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  1. Hi just had my 800xl keyboard repaired by jazzcat and its FANTASTIC!!!! Jon has brought my atari 800xl back to life. Not only was the keyboard ribbon in a bad way but he found a dry joint that prevented a few keys not working plus the option keys came away from the keyboard so that's been repaired too plus I asked if Jon could do something to clear the video up. Which he has and its much clearer better colours. I shall be turning to jazzcat for all my retro repairs!! Glad to know him 👍his work is 100%
  2. Hi Simius will there be another batch ??
  3. Hi I put a request for 1 Sophia for my 130xe and have been following all the posts. Theres an awful lot of ppl/orders to be made so i was wondering how does all this work out to get through everybody? Does the maker of Sophia boards go through each request send a payment bill then your officially on the waiting list as I've noticed some guys have received there's ?? Thanks 😊
  4. Ok thanks for the info 👍 I've checked my keyboard reseated the ribbon and my option is working with start now so I'm able to load tapes with basic disabled. Strange cos my option was working with self test and 1050 drive but using start and option for tapes it was not bleeping so now I've reseated the ribbon its now bleeping?? Strange!
  5. Hi I've opened my 130xe and there is some mod on the HD74LSO8P chip I did read about a mod you lift 1 leg up on a chip which then boots without having to hold option down to disable basic??? I've uploaded pics
  6. Hi nezgar I've typed that program in and after typing run I'm getting the number 7 in a list on screen ?? What does that mean ??
  7. Hi I've just checked on my 600xl and start +option i get the burr sound but on the 130xe I don't. The option key is working fine in the 130xe? I've tried loading the game with start held down only on the 130xe and its loading but at the end I get a black screen but when loading in the 600xl with start held down only I get the same but if I hold start+option on the 600xl the game loads and plays. So my problem is the start +option together on the 130xe is not burring so i can't load a tape apart from holding down start on its own the tape loads but no game??? When using the sd drive max tape emulator I only have to use the start button. I've checked my keys there all working so I'm wondering if someone has either modded the 130 xe to boot without having to hold option down ?? Which was apparent in the old days or there's no basic chip on the board??? I'll have to open up the 130xe and take a peek. I do have a basic cartridge so if there's no chip inside I can try with the basic cartridge.... if that does anything at all but the aim is to disable basic???
  8. Hi I have rigged up a 1010 recorder to my 130xe and although I can hold down the start button when switching on I hear the beep sound to press play on the tape deck the games load ok right to the end then a black screen with no game picture or sound. So when holding down start+option to disable basic I don't get the beep sound and the usual startup with the purring sound then to ready. Why am I not getting the beep sound to press play on tape deck with start+option held down ? I only get the tapes loading with start held down on startup ??? Obviously my tape games are not playing due to needing basic disabled. The keyboard is fully working on my 130xe. I can boot floppies and the now recent sd drive max?
  9. Hi sugarland I've already stripped the 800xl down and cleaned etc... I've uploaded pics of the top and underneath of the keyboard I've taken the keys off to clean. I can't see a way to replace a new mylar and a picture shows printed AWC P/N 100001 REV.04 Made in H.K
  10. Hi mine does not have a mylar otherwise I would. I've sent 2 emails to best electronics but no reply I've put Atari in the subject line to avoid it going to there spam email or deleted. I desperately want a keyboard for my 800xl I don't mind the cost if new from best electronics. Can some in USA give them a nudge for me please.
  11. Hi does anyone have a good condition fully working atari 800xl keyboard for sale. My revision 4 ribbon cable has gone totally bad and has come off the pcb. Its cracked along each bend of the ribbon.
  12. Hi simius please can I pre order a sofia 2 for my atari 130xe
  13. well i tell a lie !!! I have egg on my face LOL I have just loaded dos 2.5 and i formatted a floppy disk then duplicated crownland on the sd drive max to a 1050 drive and it works . I think the problem was i was trying to use spartados 32g and since read that does not work properly on sd drive max????
  14. Hi just bought a sddrive max and its got a breakout board in it so it communicates with other SIO devices. Now i have my 1050 drive in chain with the sd drive max and loaded up dos on drivemax in D1: i then make the 1050 as D2: i can read the directory of my 1050 in dos once changed to D2: but i can not write from the drivemax t0 1050 ? and definately not vice versa because the sd drive max will always be D1: when connected if you could change to D2: and 1050 as D1: then maybe??? but theres no way of transferring back and forth between real disks and the sddrive max?? which is why i bought it. It seems the sd drivemax is just an sd card device so adding more games or files etc you physically take the sd card out and put in a pc which is ok but too fiddly with the sd card being micro. I was hoping to transfer from APE to sddrive max but again same issues??? The breakout board thats in mine is supposed to be able to work with other SIO devices like drives. I have it rigged through my atari 850 interface which works loading bobterm on sd max and using my lantronix uds 1100 on the 850 i can telnet out. nice idea but to modern with touch screens and no old hardware to work with just sd card Im googling like mad to see if someone else has resolved the issue of transferring from 1050 to sd max or vice versa. If in cfg you could shut off D1 as defualt and change to D2: then cool but even leaving D2: as empty on the sd max the 1050 won't boot?
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