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  1. STILL ON REVISIONS.... (SEVERAL UPDATES) ============================== I like to deliver research information always in a more accessible way, I was not convinced that the list was easy to understand, so to make it easier for collaborators and researchers, I reorganized the "timeline" session. Now as in the main list, it is organized by series of labels and box versions. I think it has improved for mobile device users and has also followed the initial trend of search results. I hope you like it, as I did. Whenever you can open your collections and send data not yet validated, please contribute! Updated listing: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline REMINDER: I changed the nomenclature of the version of the box C011822 V.2 (Guarantee fund and same color box) to G-C014060 and thus be in accordance with the internal documents of Atari. I have already corrected all links on the research site and social networks, also with the help of @Albert all the links in this topic. Thank you very much and we follow November!
  2. Colecovision is a very cool! I loved the Christmas photo from 1983, great time! Congratulations on the episode.
  3. VERSIONS, REVISIONS AND VARIATIONS. =========================== In the second half of 1978 Atari included the records of the revisions with the Part Serial Number (PSN) and the catalog number on the game boxes. The information that was registered in the Internal List of Items of the Information System, was now also available to interested parties. And how could this information assist in the reconstruction of Atari's game series? THE USE OF THE REV. ============== I have always organized games in two ways to work on research. Either in alphabetical order (easy search), or by catalog number (a natural order). With the arrival of revisions, I needed another methodology to obtain precision in the reconstruction of the series versions. ORGANIZATION BY RELEASE DATE ====================== In order to identify and map all versions of boxes in the Inc. period, I created a new session on the website, organized by the release date of the games, called “timeline”, as the revisions are directly associated with the series and their versions. I am sharing with the community so that we can insert the missing versions. Listing: https://www.atariopenbox.com/timeline NOTE: I decided to change the nomenclature of the version of the box C011822 V.2 (Warranty background and box same color) to G-C014060 and thus be in accordance with the internal documents of Atari. I am already correcting all the links on the research website and social networks, now I need to correct the links in this topic. Therefore, the old links that referred to version C011822 V.2 will no longer work. I will request permission from the forum administrators to edit the old posts.
  4. Website update: Box revisions | G-C017039 Revisions of versions G-C017039 are now available on the website: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC): www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-1 G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC): www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-2 G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC): www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-3 G-C017039 v.4 (New Picture | INC): www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-4
  5. November updates: ============== With 03 new versions identified and another 09 versions of validated boxes, the month is starting strong. See the full list ... Added versions: Pele´s Soccer: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC) Dodge´em: CA400076 I (Box Red | CORP) Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC) Validated versions: Combat: C016972 I (Black International | INC) Combat: CA019739 (Black | CORP) Adventure: G-C017039 v.3 (Ninety Day | INC) Dedender: CA019744 I (Black International | CORP) Basketball: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC) Football: G-C017039 v.1 (© Outside Warranty Box | INC) Codebreaker: G-C017039 v.2 (© Inside Warranty Box | INC) Fun With Numbers: G-C014060 (Same Color W. Box | INC) Brain Games: C011822 (Game Program | INC)
  6. Website update: Box revisions Starting this week, I will be publishing the revisions printed on the small tabs of the boxes on the research website. This information associated with the PSN is important for cataloging the Atari game series. Version C014060 (guarantee with bottom of the same color of the box and © outside) is now available: www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-text-label/box-g-c014060 Good weekend.
  7. Hello Random, I found references on release dates for Apollo games at this link: www.atariarchive.org/atari-vcs-game-release-dates written by Kevin Bunch. It seems to me that the Apollo sales documents attached to the Atari report, had a forecast date for launching on the market and with a suggested retail value. At that moment there would already be 2 games available for sale on the market: Skeet Shoot and Spacechase. There is an Apollo catalog listed at Atariage with copyright from 1981 listing the first 2 games. Link to access: atariage.com/catalog_overview.php?SystemID=2600&CatalogID=65 Listing of launches according to the website: 1981 DECEMBER: Skeet Shoot (December 7) - Source: Electronic Fun, January 1983; Anderson Daily Bulletin, January 26 1982; Computer Entertainer, April 1982 1982 JANUARY: Spacechase - Source: Computer Entertainer, April 1982; Videogaming Illustrated, August 1982 JUNE: Space Cavern - Source: Chicago Tribune, June 6 1982; Computer Entertainer July 1982 Racquetball - Source: Chicago Tribune, June 6 1982 Lost Luggage - Source: Chicago Tribune, June 6 1982; Philadelphia Inquirer, June 13 1982; Baltimore Sun, June 18 1982; Computer Entertainer, July 1982 Lochjaw (rereleased as Shark Attack in August) - Source: Chicago Tribune, June 6 1982; Philadelphia Inquirer, June 13 1982; Baltimore Sun, June 18 1982 Daniel
  8. They are hard to find, I have already identified two variations of the manual © 1986 black and white! I will try to send one of the versions to the list!
