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  1. It did go weird on some Genesis games. Hopefully it’ll be fine for Root42.
  2. I made this for 8 bit computers and consoles. It has a Sanwa JLF iin it and I turned some black nylon to screw into the joystick shaft (the stick is counterbored and tapped M6 internally) My home lathe is so crap, it left a liney finish, but works really well - in fact, I'd say I MEANT it to look like that...
  3. Sorry - I forgot to share the diagram. Bear in mind, the resistors should be on the bottom as you are looking at it...
  4. I’ve just wired a 2 button joystick to try this out, but I don’t have the 2600 game to check 2 button functionality. I wired it like this, and it seems to sort of work with a few megadrive games, but mainly, the 2nd button (button C on megadrive) alternates between button C and START, so some games will perform an action, then pause and so on? Am I presuming this is correct for what we need on 2600 games?
  5. Oooh, yes please! Would make it easier for people to spot each other!
  6. Hi there! I just wired up button one to the normal fire button pin 6 on the atari 9 pin d plug and button 2 to pin 9 on the atari 9 pin d plug (would be button C on a megadrive). I THINK THAT I SHOULD MAYBE HAVE WIRED THE SECOND BUTTON TO PIN 5? I don't have a 2600 with a Harmony cart to test any 2 button games, but I checked the 2nd button (megadrive button C) on sonic the hedge hog (jumping ok with buttons 1 and 2) / Golden Axe (button 2 was jumping - I think?) and when I checked one of the Ninja Gaiden games, the 2nd button would alternate with jump and pause ('start' on a megadrive) ?
  7. If anyone sees me at PRGE, come say hello. I'll be in a Ten Pence Arcade T shirt, probably with a 1/4 sized Galaga arcade machine with me...
  8. I’ll think of you when I’m motoring my way thru a voodoo donut!
  9. I’ll be wearing a ten pence arcade podcast t shirt and will probably have a 12” Galaga arcade machine with me.
  10. I've wired the joystick buttons on this controller to pins 6 and 9. I'm expecting this to also function on a megadrive as button B and C. I know the megadrive uses multiplexers to share pins, but just straight wired, it should work as buttons B and C on a megadrive, right?
  11. Any old component supplier sells the boxes. In all shapes and sizes. Digikey, RS, Farnell/CPC etc.
  12. It’s just 8 resistors on some perf board. I’ll post up the diagram later on.
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