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  1. That is cool! I have one small gripe with the list...Donkey Kong should be above Mouse Trap on that list as it was a pack in game for the system. But nice list of games there, all quality ColecoVision titles. :-)
  2. I should have been more clear. What I meant was that my Jag controllers which have the black keypads/black PAUSE/black OPTION, seem to have the directional pad and A,B,C buttons which feel more tactile (clicky) than my Jag controllers which have the grey keypads (again, I am referring to the directional pad and A,B,C buttons, and NOT the keypad buttons themselves). Having said that, the black keypad buttons/black PAUSE/black OPTION feel more responsive and less mushy than the grey keypad buttons/grey PAUSE/grey OPTION. At least in my experience.
  3. When it comes to the standard (not the pro version) Jaguar controller, do you prefer the one with the grey keypad buttons, or the black keypad buttons? I have both versions, and I find myself liking the black button keypad controller better, as the directional pad and the A, B, C buttons on it feel more "clicky" / more tactile. What are your thoughts?
  4. A few years ago, sometime in 2012 if I recall correctly, I purchased Cybermorph through an online retailer from Florida. It was supposed to be brand new in box. The payment arrived at their end, they shipped it....and somehow it got lost in the mail system. I waited and waited for it to arrive (perhaps too long), and after about 5 months of being patient, I emailed them to see what was up. Because I had sent the payment in the form of an eCheck or whatever it was, they could no longer work it back or whatever. Someplace out there, someone has my copy of Cybermorph new in box, lol. Maybe I dodged a bullet. Sure I lost a small amount of money (like 30 or 40 bucks), but maybe I am better off not having Cybermorph. If that game is anything as bad as White Men Can't Jump, I look at my lost money payment as money well spent. lol :-)
  5. The YouTube videos I have seen of NBA Jam T.E. gameplay look pretty good. It does look like one of the best Jag games. :-)
  6. lol! :-) Yes you are correct. I don't actually have NBA Jam T.E. for the Jag, I only have WMCJ...which came bundled with the team tap thing, which shows on the box (the separate Team Tap box, that is) that one could possibly hook up two team tap adapters for a total of 8 players!!!!! Assuming one has 8 Jag controllers......and, well, assuming that more than 4 player games would have been programmed for the Jag. lol. In any event, I suppose it's good to know that I will not need to purchase a second team tap adapter, no matter what Jaguar game I buy in the future. I probably will still buy NBA Jam T.E. for Jaguar at some point, in order to make use of the team tap adapter.......since WMCJ is very embarrassing to show off my Jaguar with. And when I say that, I am not trying to be cool or fashionable...WMCJ is, in my humble opinion, pretty much the worst turd of a video game I have ever played. WMCJ is a turd burglar video game.
  7. I guess I should have looked at the box scan on this site before asking the question...lol....it shows 1 to 4 players. (...I was hoping it would be more, like 5 to 8 players using two team taps, but alas, it is not).
  8. What is the maximum number of players allowed (in other words, Jaguar control pads with humans operating them) for the Atari Jaguar game, NBA Jam T.E. ?
  9. How many Atari Jaguar games used TWO team tap adapters (for up to 8 controllers at a time)? Or perhaps I should also ask, which games used at least ONE team tap adapter (for which I presume means up to 5 controllers at a time???....4 controllers plugged into a team tap, one controller plugged into one of the Jag controller ports).
  10. JagLink interface...do you use it? If so, with which game(s) ? *I realize there are officially only 3 games which support it.
  11. ...by the way, I have a mint condition WMCJ cartridge with original box and manual...anybody want to trade their Trevor McFur game for it?
  12. Which Atari Jaguar games actually support/allow the use of an Atari Jaguar Team Tap hardware unit (and of those, which actually would support two team taps on a single Jaguar console)? My Atari Team Tap came with the piece of sh_t game, White Men Can't Jump. I can barely bring myself to play WMCJ because it is so aweful, so I am pretty sure I will never show the WMCJ game off to friends, much less do multiplayer with it via a Team Tap unit. Is the only other Jaguar game which is capable of team tap multiplayer, that NBA Jam for the Jaguar game?
  13. What, in your opinion (and everyone will probably have a different one) is the worst Atari Jaguar cartridge title? I have around 10 or 11 Jaguar cartridge games, and my least favourite one is White Men Can't Jump. I have really really tried hard to tolerate this particular game, but I just can't. I feel like this game just is aweful. I had more fun playing EA's One on One, Dr. J vs Larry Bird on my Radio Shack CoCo back in the mid 1980s. And the pixelated graphics from that mid 1980s game were still better than the White Men Can't Jump game on the Jaguar.
  14. Heh heh. A few years ago I ordered and paid for a still new in box Cybermorph from an Internet on line store (whom I had ordered and received Jag stuff previously from with no problems at all). Cybermorph never arrived. Apparantly the shipping parcel/box addressed to me, did not learn to fly either. lol ...perhaps I should consider myself lucky that the game never arrived...it doesn't sound like a game I would bother spending too much time playing.
  15. Yeah, my only VGA (actually SVGA) monitor from the late 1990s is slowly....no make that, quickly dying...it's a Sony PC computer monitor and the color has almost disappeared, it's mostly a very dull washed out almost monochrome display right now. So for me, SVGA compatible is pretty much obsolete. My old SVGA monitor is probably going to the electronics recycler within a few weeks. My main modern day LED/LCD monitors have HDMI inputs as well as Component Video Inputs (these are both Sony PlayStation PS3 3D Displays)...and I have a bunch of older CRT displays which have composite inputs and svideo inputs (Sony and also Commodore and one Woolco Ultra /really Daewoo/ brand tv).....plus i have an adapter/converter which takes composite/svideo and converts it into HDMI.
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