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  1. VePseu currently has two huge problems; it takes up a lot of space, and it has poor documentation. I need to know which one to work on first, and to figure that out I'm running this poll to see it's need in the '2600 community. If the demand is relatively high, I'll work on documentation, if the need is low, I'll work on optimization. Quite simple, I just need as much feedback as possible If you have no idea what I'm talking about, see here Miscellaneous feedback is also appreciated, like suggested features, favorite color, etc.
  2. Just added walking sounds. Quite a small change in code but all and all I feel it makes a huge difference "gameplay" wise.
  3. Back after a small hiatus. Going to try to go through everything I missed, wish me luck

  4. It's getting to the time of year where my schedule starts to clear up and I'm able to work on projects I've previously postponed, such as VePseu Right now I'm just documenting and optimizing, much like before, but I also have a game idea I will be attempting to implement: * Stuck in a labyrinth with limited ammo and plenty of bad guys * Bad guys take a second to notice you, and are easily lost in a chase,but can punch you to death in 1 hit so it's best to stay clear * You have to strategically kill the baddies to get more ammo and escape, more ammo you have left the better score you get * 4 "huge" levels (around 32x32 at most) spread across 4 banks This'll be after I'm able to get the engine size down to at least 1.5k, which'll probably happen within the next month or so. I still have other real life things to, so it may be a longer wait. Can't wait to start devving again
  5. Taking a small break from the retro community to go into robotics, wish to come back after the season ends

    1. CPUWIZ


      Cool, do you make your own?

    2. doctorclu


      Nice! I want to make a robot dog.

    3. TheTIGuy


      M'k, have fun.

  6. I could send you the BOM I had when I recapped my TI. I don’t know if the list is compatible tho
  7. Being late to the party, how about a semi-low-end oscilloscope attachment? Not only can it be used for legitimate measurements but It would look cool as a music visualizer.
  8. With the help of an ATMega (or any programmable device, really) it wouldn’t be a problem to implement it (software wise). Hardware would ideally be able to be a few carefully selected components, but I’m no longer a newbie in the field and what may seem easy to me may not seem easy to anyone else I’m thinking a MIDI synth that’s controlled via the cassette interface; you type a specially formatted basic program, save it to CS1, and the midi controller plays the song
  9. well at least I was going to, but Irma killed power for half a week Makeup work hit like a bus and There were multiple sizing issues So it'll be a tad longer
  10. No problem! I finally got the 3D printer working, so I'll hopefully have the models out by next weekend.
  11. I actually got a friend that's willing to let me use his 3D printer. I just need to learn the ins/outs of the thing with school and such in my schedule
  12. I don't see why it should be unpinned. It isn't taking up much space
  13. I'll release the CAD files when I know they fit. I think it would be useful to have a TI cart spec standard of the sorts... In the meantime I have the old Texas Instruments logo as an SVG if anyone needs it. The logo was taken from here and converted to an SVG by the amazing people who run this site! I only got the dimensions semi-right and added the text; I am an artist by no means. Just save the text file below as an SVG texas_instruments.txt
  14. I'd like to thank Lee for all his knowledge, Ralph for the FinalGROM, and anyone who has helped me in the past!
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