fine, sometimes when I check them they give me a strange reading but for the most part I think they are ok. I didn’t pull the two big Caps (I think they are filters) but in circuit after discharge they seem to show proper capacitance. I did check the transformer it seems to be pushing the right voltage (from what I can tell) and the correct voltage appears to be running thru the caps. (5 and 12 volts). So Now I turn to you, does anyone have any clue as to where my fault is. I am not electronically trained but I can fumble my way around. I have included a bunch of pictures and a video showing the diodes. Thanks in advanced! Craig Percom_RFD_Photos.zip
  7. Lol. No not a thing. Funny thing my dad eventually got a sprint calling card and I used it (legitimately) to try to call a guy in Germany to buy bootleg cds. Needless to say I ran a $300 bill up. On another note. Brian (dr. Zep) told me he got busted for using “LD” codes by Chadwick telephone. I think that was a phone company local to us.
  8. It still makes me sick to think I gave away all my disks with whomever bought most of my computer stuff in 1990. I know I had a bunch of hacking programs. I was hacking sprint codes for a short time. They seemed the safest to use at the time.
  9. Came across this on a blog I follow. http://www.textfiles.com/bbs/BBSLISTS/ataribbs.txt Alcatraz isn’t listed but some of the other 215 area code boards are listed.
  10. Thanks a bunch. I knew it was on that disk I just couldn't find it online. I think the one of my Archives starts in 85. Thanks again.
  11. Does anyone have a copy of Matt edit? I have check all the rom sites and all my archives but that is missing. Any help appreciated.
  12. I sent him some feedback regarding that very issue this morning.
  13. Thanks for the info. Sadly, I don't have a u1mb and I know all my chips are soldered down to my 130xe's board. So I am not confident enough to take on the task of installing it and there isn't anyone close that I know of that can install it or would have any knowledge to repair it if something went wrong. That's why I am really looking for an external solution. The Sio2sd isn't slow by any means. I got it pretty fast. But I still would like to use a cart or a pbi interface solution. No other ideas?
  14. Can the side2 avoid using sdx? I am looking at one for a bbs and it will not run on sdx but I like the speed I have seen in the demos on YouTube.
  15. Yup it is working like a charm. Just gotta figure out how to get the bbs to start as soon as it connects without the user hitting return a few times. Not exactly sure how or what I can do about that.
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