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  1. Drilling a hole in the metal box (as others have done), and routing the yellow wire thru that, is the solution. My yellow wire was grounding where it was sandwiched between the circuit board and the inside of that metal box.
  2. So I finally got around to installing the composite video mod from Vintage Gaming and More. When I first hooked it back up, it worked fine, but, after putting the top back on, it didn't even power up. After inspection, the black ground input wire had come loose from the board. The trace had de-laminated from the board and broken loose, so I resolldered the black wire to another place nearby on the same trace. Now it works against, but I've got no sound. Any suggestions?
  3. Thanks SpiceWare, I DID miss your edit.
  4. Whew! That was close, looks like a need a set of paddle controllers then, thanks all.
  5. Ahh! Thanks Acousticguitar, it looks like the paddle controllers have a picture if a tennis racket on them and have two controllers to one plug. The driving controller says "driving" on them and has a picture if a race car. There's a driving controller for sale on eBay with Night Driver. If I buy that combo, can I use the same controller for Super Breakout?
  6. I've noticed that most paddle controllers include two paddles that are "siamesed" into one plug, but, they appear to have also come as one paddle into one plug. Which controller type works for Super Breakout and Night Driver? Does it matter?
  7. Yea, does seem like a lot of effort for little benefit. Thanks
  8. That's the converter I was looking at. Looks small enough to conceal inside, uses USB power 5vdc I think), I believe the Ataril power supply is 12vdc so, use a cheap cell phone car/cigarette lighter charge, connect to same power supply, plug appropriate USB cable into that, to converter, VOILA! Integrated hdmi!?
  9. Has anyone modded a 2600 to have a functioning HDMI output? Is this even possible? I've ordered to composite video mod, and noticed the composite-to-HDMI converters are very small. If it can (somehow) share the Atari power supply, or another one added, should this work? It would simplify my life AND make me the coolest guy on the planet, to have this! Thanks
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