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  1. October 2021 calendar OCT21.pdf
  2. YN_06_09.pdf CAT_06_09.pdf YN_06_09_1.DSK YN_06_09_2.dsk YN_06_09_3.dsk QS Chart Maker.pdf QS Draw 'N Plot.pdf Halls of Lost Moria.pdf Yesterday's News September 2021
  3. I have one as well. Bought off eBay many moons ago, and it didn’t work. Marc Hull graciously fixed it up for me to full working order. It only formats disks to 1280 sectors (ds/dd) which was Myarc’s preferred level of format. I also have a Percom disk system that plugs directly into the TI.
  4. September 2021 calendar SEP21.pdf
  5. That would be great. I have cobbled together a transfer file to move from disk to cassette and I know it works, but I'd like to have the original Hordes for console basic. I am going to attempt Treasure Trap as well.
  6. Does anyone have the actual Console Basic version of Hordes? That will load from cassette - bare console in TI Basic?
  7. One of these days I'm gonna ask one of you hardware experts to build my Zeno board up to the max and stick it in one of my consoles. Probably a beige one....
  8. Yesterday's News August 2021 YN_06_08.pdf CAT_06_08.pdf GUARDIAN.pdf NIGHT MISSION.pdf YN_06_08.dsk
  9. Thanks for looking Ed in SoDak. I believe I’m just just going to hang with the utilities the way they are. They work, so I’ll just be happy that they’re a bit slow.
  10. Yes, I use Page pro utilities the most.
  11. Thanks for looking them over Harry. I’ll try and eliminate the prescan and see if they still function. If they do, I’ll upload them and beg some more.
  12. August 2021 calendar AUG21.pdf
  13. Burp… Oops, I mean bump. I see the dsk has been downloaded a few times. No go on compiling, eh?
  14. Are you looking for font editors for TIA and Page Pro?
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