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  1. Here is my latest Percom acquisition. It is the at88 expander drive. I never saw one of this back in the 1980s, so when I saw this pop up, I grabbed it. Also solves my hunt for a case for two half height drives. It is nothing special, just a single sided tandon 100 and a power supply (missing the fuse holder) but thought it was somewhat unique.
  2. Hey guys, I have been search on and off over the last year for a singe full height/double half height 5 1/4 inch floppy case. Some pop up and usually has drives in it and is overpriced. I don’t need the drives. I have an 80track 5 1/4 and a spare 3.5 inch drive that I would like to put in the case. Does anyone have any leads on these cases. I know back in the 80s they were a dime a dozen but can’t seem to locate any for a reasonable price. Thanks!
  3. hmmm. couldn’t attach the rom file on Tapatalk. here it is. atr8000.BIN
  4. Hey guys, couple months ago I got an ATR-8000. I finally got around to getting it out. Haven’t tested it yet but I did dump the rom if anyone is interested. I included some pics in case there is something else interesting about this particular unit. Craig
  5. Here is the rom dump from my new Percom rfd40. percomrfd40_1.10.BIN
  6. Here is a dump of the RFD 44 Eprom from my uncorking Percom. percom rfd 44.bin
  7. If you decide to sell it please let me know. Thanks. Craig
  8. Yeah I know. I was gonna but that Percom that was on eBay a few weeks ago that had the doubler board but I was already invested in the rfd Percom. Not to mention that Percom had been relisted a few times since so I figured it might get re-listed. But someone got it. Was a great deal. Yeah here is my sd daughter board.
  9. In Lieu of spending the 60-75 for an eprom programmer is there a cart that you know of that have the correct pin outs that I can get an sacrifice? I also have an at-88 rom that I’d like to back up and possibly get a dd rom and see if I can get that upgraded. But that is another project for after the rfd is fixed. Or is there anyone in the Lehigh valley that has or knows of anyone with an eprom programmer that can help me dump my roms?
  10. For shits and giggles I popped open the basic xl cart. Would this work?
  11. Ok well the label didn’t survive but I was able to get the chip number and keep the eprom covered. Also I went and ordered a 5 pack of those ram chips. Sadly, they won’t get here til nov 1-15. They are coming from China. I suspect they are all pulls and not true new old stock but with 5 and the two I have hopefully I should be able to find two that work. If mine are truly defective. Here is the pic.
  12. Gotcha. Going out for a while so I won’t get to it til tomorrow. Will post as soon as I can.
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