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    The game is very challenging, at the level of many Arcade and without losing the original Atari 2600 identity.
    Here is the moment of the boss attack at the end of the first compartment!




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  2. On 7/5/2021 at 11:36 PM, BassGuitari said:



    (The "Canal 3" actually appears a little more orange than in this pic; CRTs are hard to photograph!)





    And the cartridge:



    The back of the cartridge is embossed with "Made in Brazil."

    The company Canal 3, initially founded as Atari Eletrônica, was a pioneer in producing Atari cartridges in Brazil.

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  3. 5 hours ago, jhd said:


    It seems like a lot of extra difficulty and expense for a pirate to reproduce the Imagic-style cartridge cases, rather than just the generic cases that most everyone else uses. 



    That was my line of reasoning, why invest in a unique label and mold to ship a common game?
    Why haven't we seen other games with this cartridge model? And in which regions were they sold?
    I suspect it may have been marketed in countries that would have no problems with copyrights or licenses for sale.



  4. Great news, congratulations, count 100 percent with me!
    His working technique is infallible and will add a lot to the collectors of the Atari 7800.
    I think it would be important to start collecting REV, PSN and information about the printing industry at the very beginning, this can help to clear up a lot of doubts in the course of the work.

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  5. 500 VERSIONS!

    We've reached the milestone of 500 added versions and 270 validated box versions! I will be on recess in July, it will be a good time to polish the structure of the site and of the research.



    In August, I would like to present the new content modeling on the website, among the inclusions will be the manufacturing date and the box opening format.


    See you soon!

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    June arrived with the biggest increment of information in the research project. We validated 40 existing versions and 02 new versions were added. The participation of some collectors was fundamental, special thanks to the @groundtrooper.
    In this post I highlight the international version of the Phoenix game © 1985.
    See the full listing below:

    • Added versions:
      Basketball: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)
      Desert Falcon: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)
    • Validated versions:
      Home Run: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)
      Combat: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Indy 500: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Casino: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Berzerk: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Yars Revenge: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Asteroids: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Video Pinball: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Warlords: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Asteroids: C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC) -> C014060 | C011822 (Standard Flap)
      Golf: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)
      Superman: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)
      Circus Atari: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Adventure: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Indy 500: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Dodge ´Em: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Street Racer: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Surround: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Breakout: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Star Ship: G-C017039 v.4 (Late Edition | INC)
      Pole Position: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)
      Pengo: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)
      Big Bird's Egg Catch: G-C019743 (Children | INC)
      Cookie Monster Munch: G-C019743 (Children | INC)
      Galaxian: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Kangaroo: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Phoenix: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Swordquest Earthworld: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Swordquest Fireworld: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Battlezone: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)
      Midnight Magic: CA019739 (Box Red | CORP)
      Dark Chambers: CA400076 (Box Red | CORP)
      Battlezone: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)
      RealSports Soccer: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)
      Mario Bros.: CA400076 (Box Red 5L | CORP)
      Air-Sea Battle: CA019744 (Black | CORP) ©1986
      Stargate: CA019744 (Gray 1L | CORP) ©1985
      Galaxian: CA019744 (Gray International 6L | CORP) ©1987 | ©1988
      Phoenix: CA019744 (Gray International 6L | CORP) ©1985 
    • Validated NTSC format:
      Casino: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Joust: C019785 (Silver International 6L | INC)


    Attached images of the Phoenix game, international version, ©1985 | Atari Corp.










    I hope you enjoy it, good weekend everyone.

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    With 03 new versions added, plus 06 versions of validated boxes and 02 versions of multi-language black picture label identified in NTSC format, we ended May 2021. See the full list ...


    • Added versions:
      Slot Racers: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)
      Human Cannonball: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Sky Diver: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
    • Validated versions:
      Space Invaders: G-C019785 (Silver International 6L | Inc)
      3-D Tic-Tac-Toe: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC)
      Dodge´Em: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Sky diver: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Snoopy and the Red Baron: CA019739 (International 6L | CORP)
      Missile Command: CA400075 (Box Red International 5L | CORP)
    • Validated NTSC format:
      Video Chess: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Video Pinball: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
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    Starting the work of 2021 I added 2 new versions that are missing from the research sites and the validation of 6 records of existing versions. Follow the list below:

    • Added versions:
      Outlaw: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      RealSports Tennis: CA019744 | © 1986 (International 6L | Corp)
    • Validated versions:
      Pac-man: C016972 I (International 5L | INC)
      Millipede: CA019744 (International 8L | Corp)
      RealSports Tennis: CA400076 (Box Red 8L | CORP)
      Canyon Bomber: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Football: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC)
      Galaxian: G-C019743 (Silver | Inc)

    Participate in this project, adding records of versions that remain to be validated or even versions of boxes that have not been added.


