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  1. Ok thanks everyone. Seems reasonable it could have been used to preview (or review) before release. Or maybe playtesting though I don't know how much that was a part of development back then.
  2. It's been offered to me to buy. But ignore the price tag - asking price is significantly less. I have a hard time justifying value even at that.
  3. I'm looking for information on this pictured frogger cart. I'm told it's a vic20 proto or development cart. It'd like to figure out if it's identical to the final release. Any other info on vic20 carts like this welcome. Thanks.
  4. That link was posted in 2013. What is the real value of this disc? I see 2 listings on ebay that are quite pricey and not much else referring to it.
  5. Is there anything special about the inty power cord? I thought it was just a 2 prong cable, which you could get from pretty much anything. At least wrap it in electrical tape, and if you are worried about the internal conductors shorting then replace the cable. Sent from my A1-840FHD using Tapatalk
  6. I don't know the details of kickstarter other than hearing second hand 'you need a prototype for a hardware project'. I have no idea how much, if any, due diligence they do on projects. They probably leave that to potential backers since they are really taking all of the risk. regardless, I can understand not having the project done, or a prototype polished, but rushing this for the toy fair and pushing this scam further really damages their/his reputation and makes it hard for me to believe in any effort made to salvage this. other than maybe selling custom color jaguar molds - I don't know if that would be profitable - but I think he has demonstrated he can do that
  7. must be tracking down the right resistor. Seriously, it's sad and disappointing how much this has become a disaster since the Toy Fair. If the claims leading up to the Toy Fair - some phantom deal with Toys R Us, real prototype - were true I would have been intrigued to follow. Toy Fair was a fixed deadline, but man how can you underestimate the amount of work left to get your prototype working by THAT much. It has to be almost certain that kickstarter isn't buying the prototype. It certainly wouldn't match the description of the proposed product.
  8. Late to the party - however I am interested in a multi-cart. I've had an Arcadia for a few years and the most joy I've gotten from it is watching the red power led turn on. Would love to get some games going - multicart would be great.
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