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  1. Here is the game Bomb Squad I'm still looking for PSYBORG by TImagination. SSSD.dsk
  2. August 2019 calendar AUG19.pdf
  3. July 2019 calendar Jul19.pdf
  4. That little girl rocks! Definitely has a Bonham foot! Classic rock is the best!
  5. YN_04_06.pdf CAT_04_06.pdf YN_04_06.DSK Please note, there is a "broken" version of Advanced Diagnostics on this DOM. Some things work, some things don't.
  6. June 2019 calendar Jun19.pdf
  7. Any guess on which eprom I should try? Last version? Btw - I have some EPROMs Ive collected thru the years, any interest?
  8. Here is a disk contaning dumps of my Myarc 512 cards. I dumped DSR 1000 and 1900. On the disk is the program I used to dump them. DSR.DSK
  9. I ran the test using INPUT - It ran for a bit then gave I/O ERROR 25 IN 110 - which I assume is because it came to the end of the file. I tried it with a Pagepro pic - i/f 13 - with the same error at the end.
  10. Ill get to this tomorrow. Doing the Mothers Day right now. Thanks for the help!
  11. Ill try it with a floppy. The error came up verbatim as shown above. No code was given.
  12. Damn, yes, I forgot to mention that I can save to the 512. Tim, I tried your program and it states FILE ERROR IN 110. How does one determine what version of DSR my cards have? I'm betting the oldest. When running Jesse Slicers DSRSCAN it shows version number 0002 on both cards and no ram?
  13. Yeah, Ive designated the Myarc to DSK1 thru DSK4 with the same results. It just kind of drives me nuts that I cant use the Myarc for this program. Plus I want the speed.
  14. Just tried PixPro out on my second system that uses a Corcomp FDC and is equipped with a Myarc 512. Same results trying to load an image from the Myarc ramdisk. I still think it's a dsr issue possibly.
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