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  1. The Yup Yups! (That’s what we called them) I love those guys! book, book, bbrrrrrinnng!
  2. The CYC is awesome! I use it everyday when composing Yesterday’s News to search and check stuff. Don’t know what I’d do without it.
  3. Yesterday's News - March 2021 YN_06_03.pdf Cat 06 03.pdf YN_06_03.dsk
  4. Put a heat sink of some kind on the pin side of the plug and they won’t melt as easily. I used a 5 pin din jack on mine when making cables and it works pretty good as a heat sink.
  5. That’s good- flying rats! I’ve always called them feathered rats.
  6. Lucie did quite a few articles for Micropendium as well.
  7. Yesterday's News February 2021 YN_06_02.pdf CAT_06_02.pdf JPDRAWING.pdf MULTIPLAN EXERCISES.pdf JPDRAWING.dsk MULTIPLAN.dsk YN_06_02_1.dsk
  8. February 2021 calendar FEB21.pdf
  9. I use this fast track copier on my second system. It's equipped with a Corcomp disk controller card. I'm wondering if there's any way the default copy drive can be changed from drive 2 to drive 3? My drive 3 is a 3.5. The program runs out of XB. ULTRACC
  10. I’ll be damned. Good sleuthing.
  11. I would have to check the dsks I uploaded but I’m pretty sure that was indeed the original game data file. Do you have an editor/ assembler cartridge to run df/80 files? If so I can help you out by uploading a TI-Runner cheat file.
  12. Yesterday's News January 2021 Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope we have much better VISION in 2021 than we did in 2020. YN_06_01.pdf CAT_06_01.pdf YN_06_01.dsk
  13. I don’t think being beat by over 19 million points was that bad. I did get tired of watching the Cap play, extra ball after extra ball after extra ball. My bum does hurt quite a bit.
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