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  1. The Yup Yups! (That’s what we called them) I love those guys! book, book, bbrrrrrinnng!
  2. The CYC is awesome! I use it everyday when composing Yesterday’s News to search and check stuff. Don’t know what I’d do without it.
  3. Yesterday's News - March 2021 YN_06_03.pdf Cat 06 03.pdf YN_06_03.dsk
  4. Put a heat sink of some kind on the pin side of the plug and they won’t melt as easily. I used a 5 pin din jack on mine when making cables and it works pretty good as a heat sink.
  5. That’s good- flying rats! I’ve always called them feathered rats.
  6. Lucie did quite a few articles for Micropendium as well.
  7. Yesterday's News February 2021 YN_06_02.pdf CAT_06_02.pdf JPDRAWING.pdf MULTIPLAN EXERCISES.pdf JPDRAWING.dsk MULTIPLAN.dsk YN_06_02_1.dsk
  8. February 2021 calendar FEB21.pdf
  9. I use this fast track copier on my second system. It's equipped with a Corcomp disk controller card. I'm wondering if there's any way the default copy drive can be changed from drive 2 to drive 3? My drive 3 is a 3.5. The program runs out of XB. ULTRACC
  10. I’ll be damned. Good sleuthing.
  11. I would have to check the dsks I uploaded but I’m pretty sure that was indeed the original game data file. Do you have an editor/ assembler cartridge to run df/80 files? If so I can help you out by uploading a TI-Runner cheat file.
  12. Yesterday's News January 2021 Happy New Year Everyone! Let's hope we have much better VISION in 2021 than we did in 2020. YN_06_01.pdf CAT_06_01.pdf YN_06_01.dsk
  13. I don’t think being beat by over 19 million points was that bad. I did get tired of watching the Cap play, extra ball after extra ball after extra ball. My bum does hurt quite a bit.
  14. It would be neat if both games could be TI’ed.
  15. Ever since I was a young boy I played the silver ball.....
  16. I’d love see a TI version of Midnight Magic.
  17. January 2021 calendar 2021 1 page year calendar 2021 multipage TNG year calendar JAN21.pdf 2021.pdf TNG_CALENDAR.pdf
  18. It was a good meeting. We met at a different DD that had the dining room open and we liked it better than the old location! I got to watch a complete play thru of the Captain’s soon to be released game and we were able to escape, took a few plays though... Anyway, we have a new place to meet and the coffee was good( and free for me, thanks Cap!) and the VAST club rides again.
  19. Here is the software - no manual. Pretty easy to use. SSSD.dsk
  20. TI’ers are like bees. They don’t know they shouldn’t be able to fly. We don’t know that our processor is so crippled and crappy so we make it do wonderful things.
  21. Well, quit dragging and dropping! Or I’ll drop you like ten foot putt! Imagine, a fellow member of the illustrious VAST group messing up my subscription count.
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