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  1. Duh. Why didn’t I think of that. Gonna give it a try. It doesn’t need to be super strong just needs a smidge more support. Thanks all!
  2. Hey all, I have a 1.0 and 1.3 Fujinet. Lately, I have been using my side3 and 850 & lantronix Device for bbsing. I leave the fuji plugged in so all I need to do is turn it off so the 850 handler will load. However, I have noticed the on/off switch housing has been bending inward a bit. It seems that all that is holding the switch to the board are the 3 soldered leads. Is there a safe epoxy I can use to epoxy the switch down to the board? I have some jb weld that has the metal shavings in it for stronger holding but I am concerned if I use that the metal shavings may short something out. Any suggestions on the best epoxy to use or any other thoughts on fixing this minor issue?
  3. Well, I copied off all the non-commercial disks off. Most of them look like unlabeled backups of the original commercial disks but there are some that have other files on them. I’m gonna go through them and see what apps are on them and look them up. If I find anything odd. I will let you guys know. So far only 4-5 disks I can’t copy off. Maybe this is because of some type of protection. One was flight sim 2 and all the files copies but one kept erroring out. I have a 2nd floppy drive but I have never gotten it to work. I know the drive is good because I plugged it into the main drive of my STF. I am guessing the little conversion power board is bad but I toned everything out and it seems fine. I don’t have any extra din plugs to see if I could wire up a cable but I will keep trying. Craig
  4. Thanks for all the info! The persons St I got must have been a developer of some type. Not professional but clearly a developer with all the dev tools he/she had and all the books I got with the package. I am probably thinking the non-commercial/non pirated disks might be of more interest. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of pirated disks. Lots of backup disks of the bigger games. I got my STE yesterday and have been playing around with that. It has a fully working floppy drive and I am working on making a fresh empty sd card that I can put these images on. (I am formatting a 32gig sd card. ) I will grab Pasti and I will post the disks as I get them done somewhere and if you all Would like you can look at them see if there is anything important. Craig
  5. I was looking for advice to see if any of those titles were not currently dumped. If there were a bunch of disks that needed to be dumped I would pick up a super card but if it is just 1 or 2 I might just send them to someone to dump.
  6. Hi all, a friend asked me to look for a certain disk for an st book I have so I figured I would make a list of all the originals in the collection I obtained years ago. I am sure all of them have been dumped but figured I would post the list here to see if there is anything that hasn’t been dumped. at the moment I have no way of testing the disks for reliability or a way to dump them but I have a new st coming that claims to have a good floppy drive. let me know if there is anything of interest. Original disks Impossible mission II Tanglewood Scrabble Temple of asphi trilogy Starlight Firezone Comet busters Road wars Empire V2.0 Timebandit Renegade Populous Gato Goldrunner Bratfazz? Flight sim II Carrier command Sun dog frozen legacy Rogue Dungeon master Rockford Oids Crystal castles The sentry Ultima iii Blastaball Boulder dash construction set Road war 2000 Rings of zilfin Silent service Annals of Rome Global commander Bismarck the North Sea chase Demons winter Major motion The pawn Xenon Gridiron! Sidewinder Nine princes in amber Quest for glory ii True basic Spectrum 512-antic disk St-copy Laserc V2.0 Laser c upgrade disk V2.1 Laser c update disk 1.01 Pagestream fonts v1.82 Pagestream program v1.82 True basic-scientific graphics toolkit v1.0 Modula-2 compiler Modula-2 toolkit Modula-2 editor and linker Modula-2 toolkit (3.00 written on disk) Modula-2 compiler (3.00 written on disk) Modula-2 editor And linker (3.00 written on disk) Drafix Dotplotter Drafix electrical symbols Drafix utilities/drawings Drafix program Copy II st Pagestream font disk Kissed Advanced art studio Computes Atari disk v3 #1 issue 9 1st word Laser c Laser db Qbasic
  7. That would be great! I’ll pm you.
  8. Yes the quality is top notch. I did have to modify mine a smidge. One of the EPROMs was too close to the edge and was not allowing it to close all the way. But a little dremmeling and it was all good. I ordered an sio2pc but like a bonehead I ordered the wrong one. No biggie I just ordered the correct one. Keeping the other one for a friend. Great job!
  9. In just checked and it looks like it was a bad Atari to usb cable all along.
  10. Ok. I will get some pics sometime this weekend. I didn’t hear any pops or magic smoke but that doesn’t mean anything.
  11. I have a 130xe that I think may have had the power rails on the power supply reversed. So basically the 5v went to ground and the ground went to 5v. Beside toasting the whole machine what would be the result in this case? I haven’t started diagnosising it but wanted a vague idea where I should start looking for dead components. Thanks.
  12. I guess I am one of the few on the east coast that will be going to vcf-east. Anyone else going to East this year?
  13. Thanks a lot. I watched the video. Nice demo. It really looks like a great tool for the non-atascii limited sysops! look forward to the docs! great work.
  14. I was playing around with your files. I am know your haven’t been working on it but i am trying to get my head around it. Is there a way of taking my own bbs files and running it through your app? Or is it just the demo files that you can save with all the ansi and throw in a text editor and edit the text part to suit your needs? Thanks. Sorry it this is a dumb question.
  15. Thanks. I saw your post of fb this morning and going to play Around with it later today.
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