  9. After all, when were the text labels modified for images on the Atari 2600 cartridges? ======================================================== Throughout the research, I find versions of boxes carrying at the same time cartridges with text labels and labels with images, so some doubts inhabit my thoughts: After all, when did the labels change? Can a box version carry both types of labels? Could this mix happen through sales? And to answer, I follow in the footsteps ... Going back in time and space. ==================== More precisely at the launch of the third version of the Atari 2600 game box (November 1978 - June 1981), version C014060 (guarantee with bottom of the same color of the box and © outside). For a long time Atari has used this version for sales, with a total of thirty-six games registered so far, initially thirty-five with the text label series and an image label! Many games were released in the period of this release, including: 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe, Adventure, Backgammon, Basic Programming, Championship Soccer, Circus Atari, Dodge 'Em, Golf, Maze Craze, Night Driver, Othello, Space Invaders , Superman, Video Checkers, Video Chess, Video Pinball. Large businesses are never simple, with the need for change an even more doubt arises. After all what to do with the leftover material from the graphic change? A pause for reflection. And I catch a glimpse of a moment I call transition, light at the end of the tunnel! A new label series is born and a new box version is added. ====================================== Along with the arrival of the new series of labels, it is launched in a new box version, version G-C017039 v. 1 (guarantee with white background and © outside). The boxes were manufactured from March 1981 to May 1981 and receive rev. 1 in the registry. Three classics are released along with this version, they are: Asteroids, Missile Command and Warlords. Eight games released in the previous version, receive the picture label: Adventure, Circus Atari, Dodge´Em Golf, Night Driver, Space Invaders and Superman. And with a new label, Championship Soccer is now called Pele´s Soccer! And Atari also distributes in this version many text labels such as: Slot Racers, Space Invaders and Street Racer, among others. My conclusions =========== At the time of the arrival of the new series of labels, Atari needed to create a transition way to dispose of the stocked manufacturing items such as the labels, manuals and boxes of the old version. Therefore, the transition occurred between the versions of boxes C014060 and G-C017039 v. 1, from 1981. I hope I contributed, good weekend to everyone!
  10. The transition of labels

    After all, when were the text labels modified for images on the Atari 2600 cartridges? Following the steps...

  11. Website update: I added the copyright edition record for the Atari Corp period gray label series cartridges The list is organized by: label series -> box version -> copyright editions of the label. access link: www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-gray-label
  12. Website update: I added the registration of copyright editions for the Atari Corp period red label series cartridges. The list is organized by: label series -> box version -> copyright editions of the label. access link: www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-red-label
  13. When I think of labels outside the curve like Defender (blue), Breakout (orange) and Hangman (gray), I always had doubts about the printing period! And here is a case. I was thinking about 1990 or maybe early 1991, but never in April 1992! The records indicate small quantities and always pointing to items from multiple languages. This is the newest box print log I've found so far! I would like to share this with: @Philflound and @Random Terrain
  14. Website update: I added the registration of copyright editions to the Atari Corp period black label series cartridges. access link: www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label-corp
  15. Beautiful version of Slot Racers, I'm fascinated by multiple language versions, especially when they receive a different color in the box like Berzerk, Canyon Bomber, Warlords, Video Pinball. Monday I will update the files. Thank you very much for your contribution and all your Groundtrooper support. Hugs
  16. Hello Ballblaɀer this is one of the documents that I use when crossing data in my research, including the same date version, I believe that there is a later one, I think that April 1984, Curt Vendel quotes at some point in his posts. Excellent point of view, I totally agree with you on this aspect. The exact point is that we cannot consider the information as definitive, many times a certain version or game was not released just for commercial reasons. Initially I do not intend to list revisions of versions, copyrights of cartridges or boxes. I believe that showing the community the research project and collecting the existing versions will provide a basis for the construction of the sets in the future. Thank you very much for your contribution, if you have any of the records on the list to validate, please send.
  17. Excellent approach on the third party industries, the explanation of the strategies of each one was also very cool. I like to think how they did to gain space in sales. Offering new games like Activision or featuring classics like Atari, being based on famous films or characters like 20th Century Fox, Parker Brothers or M Network. Anyway the race was open! Congratulations.
