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  1. Sorry. Internet has been broken. They were sold out. My uncle is bringing his on thanksgiving. He lives far away. Can't wait.
  2. About owning an atari 7800, I heard demon attack doesn't fit.
  3. UPDATE: my favorite game store is having a Hagglefest. They have atari's for 50$ with 40 games a paddle 2 joysticks, but if I can haggle, probably 25$ worth it?
  4. Sorry. I tried to quote people, but It didn't work. I'll just say this. I might use an emulator for an atari or snes, and since my uncle might even get his out and give it to me, And I DO own old and new consoles respectively (Ps2, n64, sega master system from another uncle, xbox 360 that I dont use anymore, but then again who does? And an nes out of a dumpster) so I THOUGHT that getting an atari would be the answer, but if I have to wait a bit for my uncle to pull his atari out of his friends house (told me yesterday I could have it. Coolest uncle ever), then I can wait, I guess. EDIT: also have a sega nomad and game gear.
  5. Sorry I haven't been online in a while, so let me answer to some of this. The thing is, I own lots of later games (ps2, n64, xbox360 , also found an nes in a dumpster that still works) and I love them. But not only is atari cheap, but it's classic. I always liked watching the old commercials and news about it. And if I don't get it, whatever. But at this point I might even wait a little because my uncle said he would give me his atari. If not, then I'll get one when I'm older. I might even consider that. I should try more of the games as an emulator maybe. I might also try that. I have the flashbak 4. It didn't even have any activision games.
  6. Well, I already own a ps2 and a nomad, and I have a coaxial imput on my tv, so I think I'm turning towards the atari 2600. If I do get one, are there any cleaning procedures, tips on collecting, or etc?
  7. I have always liked old games (nes, dreamcast, snes, n64, etc.) but I always liked the atari 2600. I usually play an atari 2600 game on a plug in play console called the "flashback". I am wondering if the atari 2600 is worth it and is better than other consoles I might get instead (snes dreamcast or genisis). I want to know soon because my parents are letting me have another game console when we go to the game store in 3 days( I'm only 13 )
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