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  1. (chivalrous response) Intriguing! Many thanks to you my young Jentzsch, in the years to come my friends and children will hear stories of your intellect and kindness, and i will sow fear into your enemies hearts with stories of your ferocity on the battlefield. (modern translation) thanks man
  2. Hi, i'm new 'round these parts. These tutorials are quite capital! I've just created a new account simply for the purpose of asking this question: What pray tell is the difference between 'sta 0,x' and 'sta x'??! Suppose 'sta 0,x' really is storing a in the memory location referenced by 0 + x. Unless i've gone completely bonkers, 0 + x = x. If this is the case, and my understanding of 'sta x' is even somewhat accurate, then could you not instead use 'sta x'? I'm no theoretical physicist, but since 'sta 0,x' takes a single operand more than 'sta x', and it must add them before referencing the supplied memory location, it seems that 'sta x' may even be more efficient memory-wise. However, this is day 3 of my 'extensive' relationship with the '2600 and the assembly language. I could be quite far off... Please, enlighten me; I wait anxiously for thee (by the by, thanks a million for the tutorials. Chompy to say the least bro)
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