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  1. Here is a dsk with some utilities I use all the time. Catalog has short comment on what they are. Anyone want to help an old phart in phoenix? UTILITYS1.DSK Utility1 catalog.pdf
  2. Well, by golly, I’ll upload some dsks tomorrow morning.
  3. As a long time TI'er I have always looked for ways to speed up the utility programs I use frequently. Two I have always used to speed up XB programs are: XBASHER PRE-SCAN IT! There are others I also use many XB based programs that were written specifically for Page Pro. A few are: PAGE PRO FX PAGE PRO STRIPPER PAGE PRO FLIPPER PAGE PRO ROTATE There are others, these are ones I use frequently. I think some have imbedded assembly code. Can the compiler handle imbedded assembly? I ain't much on programming or using the wonderful compiler by Senior Falcon. I can barely edit a newsletter every month. Anyway, is there anyone that would want to have a go at compiling these (and others) for your friendly neighborhood newsletter editor? If so, I'd be glad to upload dsks of the programs I use for your perusal. Yeah, I know, they ain't games....
  4. Here is a disk I have. I made a real SS/SD disk and tried it on my main system, worked fine. You must sector copy the disk, file copy won't work. PHD52592.dsk
  5. I thought they were a ripoff when 99er was selling them for $5 or so. Don’t really care about the cheesy gold colored sticker.
  6. I like that a boom cymbal stand was used.
  7. July 2021 calendar JUL21.pdf
  8. Yep, that’s the one I remember.
  9. I remember it as Travis Watford.
  10. I've got the text for that somewhere. I'll look and upload if and when I find it.
  11. No sweat. I do strongly recommend the Myarc eprom. It makes the card much more versatile.
  12. Ok, here is the unprotected copy of QS-Ramdisk I somehow cobbled together many years ago. If memory serves me the ramdisk is DSKX. Hope it works for you QS-RAMDISK.dsk
  13. I’ll look for it and get back to you.
  14. I also have the QS-Ramdisk software somwhere.
  15. There is a replacement eprom available that effectively turns the foundation card into a Myarc 128k. It allows using the card as a ram disk. I believe you can run Myarc XBII as well. I got two of them for my Foundation cards from Hummingbird EPROMs.
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