  18. About the box records, their versions and variations: =================================== To better exemplify the crossing of records and information I will use the box versions of the black label series from the game Asteroids. Black label series: https://www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label Box version G-C017039 v.1 (white background warranty box, © outside warranty box) https://www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-1 It was identified in this version of the game Asteroids so far only the variation of the Glued Flap box opening, in the tab contains Rev.1 and so far I have not identified any cartridge with a date stamp on END LABEL. GLUED FLAP: BERTCO GRAPHICS 05/81 and G-C017039-49 REV.1 without DS (Date Stamp) in END LABEL. Box version G-C017039 v.2 (white background warranty box, © inside warranty box) https://www.atariopenbox.com/atari-2600-colection/cart-black-label/box-g-c017039-v-2 This box version of the Asteroids black label series, was found in three opening variations: Standard Flap, Glued Flap and Tap Flap. STANDARD FLAP: ADAPK SAN FRANCISCO 9/81, 10/81 G-C017039-49 REV.2 without DS at END LABEL GLUED FLAP: ADAPK SAN FRANCISCO 07/81 and G-C017039-49 REV.2 and small number (1), without DS (Date Stamp) in END LABEL. GLUED FLAP: BERTCO GRAPHICS 07 and 09/81 and G-C017039-49 REV.2 and small number (6), on the cartridge I identified labels with DS (*Date Stamp) and without DS (Date Stamp) in END LABEL. TAP FLAP: NO REGISTRATION INFORMATION (I need information about this variation). All versions contain white manual and black label. However, there were different manufacturing cycles. I have dated a range of 03 years of label printing only in the box version G-C017039 v.2. * DATE STAMP REGISTERED (May 1981 -> October 1984): 1981 -> 22 1 - 32 1 - 33 1 - 35 1 R - 36 1 R - 43 1 1982 -> 01 2 - 1 2 - 02 2 - 05 2 - 11 2 R (BOLD) - 12 2 R - 22 2 - 22 2 R (BOLD) - 49 2 R (BOLD) 1984 -> 13 4 - 13 4 R - 18 4 - 19 4 (BOLD) - 20 4 - 23 4 (BOLD) - 24 4 (BOLD) - 25 4 R - 41 4
  19. It seems to me that the information posted by Ranthurf reinforces, where each printing company has its form of registration and traceability. This topic really helps a lot in building dates!
  20. Random Terrain, you made an excellent contribution, this is one of the posts that inspires me to work on my research line. About the tab information: I believe that while one tab presents information about the printing industry as a company and date of manufacture of the box, on the other tab we find information regarding the gaming industry such as serial number, corresponding game number and rev. version. In parallel with the capture of records, I will update the information and evidence found through this post. I reiterate the invitation to everyone who can send images of the tabs of the missing games containing the game registration and Rev., it will help, thank you. Daniel
  21. It would be an excellent name to contribute, @Random Terrain is a reference and a profound researcher. I would like to hear his opinion!
  22. Kirkland, thanks for the contribution. On the project website (Atari Openbox) there is a link showing about dates and printers in boxes, labels and manuals: https://www.atariopenbox.com/about-help @Philflound posted a video with great information about the evolution of the Atari 2600 boxes that I recommend everyone to watch: https://youtu.be/HuywSZVbDmQ
  23. I would like the Hangman and Hunt & Score scans. My basketball too is Bertco Graphics It's a good line of reasoning from you. For the quality control of the industry it would be good, it helps to identify the lot that belonged to the box.
  24. Thank you so much Phil, your work at Videogamevariations is amazing! On this subject cited (lower number. "2", "3" and "6"), I believe that it will be one of the doubts that the research may reveal from the massive inclusion of records. We have some findings in your sample such as: The box may have been printed at a certain time and the numbering at another (note that the numbers identified on the same tab are not aligned and are not even the same typography. So we can have up to 3 different printing periods on the same material. I believe that the boxes also had editions (as well as books and other printed products) and this is characterized at various times in the history of the game series, either by the date of printing or the type of opening of the box. About Basket I have a "2 BERTCO (08 78)" and you showed two records "3 and 6 BERTCO (08 78)". I aligned the tabs in an image and none has the number in the same print location and not the same inclination. I think it characterizes the different moments of impression. PS: I already validated the Slot Racer in the Game Program version, now there are 12 validated out of 20. Hugs; Daniel
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