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  1. Atari 850 connected to lantronix uds-10 or 1100 via serial to ethernet then router using bobterms or ice and your online bbs sites simple !!!!!!
  2. Hi can one not put a quick blow 1amp fuse in line with the wire on the atari psu so if there's a surge or fault it won't pop your atari but the quick blow fuse instead I've used quick blow fuses inline with my radio ham gear which protects my radio's so same difference with your atari psu
  3. Does the atari 800xl cpu Atari C014806-35 CPU IC chip as used in the 800 XL and XE 6502C / Sally / C014806 / Replacement CPU for Atari 800 XL Work in a 600XL ??? I think i have a bad cpu in my 600XL and have seen a new old stock cpu but its advertised for the 800XL ?? So i was wondering if the 800xl and 600xl where compatible?
  4. Hi just a quick question regarding the memory chips inside the atari 1064 can you buy modern replacement chips to fit inside the 1064 ??? If so what are they called ?
  5. Hi ,I am over the moon this has been ported to the atari xl/xe it should have been done back in the day.Atari's would have been more popular or at least be side by side with the c64 I noticed there was no jump sound like on the speccy ? But the music is more pleasant to listen to on this atari conversion.I love how the music gets faster and faster when watching the screens scoll through
  6. Hi is there anymore carts left for sale ? I am wanting one! I live in the UK Also do you sell the case for the board ?
  7. Very good and well thought out puzzle game love it!!!!!
  8. Hi is there a similar device made for the atari 600XL? I have messaged CTIRAD about purchasing a RAM320XL for the atari 600xl but have not had a reply yet? Can anyone tell me if the RAM320XL is still for sale with the casing? I am desperate for one for my 600XL or if there is a newer device? How do i go about ordering one? Thanks
  9. oh and a big thank you to darklord and to tillek and bf2k+ for your support!
  10. my final update!!!!! Lantronix uds-10 is working fantastic on atari xe/850 interface and on the c64 connected to turbo232/lantronix uds-10 Just received a lantronix uds-1100 and it worked first time no problem with connections!! So god knows what was going on with the lantronix uds-10 but all is well now so going to get the atari ste and amiga 500 connected up ))
  11. Hi Darklord i've downloaded ice-t xe v.2.76 and got everything set to ascii and everything is perfect i can read the screen properly now only thing next is to figure colour as i am in black and white at the moment.
  12. I've sorted it I had to Edit window in Bobterm 1.22 and i am able to type properly yipppppeeeeeeeeee I have now a user number for logging in with cheers to bf2k+ another new user added to the list!!!!! Now all i have to do is figure how to get the graphics on Darkforce!! hmmmmm
  13. Hi Everyone who have replied to my next problem the doubling of the letters/numbers! I've tried changing the duplex to half and it still does it? The doubling problem is with bf2k+ ip/port bbs. On Darkforce i am not doubling thats ok but the problem with Darkforce is all the bbs site is jumbled letters and numbers ? I have tried changing baud rate to a slower 2400 and it still does this? I think i remember using my atari 130xe with Ice-Term and with the ape cable using the telnet software in the ape program and i got fantastic graphics on Darkforce so i might dig the 130xe out and load up Ice-Term and see if that does it because Bobterm only has Ascii/Atari/vt520/vt52e and i've tried them all on Darkforce bbs and everything is letters and numbers and no graphics? The problem with the doubling is with bf2k+ bbs site? not Darkforce! On bf2k+ bbs site its perfect at the connection screen and i choose number 1 for Ascii but i get double letters or numbers when typing? DarkLord your absolutely correct about how i have been typing in the ip/port it makes no difference if i type 08 o 080 I am connecting first time and the lantronix is working very good! So god knows what has happened to get this working as i was always getting No Carrier? but i have default settings in channel 1 and the connect mode definately needs to be D6! I'm so chuffed the lantronix is working but i'm also glad i have a uds-1100 on its way When things go right and all is working your wanting to dig out different computers to rig up and get on bbs sites I want to try the atari ste and i did a google search and taz came up as a very good term program so i will try that but i also want to try the amiga 500 with Jrcomm and Ncomm as i have used these with the amiga connected up to the winxp laptop via null modem but on the amiga i found that was strange with bbs sites not so colourful and i had to use textline feeds to be able to read everything properly. I really need to find out what cottonwoodbbs.dyndns.org/23 quad numbered ip address i have message the sysop to ask for it so will use cgterm to connect and see if hes got back as i love that bbs site on the c64 its like Darkforce on the atari both are brilliant with nice colourful graphics DarkLord thank you for the offer of sending the lantronix to you to see if it was faulty i thought that was a really nice offer
  14. Hi @bfsk+ I have successfully connected to your ip/port ATDT but when connected i choose 1 for ascii but when typing i am getting double letters/numbers? I'm using an atari xl with bobterm 1.22 I've tried your recent ip/port ATDT and that just gives me No Carrier??? how do i get the doubling off so i can continue on the bbs ?
  15. bfsk2+ I've just connected to your ip/port address and i chose number 1 for asci graphics and when trying to get a permanent password etc.. I am doubling with my letters/numbers? How do i stop this? echo is not enable in channel 1 settings?
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