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  1. November 2019 calendar NOV19.pdf
  2. I used a TI-99/4A then a Geneve at work many moons ago. Bill Gaskell even wrote a software piece for me called TIMETRACK.
  3. SXB included “Draw n Plot” which was a software package that was sold on disk by Quality99 or QS if you will. I have the diskette version as well.
  4. Nice pix Cap! Keep ‘em coming! We’ll do a raffle for those 8’s at the next VAST meeting.
  5. I particularly like where the batteries are placed.
  6. I don’t suppose there is an easy “patch” to have the other flavors of XB to work?
  7. I am using the XB variants as supplied on the FINALGROM package.
  8. I have discovered an odd problem using BOOT with different flavors of XB like RXB and MECHATRONICS for examples. Using RalphB's excellent FinalGrom I have loaded up RXB and selected an Extended basic program from my my Boot menu - after doing so BOOT complains No Ex-Basic, press any key. Same thing happens when trying the Mechatronics version. Others may as well? Super Extended Basic works fine, as well as TI's v110. Is BOOT looking for a specific version of XB? I am using V 12/13/89 version of BOOT.
  9. This dsk has quite a few phreakin' programs and text files SMRT_UTILS.DSK
  10. October 2019 calendar Oct19.pdf
  11. Tried to upload October 2019 calendar - numerous upload fails?
  13. I’m pretty certain there isn’t any info for the Databiotics cart but there may be info for TI-Artist in the manual. I’ll take a look and see.
  14. I see there has been a few downloads of my cheesy artwork. Has anyone tried putting together a conversion program? I’d still like to knock out a single page flyer using this clunky cartridge. Just askin’
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