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  1. Just wondering if any of you here bought the Jaguar in late 1993 in it's initial limited launch in a few markets in the U.S. ? If so, where did you purchase it (store/city/state.....I assume it was only available in the U.S.A. in late 1993) ?
  2. Anybody use the JagLink regularly? Just wondering how many people have more than one Jaguar (and more than one copy of the very few games that make use of this hardware). Due to a real world shipping delay and glitch, many years ago I ended up with two separate new in box JagLink sets. Tried sending the second one (which was actually the first one) back to the shipper but was refused. I only have one Jaguar, and only one copy of DOOM on cartridge, thus far.
  3. Thank you jgkspsx and walter_J64bit for your replies and information. I will contemplate purchasing the cartridge.
  4. I surmise the Arena Football 95 cartridge was an unfinished game. For those of you who have it, is it unplayable or partially playable, what are your thoughts on it? I do have the Troy Aikman NFL football cartridge for the Jaguar, which I assume is the best gridiron football game released on the Jag.
  5. What stores in Canada sold the Atari Jaguar (back in the day...as in 1993 to 1995/1996) ? I don't remember the Jaguar getting too much advertising here during that time...or maybe I just didn't take note at the time.
  6. That is a great question Rick Dangerous (I have not read anything regarding this nor do I know any of the Atari Corp. execs from the mid 1980's to mid 1990's), but I suspect your thoughts on the subject are probably very accurate. In lower production run numbers such as the Atari Jaguar console, it would have, and still would to this day, make more sense to run the circuit boards and do assembly in North America, for a North American based company trying to sell it's end product to primarily North American consumers.
  7. I bought my Sega Genesis Mini at Best Buy on SEP 19, 2019 (release day). I did not pre order. Instead, I went to Best Buy's website the morning of the 19th, and reserved one online for pickup in store later that day (making sure that the particular store I was going to go to had it in stock). I am extremely pleased with this unit. Great selection of built in games, love the USB gamepads, and the little details such as the volume slider and cartridge port doors "working" (but not actually doing anything other than mechanical movement) was a nice touch. Great packaging as well. Sega did a mighty fine job with this one, in my humble opinion. 🙂
  8. ...so I am replying to my own post (yes, it is sort of lame to do so, I get it, lol). Right now I only have two genuine Sega Genesis cartridges. One of them is the original Joe Montana Football (from Sega), and the other is Electronic Arts John Madden '93 Football. The Joe Montana one works just fine on this AtGames Genesis Flashback, the John Madden '93 does not seem to work, even though the Genesis Flashback seems to load/copy the cartridge when I insert it and turn on the system. Oh well. Emulation is what it is. This flashback Genesis is still a lot of fun...I should have bought it a lot sooner. I kept resisting plunking down the cash to buy it, due to all the bag of hurt comments towards it which I read in various forums, online. Just for the record, I also have the AtGames Intellivision Flashback, ColecoVision Flashback, and one of the Atari Flashback (I think it may be the Flashback 5 or 6, I would have to check) units. And yes, I have found each one of those to have some "off emulated moments", at least compared to my memories of each system, in terms of 100 percent accurate emulation. But still, just the same, a lot of fun. In a few days, I will get an actual Sega Genesis from back in the day, so I will be able to more accurately compare games and cartridges at that point in time, when compared to this flashback Genesis HD model. Just thought I would throw those thoughts out there. I am not affiliated in any way with AtGames, so I feel that my comments are non-biased.
  9. Picked up an AtGames Sega Genesis Flashback HD (late 2018 model), the one with the SD card slot on the right side near the rear, and with the AtGames logo molded into the top case plastic (front right area on the case). Got it from a Labour Day sale at Best Buy Canada, in store, this past weekend. Honestly, it's actually not a bad product. I know not everything is emulated perfectly (emulation never is spot on compared to the original hardware). I used to own an actual Sega Genesis Model 1 way back in the very early 1990's, just for reference. The fact that it has a cartridge slot and HDMI output built in is what enticed me to purchase. The SD card slot also enticed me. Anyone using that SD card slot for adding game ROMs? Or what is the SD card slot for?
  10. As the title says, what is your favourite gridiron football game cartridge for the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive? Joe Montana (which version) or Madden (which version), or something else?
  11. That is cool! I have one small gripe with the list...Donkey Kong should be above Mouse Trap on that list as it was a pack in game for the system. But nice list of games there, all quality ColecoVision titles. :-)
  12. I should have been more clear. What I meant was that my Jag controllers which have the black keypads/black PAUSE/black OPTION, seem to have the directional pad and A,B,C buttons which feel more tactile (clicky) than my Jag controllers which have the grey keypads (again, I am referring to the directional pad and A,B,C buttons, and NOT the keypad buttons themselves). Having said that, the black keypad buttons/black PAUSE/black OPTION feel more responsive and less mushy than the grey keypad buttons/grey PAUSE/grey OPTION. At least in my experience.
  13. When it comes to the standard (not the pro version) Jaguar controller, do you prefer the one with the grey keypad buttons, or the black keypad buttons? I have both versions, and I find myself liking the black button keypad controller better, as the directional pad and the A, B, C buttons on it feel more "clicky" / more tactile. What are your thoughts?
  14. A few years ago, sometime in 2012 if I recall correctly, I purchased Cybermorph through an online retailer from Florida. It was supposed to be brand new in box. The payment arrived at their end, they shipped it....and somehow it got lost in the mail system. I waited and waited for it to arrive (perhaps too long), and after about 5 months of being patient, I emailed them to see what was up. Because I had sent the payment in the form of an eCheck or whatever it was, they could no longer work it back or whatever. Someplace out there, someone has my copy of Cybermorph new in box, lol. Maybe I dodged a bullet. Sure I lost a small amount of money (like 30 or 40 bucks), but maybe I am better off not having Cybermorph. If that game is anything as bad as White Men Can't Jump, I look at my lost money payment as money well spent. lol :-)
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