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  1. Received an email about an hour ago from the "Atari VCS Team" with links to a Q&A (which has many of the same answers - a variant on "The Atari VCS is powered by an AMD Ryzen R1606G processor with Radeon “Vega” Graphics technology, which is a modern X86 PC processor.") https://medium.com/@atarivcs/atari-vcs-july-2020-q-a-with-coo-381f121f664c ...and a Developer Page: https://shop.atarivcs.com/developer Does anyone know who is actually developing anything for it? You'd think they'd be mentioning this & showing WIP of the exciting things you will be able to play this Christmas when your $400 finally pays off.
  2. I check this particular forum almost exclusively to see if the new version is available yet, as well as to see if Rich's RXB 2020 is available. I'm anxiously waiting for the release of both, as they are the two development tools I am using on my latest two projects. Thanks for keeping us updated~!
  3. This user helped repair a few of my TI-99s and also purchased a TI-99/4 + Mini Memory cartridge I was looking place in a good home. Every time dealing with him was a pleasure!
  4. I bought an FG99 from him through ebay last year, although I ended up ruining the manual that came with it by accidentally tipping over a water bottle that landed on it 😱 I am very pleased with my purchase so just wanted to show my support for MacRorie.
  5. I'm getting back to my adventure game (finally) and wanted to implement some of the new features you've added to T40XB, but have been using the XBGEM cartridge for my development work. What would be the best way to go about utilizing the latest T40XB? Just choose Extended BASIC+ (option 2) from the currently available XBGEM cart (from early January), then load/run T40XB, then load my program?
  6. I spent this past week on my vacation setting up my classic computing space in my garage. In doing so, I've updated my FINAL GROM 99 AID FILES (55 total so far) & am sharing them once again here. As mentioned previously, there is a limit to the size of the files that can be created. In my experience, 146 lines of 38 characters per line appears to be the limit. Due to this, I've only included the following in each file: * cartridge title * TI given description * the Quick Reference Guide * the blurb from the back of each manual Here is what is included this time around, including updates to some earlier ones (fixed typos) as well as white text on a black background: - Diagnostics (PHM 3000) - Demonstration (PHM 3001) - Early Learning Fun (PHM 3002) - Beginning Grammar (PHM 3003) - Number Magic (PHM 3004) - Video Graphs (PHM 3005) - Home Financial Decisions (PHM 3006) - Household Budget Management (PHM 3007) - Video Chess (PHM 3008) - Football (PHM 3009) - Physical Fitness (PHM 3010) - Speech Editor (PHM 3011) - Securities Analysis (PHM 3012) - Personal Record Keeping (PHM 3013) - Statistics (PHM 3014) - Early Reading (PHM 3015) - Tax/Investment Record Keeping (PHM 3016) - Terminal Emulator I (PHM 3017) - Video Games I (PHM 3018) - Disk Manager (PHM 3019) - Music Maker (PHM 3020) - Weight Control and Nutrition (PHM 3021) - Personal Real Estate (PHM 3022) - Hunt the Wumpus (PHM 3023) - Indoor Soccer (PHM 3024) - Mind Challengers (PHM 3025) - TI Extended BASIC (PHM 3026) - Addition and Subtraction 1 (PHM 3027) - Addition and Subtraction 2 (PHM 3028) - Multiplication 1 (PHM 3029) - A-MAZE-ING (PHM 3030) - The Attack (PHM 3031) - Blasto (PHM 3032) - Blackjack & Poker (PHM 3033) - Hustle (PHM 3034) - Terminal Emulator II (PHM 3035) - Zero Zap (PHM 3036) - Hangman (PHM 3037) - Connect Four (PHM 3038) - Yahtzee (PHM 3039) - TI Logo (PHM 3040) - Adventure (PHM 3041) - Tunnels of Doom (PHM 3042) - Reading Fun (PHM 3043) - Personal Report Generator (PHM 3044) - Electrical Engineering: Circuit Analysis 1 (PHM 3045) - Reading On (PHM 3046) - Reading Roundup (PHM 3047) - Reading Rally (PHM 3048) - Division 1 (PHM 3049) - Numeration 1 (PHM 3050) - Numeration 2 (PHM 3051) - Tombstone City: 21st Century (PHM 3052) - TI Invaders (PHM 3053) - Car Wars (PHM 3054) FG99AA-Aid.zip
  7. Well, I THOUGHT that cartridge worked, as it populates the 2 choices in the FG99 menu with the options CASSETTE PROGRAM and DISKETTE PROGRAM. If I choose cassette, it goes to the tape loading screen, but I don't have the programs on tape. When I choose diskette, it clears the screen, then hangs with the | symbol in the upper left of the screen, without it ever advancing the SMU splash screen which should then go to the list of lessons, as it does in Classic99. Not sure if this is an issue with the cartridge image not working properly on the FG99, or if it just won't work with the nanoPEB. I tried mounting both diskettes in DSK1 but the result is the same. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue. It's more an OCD thing with me, not that I'm going to actually go thru this course. Just was hoping to get it working using the FG99 + nanoPEB. I should mention that it isn't locking up/crashing the TI. I can press QUIT and it takes me back to the master title screen. Pressing any key, the options are listed (2 CASSETTE, 3 DISKETTE), but it still won't load the disk when I choose option 3 from the menu.
  8. Thanks! That's the right module, but the diskette you included is something completely different, which only requires TI BASIC for it. I've attached the correct 2 diskettes for use with this module, in case anyone wants to use them. Circuit Analysis 1b.dskCircuit Analysis 1a.dsk
  9. Has a FG99 image been made of PHM3045 (Electrical Engineering: Circuit Analysis I)? I looked in the ZIP file on WHTech & in the list at the beginning of this thread but can't seem to find one. If anyone has it or can make it, would you please add it to this thread? Or better yet, how would I create it myself using the PC99 or MAME files of these carts (two 6KB files)? Thanks~!
  10. On your Google drive for the Scott Adams Adventures "Adventureson1Disk", the disk image that is in that folder does not contain the adventure games listed. Instead, it contains this:
  11. There are two versions of this title that can be used in O2EM - one is 4 KB in size, the other is 8 KB & indicated as an alternate. They both zip down to below 4 KB (3420 bytes for the 4K vs 3524 bytes for the 8K). Does anyone know if there are any differences between the two and if so, what are the difference? I've been playing both of them and can't really seem to notice any difference. If anyone knows, please reply, thanks~!
  12. The Odyssey² was like that. Some of the coolest cover art while the reality was quite different
  13. Sorry I hadn't commented on this earlier, but you did an awesome job on this! Being that I owned a CV & a TI at the same time back in 1983, this is like reliving 8th & 9th grade for me. Plus with the enhanced version for TI available, it's way cool how this project took on a life of its own. Thanks for the port to CV~! Note that it's also available for the Radio Shack MC-10 (programmed by Jim Gerrie), which is where I got the inspiration to make the all-text TI edition of it.
  14. Family Computing (from Scholastic) published some TI program listings along with their kids-oriented sister publication K-Power. There was a game call Amazin' in a K-Power compilation special, but I don't think this is the program you're seeking. Just wanted to note that those two publications also had substantial TI listings in them. https://archive.org/details/family-computing https://archive.org/details/k-power-magazine
  15. I swear it looks like you are utilizing more colors than the TI can display, not to mention the smooth fast-scrolling of the screen & slick movement of the animated character. The changing color light tubes is quite a sight to see!
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