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  1. It's a damn shame johnphelan1979 can't find some sort of device that already exists that can handle his 3 + too reasons for backing this system. Can't think of any device that can 1 play tons of Atari games 2 play tons of retro games 3 play youtube videos too play music on Spotify If anyone here can help him out that's also on that forum, please let him know.
  2. One of the biggest offenders back in the day was the Magnavox Odyssey². They had some really great cover art for games that were nearly always lacking, with a few exceptions. I know because I had one, and as an 11-year-old, I was sucked into the games that had awesome covers (at least 11-year-old me thought so) but whose game-play was terribly lacking. Like this one:
  3. I downloaded the game disk listed above but it appears to be the exact same file as the T40XB file earlier in your post. I don't know if this happened because of the forum update that happened earlier this year, but just wanted to let you know, as I wanted to get a feel for how it actually works.
  4. Thanks to both of you for the responses. I believe someone, maybe one of you, had pointed me to this very useful blog entry which goes into more detail of how the TI's memory is mapped: Man, I wish I had known about text mode before actually programming my baseball sim! Of course, that mode isn't mentioned in the XB manual since it looks like there is no way to enter it from XB, but I do see that there is a POKER command that can be used to enter it. 40 columns makes a huge difference for screen real estate. I may end up attempting to use that. Since there is no rush in getting this thing done, I'm thinking it might be worth it to go back to attempt using that mode. It's also pretty cool all of the new stuff I'm learning about this computer which makes it much more interesting to program! The additional tools both of you have provided makes it a lot easier too. EDIT: Looks like I spoke too soon. It looks like it's not as easy as I thought it would be to use text mode. Well, it was worth trying!
  5. I'm hoping you can explain this one to me, carrying on our conversation from the SAMS/RXB one I started. For the following command: CALL MOVES("VR",2079,0,8192) ...why is the value 2079 used? I understand that the ZERO is where the screen data is in VDP memory and the 8192 is where the data is being moved to in the TI's lower 8K of RAM. 2079 just seems like such an odd figure so I'm wondering where this comes from. Again, this is due to my incomplete of knowledge of memory mapping and the various types of memory that the TI uses. I thought that an entire screen took up 768 bytes (32x24) and 2079 isn't a multiple of that. Thanks!
  6. Looking at that seller's 25000+ additional items for sale, this is indeed a true statement. Pre-recorded VHS tapes for $30-60, never-heard-of movies on DVD for $50, pre-recorded cassette tapes of unknown artists for $15... yep, they are definitely smoking the hope-ium.
  7. Thanks for your input on this as well. You were very helpful in helping to get my GRAIL OF THE GODS working properly by sending me bug fixed code to get it to compile properly. I'll take my time with my new project, as I'd really like for this to be what I've always envisioned a baseball sim to be on the TI. I'll see what will work best and implement each part as I get all the pieces figured out.
  8. Okay, I thought it may actually already be available. Take care of what you need to. This is certainly not a pressing issue. I just didn't want to implement something that would either be easier to implement in the new version, or that would need modification once the new version of RXB comes out.
  9. Where is RXB 2018 available? I'm using 2015 since it comes with Classic99 and it's also in the development resources here. I'm thinking that since pages can now be saved as 4K instead of 8K, that may clear up my Stack Overflow issue. I'm subscribed to your channel and have watched a number of your videos which are quite helpful.
  10. I will test this out. I need something like this to temporarily store the current game state that is displayed on the screen. Quick question: Isn't a screen 768 bytes - 32x24?
  11. Okay, I'm now running into a Stack overflow problem, which is likely due to the string variables I'm using that are eating up stack space. I'm guessing that I need at least 8K available in the Stack in order to be able to save a screen as explained above. The loading of screens works great, I'm happy to report.
  12. I watched it again and am still not seeing where it explains how to SAVE the screen, but the above explanation is quite helpful. I wasn't understanding how that BSAVE command worked. When I saw that it makes a "program image file," I thought that meant that it can only be used for saving PROGRAMS. The video is explaining differences in loading between RXB 2015 and 2018(?) and how some commands have been rolled into one command which utilizes parameters. I've already got ideas on how to save memory by having ready made screens which will save valuable program space by eliminating the need to redraw the screens over and over again - or at all for that matter!
  13. I must be missing it because I only see loading of screens. How is a screen saved from within a program? As an example, let's say it's the 6th inning and I need to switch my team's pitcher because he's lost his effectiveness. I want to capture the current state of the screen, then switch to the main menu which is where I have choices to switch pitchers and rearrange the batting lineup. Once I'm done with the menu, I want to go back to the state of the screen before I switched to the main menu by reloading it. I'm missing what command is used to save the state of the screen.
  14. No, I'm using Classic99. I don't have a physical disk drive or PEB for my real hardware. I do have a nanoPEB and a FinalGROM. My first two projects were done as proof of what COULD have been done back in the day if I only had the money to buy products that were available back then. Now I'm trying to use everything at my disposal to create a respectable stat-based baseball simulation for this platform, something that was available for most every other platform in its era such as the Apple ][ line, C64, Atari 8-bit, and even the mid-80s PC. All of those platforms had much more memory and storage at their disposal for keeping track of heavy stat games like baseball and football. With extra memory and storage, not to mention the ability to accelerate it via emulation, I think it can finally be done and I'm trying my best to make it a reality. I guess I'm just getting frustrated at the fact that the TI can technically be expanded to 1 MB (and 4 MB once it's implemented in the next iteration of the SAMS card), yet it's so difficult to actually utilize it with some modicum of ease. I appreciate the input and patience from everyone who has commented so far.
  15. Does XB256 work with RXB? I'm using numerous RXB subprograms so I am hoping it does. My worry would be with conflicts between the two. I only see the official TI XB mentioned in the documentation.
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