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  1. Hey all! I've been testing an atari and I fabricobbled an old serial cable into a shorting plug for the atari 2600 I could get another cable but I'm wondering if someone with the diagnostic cart and a 2600 could send me a picture of what the diagnostic matrix looks like with just one plug inserted, one picture per controller port any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hey all! Long time no see! I'm doing atari repairs on the side of my current job/future college and I want a stress test cart for making sure they all work as intended So far I have some ram test code laid out, along with some TIA test code in mind, and I'm wondering what ideas you guys have for testing the 2600 to make sure it's in 100% working order I'll have the source code up when I have it in a good state, per usual, and I'll try my best to keep it semi well-documented. Granted, it's hard to make good looking assembler, but I will at least try my hardest to make it half readable Plus, it's been a solid year or two since I've worked with assembler, so forgive me if it isn't the best code you've ever seen Currently my list of tests include: RAM test, write both $FF and $00 to each byte in ram TIA test, set background color to each possible tia color in a rainbow fashion Sound test, cycle through sounds per frame Please give me other stress ideas, what other common failure points there are, etc. etc.
  3. Currently I'm just working on the game I'm making for this engine. I'm adding features along as I go so once I have a demo out I'll update VePseu99 with the features as well
  4. As a little disclaimer, I am taking plenty of time with each map now and it's probably only a third of the way finished, just having to tweak the engine as I go to do as I want has taken a bit of time Also this demo level will most likely not be in the final game just so nothing is spoiled per-se, that and the designs are more experimental than anything I'm trying to give the best RPG experience I can on the TI and I think it's going well so far The only thing this demo probably won't have is a title screen and a fighting system, I'll save those for a later date perhaps...
  5. Just as a little update as to what's been going on I've been tackling a few bugs and adding features to both VePseu and VePseuTool primarily, and I've been working on the actual game for two days as of now, attached below is a screenshot of VePseuTool with everything I've gotten done so far I'm currently going at a rate of 1 map every day, so assuming this area has about 8-16 maps I'll have a tech demo ready in 8-16 days
  6. So far documentation is progressing, easily my least favorite part of development but it's kinda important Quick favor to ask of those who read this, how readable is my commenting? For example, here's the file that loads textures onto the VDP. It's simple, short, and in my opinion, relatively easy to follow. I'd like to opinions on it so I can better document code in the future
  7. I've finally fixed the keyboard! And a few other things I'm going to work on commenting the code and documenting everything, which will be a pain, but I NEED to do it However I can safely say the testmap is on it's final version for now, and if you want to check it out the binary is attached Tell me how it runs on real hardware too, if you can vepseu8.bin
  8. I can provide a mp3. A video wouldn't be much worth anything as it's the same demo level with Wolfenstein music plastered on it Keep in mind the TI's music is fairly loud vepseu99_5_1_2020.mp3
  9. I finally have music working! Granted, I completely broke the keyboard routine and the code's fairly buggy, but now you can listen to music stolen from inspired by Wolfenstein 3D! vepseu8.bin
  10. It looks like I'm getting under 10 FPS somehow and that kinda worries me... I'll actually have to do some optimization and commenting now
  11. This is from the finalgrom website: Other than that it's a fairly standard bankswitching scheme, write to an even address read-only address in cartridge ROM and a bank is swapped
  12. Both ROM and RAM, using FinalGROM's RAM mode-style bankswitching.
  13. I remember following this post when this was only a year in development! I'll have to try it out to see what I've missed
  14. Alright! I've somewhat successfully implemented bankswitching! If you want to see a "demo" of this bankswitching, the binary is included down below Not sure how to make a multi-bank RPK sadly The code's kinda half-baked at this point so I'd avoid the GitHub unless you want to be disappointed Next update will be a little more exciting, I promise vepseu8.bin
  15. I double checked on my TI, definitely didn't work
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