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  1. Would like a boxed system but loose would be ok. Game carts, controller adapter & speech add on also. Have a ton of intellivision cib, boxed & loose games for trade. Other stuff too.
  2. Got frog bog & shark shark, both cib I believe.
  3. Theres no way someone is that damn busy, especially after 9 months. Maybe theres a genuinely honest reason he still has it but it's still bad business. I'd keep calling, fb messaging until u talk to him.
  4. Looking for loose colecovision games & 1 or 2 working controllers.
  5. jbot1975

    Atari jaguar

    I've got a CIB one for sale.
  6. CIB jaguar system- Console, 2 controllers, original rf & power adapters, rca video adapter, box, cardboard insert, system manual, registration cards. System in excellent physical & working condition. Box in really good condition. $380 + shipping. Sold.
  7. All free just pay for shipping from 61944. 360 system works but went wacko a few times by not turning on. Intv games are missing manual and/or overlays, boxes in crap shape. Psx are consoles only: 5501, 7501 both with weak lasers.
  8. Interested in a few. PM sent.
  9. Awesome deals. Too bad I've got them all or I'd have jumped on them.
  10. Me too. I'd like it to go to you but I've been spending & need to replenish some funds.
  11. In great shape & works fine. Heat shield has been removed. Both controllers (#1 & #2)work great (stick, trigger & paddle). 14 games included: Incredible wizard Galactic invasion Astro battle Bally pin Star battle Blackjack Artillery duel Amazing maze no label Tornado baseball Panzer attack Grand prix Football 2 copies Clowns $325 + shipping.
  12. Found one. Nevermind.
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