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  1. 3D printed thingy ??? You mean the octagonal restrictor? It’s because the joysticks only ever come with a 4/8 way restrictive snd they are not as accurate as having the octagonal angles for your stick to ‘snap’ into when doing diagonals.
  2. I have just got the overlays for my new joysticks. They are going to be £70 + postage. I am located in the UK. Postage to the US, I'm guessing will be somewhere between £14 to £17? They are available in 3 different overlays and I can do them with the joystick on the left or right (for all y'all lefties out there!) The overlays have numbers on them, but won't in future batches, so I can use them on left and right variations and I can also change the buttons from 3,4 / 1,2 to 1,2 / 3,4. The joysticks are Sanwa copies (almost exactly the same) and the buttons are proper Sanwa OBSF 24.
  3. Whenever, dude. I am machining a batch tomorrow, hopefully build a bunch over the weekend...
  4. No. To use the vectrex analog stick (directions) as a button, it needs to be converted to digital via a small circuit (very simple 8 resistor job) I could wire a buttons controller to (joystick) left,right and buttons so it could be used for Minestorm though.
  5. I can also make them so they work with any ‘Atari’ 9 pin cable machines. I can wire the buttons to joystick L,R,U, FIRE and hyperspace (DOWN)
  6. To do it for a one off wouldn’t be financially viable. Also, the cone buttons are VERY expensive if you can even find them and they are much bigger than the circles on the art work, so they wouldn’t fit either. I have done up,down,left and right buttons on the back before for other multicart menu systems.
  7. Thank you! Check out the thread on my controllers too!
  8. I make these, now in 4 different overlay styles. More details HERE I also do a generic one, wired for 'Atari' standard 9 pin plug. The buttons are mapped to left,right,up,fire and down, unlike the Vectrex whichj is mapped to buttons 1,2,3,4 and Joystick down (hyperspace)
  9. A new Ten Pence Arcade Podcast - a special - has just been released, covering all things VECTREX. Hosted by myself (Virtvic) and guest co host Chris parsons AKA CNP of Vector Republic Games Podcast
  10. Thank you! I’ll check out those Ultimarc buttons.
  11. I had to use obsf24 Sanwa buttons. The thickest area inside the box is only about 30mm
  12. Similar to my Vectrex Asteroids Controllers, but wired to the classic ‘Atari’ 9 pin pinout. Buttons are mapped to left,right & up (thrust),fire with hyperspace mapped to down. As well as playing various forms of asteroids on various consoles & computers, you can use it on a ton of other games too!
  13. It did go weird on some Genesis games. Hopefully it’ll be fine for Root42.
  14. I made this for 8 bit computers and consoles. It has a Sanwa JLF iin it and I turned some black nylon to screw into the joystick shaft (the stick is counterbored and tapped M6 internally) My home lathe is so crap, it left a liney finish, but works really well - in fact, I'd say I MEANT it to look like that...
  15. Sorry - I forgot to share the diagram. Bear in mind, the resistors should be on the bottom as you are looking at it...
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