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  1. I've updated my FINAL GROM 99 AID FILES to include the 25 titles listed below. Same format as before: Here is the list of titles now included: - Diagnostics (PHM 3000) - Demonstration (PHM 3001) - Early Learning Fun (PHM 3002) - Beginning Grammar (PHM 3003) - Number Magic (PHM 3004) - Video Graphs (PHM 3005) - Home Financial Decisions (PHM 3006) - Household Budget Management (PHM 3007) - Video Chess (PHM 3008) - Football (PHM 3009) - Physical Fitness (PHM 3010) - Speech Editor (PHM 3011) - Securities Analysis (PHM 3012) - Personal Record Keeping (PHM 3013) - Statistics (PHM 3014) - Early Reading (PHM 3015) - Tax/Investment Record Keeping (PHM 3016) - Terminal Emulator I (PHM 3017) - Video Games I (PHM 3018) - Disk Manager (PHM 3019) - Music Maker (PHM 3020) - Weight Control and Nutrition (PHM 3021) - Personal Real Estate (PHM 3022) - Hunt the Wumpus (PHM 3023) - Indoor Soccer (PHM 3024) Sorry it's taken so long for an update and that the update isn't all that big, but better than nothing. Too many irons in the fire! FG99AA-Aid.zip
  2. Quick question and I think I know the answer already... Is there a way to chain RXB programs and still retain variable values? Based on a few discussions I've seen in the Development forum, this doesn't appear to be possible except in XB256 without either saving them to disk and then reloading them back into the newly loaded program, or moving values to a part of memory that doesn't get wiped out when the new program runs. I find the XB manual to be a bit deceiving with this statement about the RUN command being used as a statement: Umm, no. If you can't retain variable values, you cannot write programs of almost unlimited size. Of course, this is never mentioned nor given any explanation of how it works in the manual. If there is a simple way to do this, please point me in the right direction. EDIT: After doing some more digging, it looks like the CALL LINK("RUNL1",A$) from XB256 can be used in conjunction with RXB. I'm making plans in case I end up running out of memory on my new project.
  3. Thanks for the download link, Rich! I swear, I still see no link on any of the messages. This is what I see: Just your message with no attachment. Anyway, thanks for attaching it to your previous message. As I get the time, my next project is going to use RXB. It's more-so a project I've been wanting to do for myself and likely won't have much appeal to very many other people, but it's another one of those "can it be done?" deals that I'd love to see work. Thus my question of if there is a hard limit to the amount of program space available, which, scanning back through the discussion here, appears to be answered with a definite YES. Guess I need to brush up on how to link program pieces should it come to that. Thanks for your continued work on making Extended BASIC even more extended~!
  4. Thanks, Rich, but I'm still not finding a download link on either of those posts. Am I blind, crazy, or is the link just not there?
  5. With the search feature not working yet due to the forum update and this link from the resources thread: not containing anything to download, can someone point me to where I can download the manual for RXB? Also, am I right in presuming that the largest program size that can be written is 24488 bytes (not including assembly add-ons), even with SAMS memory? In other words, the largest program that can be stored is that size and there is no way to utilize additional SAMS memory as program space. I've seen Rich's IN THE DARK but that appears to be a rather small program that loads data to the SAMS card, not program code. Thanks!
  6. Nobody defends TI’s gutless non-action sports sim known simply as...Football. An obvious translation of some kind of stats based board game or teletype text game. On a system with great graphics and sound there’s no excuse for something this void of joy. Zero player control over gameplay? It should be called Football Coach. Every console from the 1970s had a better football game. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro I'm biased towards stat-based sports games, as I like to simulate entire seasons. Out of the Park Baseball is my current favorite, while the Lance Haffner sports simulations of the past, as well as Earl Weaver Baseball were all games I played a lot back in the day. There are a few action oriented games that I like, such as Intellivision's NFL Football, John Elway's Quarterback, Leland's Super Baseball, even Taito's 10-Yard Fight. But this qualifies as neither. For all the talk in the manual about how realistic and statistic based it is, there's really not much to recommend this one.
  7. I remember receiving the Triton catalog in the mail after TI announced they were dropping support for the 99. Good Lord! That cover picture simply screams early 80s - the hair, the clothes, the glossy fake smiles and poses. Thanks for sharing!
  8. For 1/5 of that cartridge price, you can get a restored original machine: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Joust-arcade-machine-restored-and-in-very-nice-condition-/192915612984
  9. Got to 104 on my first run through. Very neat little game for 10 lines. I remember a driving game similar to this in COMPUTE! magazine back in the day which took far more lines to do what this does. Very impressed!
  10. I am guessing AwkwardPotato won't mind my posting his updates from when he was working on these, so here goes... ---- 1st TI - silver, screen garbage in first post Managed to get the TI running! Turns out it had 2 bad VRAM chips. I'm letting it sit for a while running some games to make sure it doesn't develop any other faults. Not even 10 minutes after I sent my last message to you, the video on this one scrambled again. Found the root cause of all this -- the +12V on the internal power supply was fluctuating as it warmed up and I can only assume that it was killing the RAM. Swapped in another RAM chip and a working spare power supply and the TI has been running like a champ for the past hour! TI-99/4 - loud noise and no boot screen on powerup Started working on the 99/4 and ran into a pretty serious issue -- the power supply is putting out +10V (!!!) on the +5V line. Reseated TIM9904 (clock chip) and I'm now greeted with a screen indicative of VRAM failure (see screenshot below) After a repaired power supply & three new RAM chips, the 99/4 is now working perfectly. 2nd TI - beige, loud noise and no boot screen on powerup Beige 4A (which is incidentally the weird v2.2 QI version) is up next! It's the classic issue w/ black screen & cacophony. Did some measurements on the VRAM and replaced one that was suspicious, no change. Pulled all the unnecessary chips (sound chip SN76489, GROM's 1 & 2) to make sure they weren't holding up the bus, no change. Likely either a dead CPU, dead SRAM, or dead ROM. Replaced 1 VRAM chip + the 2 ROM chips and did the Mitsumi keyboard fix and the beige 4A now works great! ---- Interestingly, the beige machine is no longer a 2.2 QI version. It does still have the Mitsumi keyboard issue of a few keys not responding properly (either not registering at all or registering multiple times). He had indicated that almost none of them responded when he first got it running. The /4 also has the similar keyboard issue, but not nearly as bad as the beige 4A. All things considered, I'm very happy to have these machines up and running again. The combined cost of purchasing them and shipping them back and forth for repair was about what one would pay on ebay for 3 untested machines or one NIB machine. I am forever grateful that he was able to do the work for me and highly recommend him for repairing TIs.
  11. Just wanted to follow-up on this thread. AwkwardPotato was able to fix all 3 machines I sent to him - a silver one first (screen garbage), then a beige (noise and no startup screen), and finally a TI-99/4 (also noise and no startup screen). Completely amazed by the skills of this young man. Very happy to have 3 machines that were in danger of being placed on the scrap heap back up and working, all thanks to a very skilled user here at AtariAge!
  12. I'm getting nowhere close to the posted high scores. Even when I do well, I get devastated in later levels by the immediate firing from robots which are practically on top of me when a new screen starts. 4620
  13. Could you please explain what the . in front of some items means, as well as what the bold face means on others (if anything)? Thanks!
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