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    Classic Arcade & Pinball Games, the Entex AdventureVision, the GCE Vectrex, of course the Atari 2600, 5200, & 7800, and finally most handheld games from the '80s.

    I'm also a "JoySticks: The Movie" nut and like to collect anything and everything related to this movie.

    My most recent gaming experience is getting my 5yr old son (wow, son is now 17!!!) involved with the Vectrex. While doing so I've rediscovered this system and am currently playing the hell out of Protector. IMHO this is *the* game to show off the Vectrex system as a whole.

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  1. You got me wondering when I first replied to this thread... looks like post #100 back on April 6, 2018. And I'm still interested! 🤪
  2. Great job, the display looks beautiful! I'd still love to get four of these. Three for units and one spare.
  3. Yes, thank you! And JFYI, some of us will be here ready to buy no matter how long it takes. ;-) Be safe.
  4. Just thought I'd post the auction link to a couple signs I had made in Hong Kong by a nice fellow named Gu... and There are a few more shots of these here... http://www.vidiotarc...AtariNeonSigns/ The signs are mounted on 15"x10" frames and the neon measure in at 13"x5" and are $79.99 each shipped. Blue: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150705302328 Red: eBay Auction -- Item Number: 150705301128 The guy is awesome with making affordable custom neon signs so if you have any ideas feel free to email him via eBay. Here's a couple more that's he's made for myself and others over at another forum... http://www.vidiotarc...RecognizerNeon/ http://www.vidiotarc...-11-28/Tron.JPG http://www.vidiotarc...-11-28/Sega.JPG http://www.vidiotarc...11-28/Exidy.JPG
  5. If you still need one, pm me. I think I have a complete 7800 setup here. I know I have 5 or 6 working main units along with a 3 or 4 original joysticks. Only thing I'm not sure I have is an extra power supply but I'm 90% sure I do. Let me know if you're interested and I'll dig through my extras.
  6. Been looking around eBay at these and man are they cheap. Figured I'd post here first before I jump on something there. Any working console in almost any condition wanted... it's just going to get played by my 5yr old and myself. Any of the Donkey Kong, Mario, Rugrats, Barbie, Star Wars, Army Men, etc. games would be a plus.
  7. Congarats! And yes... I would make your own end label if I were you... it bugged me to no end having the end be nekkid.
  8. Sorry for posting this... again... but these sticks really do take the 2600 & 7800 to the next level. My 5 year old and I have been playing the heck out of Centipede, A Better Pac-Man, Jr. Pac-Man, One-on-One, Hat Trick, Dark Chamber, Food Fight, and Scrapyard Dog. He just loves Scrapyard Dog and One-on-One! Thanks again for the great schtick!
  9. Darn... that's a great deal even for the shape it's in. I could have used it's guts in one of mine that just won't connect it's vectors.
  10. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8223240005 http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=8223240005
  11. PM replied. Only things remaining are DKjr and Quest for the Rings cartridges. How about $1 plus shipping for the DKjr and I'm still looking for an offer on the QftR.
  12. Make an offer on single carts or mix and match or take them all. Any reasonable offer accepted. Pictures available upon request. Sold items marked as ***SOLD***. Odyssey2: Quest for the Rings (cart only) $5 plus shipping ColecoVision: Donkey Kong Jr (cart only)...$1 plus shipping Sold list: Killer Bees (cart only) ***SOLD*** Pitfall! by Activision (cart only) ***SOLD*** Beanrider by Activision (cart only) ***SOLD*** Blockade Runner by Interphase (cart only) ***SOLD*** Defender by Atarisoft (cart only) ***SOLD*** War Games (cart and 1 overlay) ***SOLD*** Qbert by Parker Brothers (cart only) ***SOLD*** Popeye by Parker Brothers (cart only) ***SOLD*** Buck Rogers (cart only) ***SOLD*** Carnival (cart only) ***SOLD*** Gorf (cart only) ***SOLD*** Mouse Trap (cart and 2 overlays) ***SOLD*** Time Pilot (cart only) ***SOLD*** Venture (cart only) ***SOLD*** Zaxxon (cart only) ***SOLD***
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