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  1. Purchased two Wavebird controllers, both arrived quickly and just as described. Working great -- thanks!
  2. Recently purchased a Saturn to PS1 controller adapter, and had a great experience. Very responsive and friendly, and the package was shipped quickly and securely. Thanks!
  3. Very friendly! Bought several titles off of him, and they arrived (very) well protected. Thanks!
  4. Definitely interested in a number of these titles as well. Going to be tough with so much, maybe per-system lots if no one can grab it all in one go? Good luck!
  5. Picked up three PS2 games, and all arrived in great shape! Prompt shipping and very friendly!
  6. I heard back from Cyber Gadget, and it turns out that my problem is hardware related. They suggested sending it back to the retailer to get fixed: "Unfortunately, it is highly likely that the problems you are experiencing are the hardware failure. However, we sell our products only in Japan and our warranty is valid only for the products purchased and used in Japan. Therefore, we are unable to repair or return the product to other countries. We would suggest to take them back to where you got it and ask them what they can do." Fortunately, I bought it through Amazon, so that's not a problem. I think I'll wait until they add the NES adapter before I give it another go.
  7. Yep, that's the file I've been trying to use. That particular update is still on the Retro Freak support site under its own section. (Thanks anyway for the offer!) I'm using a Samsung SD card. I was able to update from the default version to 1.4 with the card, but for some reason, going from 1.4 to 1.5 just isn't happening. That's the only Micro SD card that I own, but I'll try to find a smaller-sized one and give it a shot.
  8. I can't even update to 1.5. I just got my unit in yesterday, and am stuck on 1.4. After the countdown timer disappears, the system gets stuck. All I see is the background image. I tried disconnecting the unit, unplugging it for a while, etc., but nothing's working. Anyone else run across this?
  9. I purchased and received a copy of Thunderforce V for PS1 from him. Arrived in great shape! Very friendly and communicative.
  10. Received my s-video- and stereo-modded Sega Genesis (Model 1) -- works like a charm! Really friendly to deal with, too. Thanks!
  11. I'm trying to buy something myself, but I haven't heard back with the final go ahead.
  12. Bought a New 3DS XL from Austin, and it's working like a charm. Packed securely and shipped quickly -- tossed a goodie in to boot. Another pleasant experience!
  13. Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies (PS2) - I beat this when it was released over a decade ago, but I'd been wanting to play it again for a few months. Still holds up! Only thing that really stood out on the negative side was the narrator; I don't recall him sounding so bored and muffled. Etrian Mystery Dungeon (3DS) - I finished the storyline but haven't touched much of the side content. A nice combination of Etrian Odyssey and Mystery Dungeon, but I did find it odd that the FOEs are often harder than the dungeon bosses due to them needing to be afflicted with a status ailment before taking damage (over 1 hit point).
  14. Oops! Didn't see previous post.
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