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  1. I've got one composite modded that I've been thinking about selling.
  2. jbot1975

    ISO ti99 carts

    New to the ti99 & looking for some games.
  3. I'll take thunder castle & white water. $ sent.
  4. In u.s. yes but I'm going to hold off until I can sort out the rf issue I'm having. Just looks crappy right now.
  5. Loose copy preferred. Thanks.
  6. Just got me a vic-20 system & needing some games.
  7. Dig dug Cracked Karateka Pole position all sold.
  8. Rampage sold. Basketbrawl sold.
  9. Games are loose carts unless noted. Shipping not included in price. PayPal preferred. 7800: Ballblazer cib $18 like new condition Dark chambers $18 Donkey kong junior $9 F18 hornet $9 Fight night 8 Hat trick cib $7 Jinks cib $6 Joust $7 Ninja golf cib $100 like new condition Realsports baseball cib $8 like new cond Touchdown football cib $6 new sealed Tower toppler $6 Xevious cib $7 Gamecube: System #1 platinum console, platinum controller, OEM power & av. Slight cigarette smell but not very noticeable. Works great. $30 System #2 platinum console, blue OEM controller, OEM power but no av cord. Slight cig smell. Works great. Missing bottom pieces. $20 Billy Hatcher boxed, no manual $18 Platinum wavebird with receiver $30 (2) grey wavebirds no receivers $10each
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