    NOTE: With the addition of Outlaw, G-C017039 v.3 “limited ninety day warranty”, we achieved 40 games identified in this version.

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    Moving forward in the gaming timeline, today I completed the Red Label series. The boxes do not contain revision numbers or letters on their tabs. Only catalog number information and data on printing dates.
    The games started in 1986 with the launch of Jr. Pac-man, Midnight Magic and Solaris, the first boxes are in the opening format Tap Flap and catalog record CA019739. 
    I kept the same organization format: The release year, for new games; In case of repack or relaunch, the year of copyright (©) of the box and / or cartridge. Any documentary evidence, such as internal sales reports for the period and copyright of manuals and certificates, will be recorded for future analysis.

    Order of publication by series:

    • Gray series (complete)
    • Red series (complete)
    • Children Corp series (in progress)
    • Color Corp series (awaiting)

    Access: www.atariopenbox.com/timeline

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    From the gray labels, I started to organize the game series of the Corp period in the timeline session.
    With items mixed between 1984 and 1985, I find one of the biggest challenges in reconstituting versions. This series requires a lot of care with record entries.
    In order to help everyone interested, I defined a practical model in the following order:
    The year of release, for games released during this period; And in case of relaunching the year of copyright (©) of the box and / or cartridge.
    Any documentary evidence such as internal sales reports for the period and copyrights of manuals and certificates will be recorded for future analysis.
    The first version found will be used for registration regardless of the number of subsequent editions.

    Order of publication by series:

    • Gray Series (complete)
    • Red Series (in progress)
    • Children Corp series (awaiting)
    • Color Corp series (awaiting)

    Access: www.atariopenbox.com/timeline


    NOTE: The organization will be made by the boxes, regardless of the label and video format that contains the set.

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  11. Website update

    A month of hard work and updates. I added two new versions and validated 8 existing version records. It also includes some international versions in NTSC format (sticker N). See the list below:

    • Added versions
      Casino: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Millipede: CA400075 (Box Red | CORP)
    • Validated versions:
      Golf: C019716 (Japan | INC)
      Othello: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC)
      Space Invaders: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)
      Missile Command: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC)
      Black Jack: CA019739/A (Graytone Box | Atari Corp)
      Adventure: C016972 (International 5L | INC)
      Ms. Pac-man: CA019744 (International 6L | Corp)
      Realsports Soccer: C019785 (International 5L | Inc)

    AND THE DECEMBER FOCUS? I will advance in the TIMELINE session, including games from the Corp period. and also collecting and validating new versions!

    NOTE: Always thanking all collectors who are contributing, without you we would not have gone so far!

    Good weekend to everyone!

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    With the inclusion of the silver and children versions, we have completed the reconstitution of the series in the Inc. period. https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline
    I considered the release date of the game for classification and in cases of re-releases, the approximate release date for the version, as I believe the results will be easier to access from this methodology.

    NOTE: Some versions that I have listed in shades of gray, have a record of existence according to internal documents from Atari!


    I thank all collaborators who support and help the project!

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    I like to deliver research information always in a more accessible way, I was not convinced that the list was easy to understand, so to make it easier for collaborators and researchers, I reorganized the "timeline" session. Now as in the main list, it is organized by series of labels and box versions.
    I think it has improved for mobile device users and has also followed the initial trend of search results. I hope you like it, as I did.
    Whenever you can open your collections and send data not yet validated, please contribute!

    Updated listing: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline


    REMINDER: I changed the nomenclature of the version of the box C011822 V.2 (Guarantee fund and same color box) to G-C014060 and thus be in accordance with the internal documents of Atari. I have already corrected all links on the research site and social networks, also with the help of @Albert all the links in this topic.

    Thank you very much and we follow November!

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