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  1. I've actually had a handful of items come back to me that I got rid of. It was neat, and I appreciated the novelty of it, but there's no special attachment based on it being mine. It's a mechanical good that enables me to play. That's all I care about.
  2. I've had steam since the release of CS 1.6. I've got like 70 games since then. I enjoy it but it gets overwhelming quickly and I find if I have too many decent choices I tend to just pick the same stuff each time so I've sort of disengaged from it. All things considered I find it to be a great balance of DRM headaches and convenience. I'm also in no way a PC game collector, though. I mostly use PCs for LAN gaming.
  3. I pretty much stopped buying retro games and started just focusing on all the content coming to the Switch, PS4 and 3DS. I've also pulled way back on gaming purchases. We have more than enough and if I do buy it's usually something the kids can play or that I can play with them. This year I'd like to focus a bit more on gaming creature comforts. Our game room needs a new couch badly and I should replace the TV in there with a model with less input lag and that takes advantage of the HDR content on the PS4. A nice sound system would be good too. Our newer main TV died and I decided not to replace it as two TVs on one floor just felt like too much.
  4. I use a Roku because I don't really want to leave my console on all the time for streaming.
  5. Other than the hilarious method you did your spins by charging up, yeah, I recall 2 being nowhere near as good as 3 or 4. At least I have 3 on my vita I guess.
  6. I've had similar experiences with the 3DS and a bad SD card. Got a new SD card and it was fine. That said, it's worth a call to customer support.
  7. Most everywhere I go in UI I got top to bottom and / or left to right. On the XBone it feels like I'm in the middle and have to guess how to rotate my Rubik's cube to get what I want. And last I recall I'm not immediately displayed with what I likely want. A game. Both PS4 and Switch seem to do this just fine. My favorite being the Switch, right up until I launch the store. Then it kinda falls to pieces.
  8. This would probably be a cool gift from someone that's not that clued in. Get a kid the box and access to loads of content easily. Or even for me, I don't follow the xbox releases that closely so it would be rather convenient if my kids weren't already so game rich through my hobby.
  9. Bomberman 64 was a huge holiday game for me. We used to go to my cousins' every year and they were mostly insufferable dicks but one other kid and I used to hunker around the N64 for hours and play Bomberman 64. It was a real bright spot of the season which was mostly both of my parents working massive amounts over overtime and a lot of snow. I still get the urge to play when it snows. I didn't get into any other iterations before or after the n64 era as much and when it went back to 2D I was a little sad. I really enjoyed having lots of depth in the levels and I find the grid kinda boring after it.
  10. I think my tolerance for paying for NES games everywhere with an appropriate controller has really reached a limit. And post-Wii Nintendo has really gone off the deep end with clutter-by-controller. I already have a switch in handheld. The joycons separate with little slide on piece, a pro controller, and a piece of plastic to make joycons into a crappy version of the pro. I like their games but I'm done ceding my drawers to piles of hyper specific piece of plastic and metal. A subscription on top of that? Sigh.
  11. Target is also like this it seems. We've price matched quite a few things against their website. We didn't get any flack for it but I found it irritating. Sort of the worst of both worlds coming together.
  12. No reason for any hate. If they offer a service that's good for you, woohoo. Our nearby one is actually pretty good. The workers are friendly and helpful enough. Most of the local shops are retro shops, which normally I'd like, but they don't tend to have anything I want and prices are generally more than I'm willing to go for. I don't go to any shops all that much anymore though. I'm way too back logged.
  13. Big fan of gaming historian and I do enjoy game chasers.
  14. I got it at launch and only put a few hours in so far. That's something I'd really like to rectify. I really enjoy the vibe. The presentation reminds me of Skies of Arcadia, a long time favorite.
  15. Someone did for Dreamcast, it seems. https://www.dreamcast-talk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10948 Your post rattled something in my brain.
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