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  1. INSTRUMENTAL SOFTWARE SYSTEMS (ISS) cassette games. Tested - they load fine. SHIPWRECK errors after a bit BAD VALUE IN 740 Maybe a program guru can fix DUCK HUNT.mp3 MR KITTY.mp3 SANTAS RUN.mp3 SHIPWRECK.mp3 SHOOTING ARCADE.mp3
  2. GREAT LAKES cassette game. This may be the only one they put out? LUNAR CAVERN.mp3
  3. CSI Cassette Software Tested - They load fine. STARPROBE 99 is Console Basic HORRORS.mp3 STARPROBE 99.mp3 THE DOMINO FACTOR.mp3
  4. Weather Forecaster by Gary Cox WEATHER.dsk
  5. Geez, jus’ kiddin’ around guys. I actually have one of the original? covers but it’s in poor shape.
  6. FUTURA cassette software Tested - they load fine. I believe ALL STAR BASEBALL will run in Console Basic as well as Extended Basic. AIR MISSLE COMMAND.mp3 ALL STAR BASEBALL.mp3 ALL STAR BOWLING.mp3 COSMIC DRIFT.mp3 FITZ.mp3 FLY SNUFFER.mp3 FOWL PLAY.mp3 GETCHA.mp3 LONDON BLITZ.mp3 MINE FIELD.mp3 STARSHIP CONCORD.mp3 THE HUSTLER.mp3 TIC TAC TOE.mp3
  7. The post from jenorton above made me remember a program that could assist a blind or sight impaired person. SPEAKDV80 loads from disk one and will speak the DV/80 file to you. Program name is SPEAKDV80 Requires Extended Basic and a Speech Synthesizer. SPEAKDV80.dsk
  8. Here are some programs I use all the time: Boot Disk Changer(BDC) Allows you to change the "boot" drive from DSK1 to just about anything - changes XB program files and most DF/80. Also on the BDC disk is PagePro changer - does about the same as above but for PagePro files. Docs for both on disk - DV/80 files. XB Detective (XBD) Does all kinds of things in the XB environment No docs, but easy to figure out. BDC.dsk XBD.dsk
  9. I “think” Miner 49’er was out before 2049er, but I could be wrong.
  10. American Software Design & Distribution Tested - they load fine. Text Adventures: In Search of the 4 Vedas 007: Aqua Base Haunted House Miner 49'er Stone Age Console Basic: Barnyard Fun Laser Shield 3-D MAZE.mp3 IN SEARCH OF THE 4 VEDAS.mp3 AMERICAN DERBY.mp3 007 AQUA BASE.mp3 BARNYARD FUN.mp3 BOMB SQUAD.mp3 HAUNTED HOUSE.mp3 LASER SHIELD.mp3 MINER 49ER.mp3 MR FROG.mp3 STAR BATTLE 2056.mp3 STONE AGE.mp3
  11. November 2020 calendar NOV20.pdf
  12. Yeah, that’s true about BXB. It sure could help a console only user if it could be used via cassette.
  13. Some console basic games work ok in extended basic, some don’t. Easiest way to tell is to load the console basic game into extended basic and hit run. If it halts with an error, it is console basic only. HOWEVER There is a workaround to run in extended basic. You simply merge BXB into the already loaded CB game and it will run. somebody much brainier than me can explain why.
  14. Pewterware cassette games. All are console basic except for: TRACTOR FOLLIES UP PERISCOPE Tested, they load fine BLUEGRASS SWEEPSTAKES.mp3 CHALLENGE POKER.mp3 DECATHELON.mp3 GOBLINS REVENGE.mp3 MATCH WITS.mp3 ROLL FIVE.mp3 TRACTOR FOLLIES_XB.mp3 UP PERISCOPE _XB.mp3
  15. Compuware cassette games. They need to run on an unexpanded system - just a console running Console Basic. Tested, they load fine. MEGASTAR.mp3 TIMEWIZARDS.mp3
  16. MOONBEAM cassette games. Please note: I do not have the keyboard versions of: Robot Runner Strike Force 99 Zerozone If you have them, please upload here or PM me, I'd like to add them to my archive AND convert to MP3 to upload here. ASTROMANIA JOYSTICK.mp3 ASTROMANIA KEYBOARD.mp3 CAVERN QUEST JOYSTICK.mp3 CAVERN QUEST KEYBOARD.mp3 DEATH DRONES JOYSTICK.mp3 DEATH DRONES KEYBOARD .mp3 DESERT TREK.mp3 GARBAGE BELLY JOYSTICK.mp3 GARBAGE BELLY KEYBOARD.mp3 MOONBEAM EXPRESS JOYSTICK.mp3 MOONBEAM EXPRESS KEYBOARD.mp3 MOONVASION JOYSTICK .mp3 MOONVASION KEYBOARD.mp3 ROBOT RUNNER JOYSTICK.mp3 STRIKE FORCE 99 JOYSTICK.mp3 ZEROZONE JOYSTICK.mp3
  17. Here is a banner I cobbled together using PagePro Banner Maker. BANNER.pdf
  18. NORTON collection All tested. Joystick games use joystick 2 - go figure... 2 Console Basic games in ASSEMBLY that run on a bone stock console running Console Basic. LIFE SAME COLORS Senior Falcon sent these to me to convert. Awesome stuff. Both games tested. ATTACK MAN JOYSTICK.mp3 ATTACK MAN KEYBOARD.mp3 CROSS COUNTRY CAR RALLY.mp3 LUNAR LANDER.mp3 SUPER FROGGER JOYSTICK.mp3 SUPER FROGGER KEYBOARD.mp3 TANK BATTLE JOYSTICK.mp3 TANK BATTLE KEYBOARD.mp3 LIFE.mp3 SAME COLORS.mp3
  19. In the interest of keeping the TI alive with new "NEWBIE" cassette only users here is the Millers Graphics cassette collection in MP3 format. I have tested ALL of these from a PC to the TI-99/4A cassette audio input and they ALL loaded ok. I used a headphone device called a BOOSTEROO to up the audio output to a level the TI needed. As I have time, I am going to try and do more collections. ALPHABET SOUP.mp3 BATTLE OVER TITAN.mp3 BLACKBEARD'S TREASURE.mp3 CASINO BLACKJACK.mp3 CRAZY FUN HOUSE.mp3 NIGHT MISSION JOYSTICK.mp3 NIGHT MISSION KEYBOARD.mp3 PHAROAHS TOMB.mp3
  20. I don't know if this will help you, but these are the 3 dsks I have loaded on my NanoPEB. ADVENTURE0.dsk ADVENTURE2.dsk ADVENTURE3.dsk
  21. Somewhere on this forum I uploaded the entire Plato library converted to DS/DD disks and usable with a Nanopeb. I have them on my main Nanopeb and it works good. And yes it was a bitch to convert them.
  22. Yeah, suffered an old man brain fart and forgot to stick it up on the first of the month. I wonder how many other people look forward to and track this lil’ ol’ paper.
  23. Yesterday's News October 2020 YN_05_10.pdf CAT_05_10.pdf CERT99EXAMP.pdf YN_05_10.dsk CERT99_V20.dsk
  24. Super Better Banners SUPERBANNR.dsk FONTDISK#1.dsk SUPER BANNER CATALOG.pdf
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