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  1. A Supercart and the program Batch It are a big part of Yesterday’s News production.
  2. Yersterday's News - September 2020 YN_05_09.pdf CAT_05_09.pdf DOW_EA.pdf YN_05_09.dsk
  3. I think this was Corcomp's final version. The manager can be accessed from basic command line with CALL MGR. MGR_VER2_3.DSK
  4. September 2020 calendar SEP20.pdf
  5. Space Station Pheta was written in Wycove Forth.
  6. GALAXY is on the SINGLEFILE disk.
  7. I believe I got most of them. 3DBOWLING.dsk QUEST_KEY.dsk RINGDESTRO.dsk SINGLEFILE.dsk
  8. I believe I’ve got all of the above listed games except for war at sea. Help me out and post the publishers to help me dig them out of my archives. I’ll start uploading some tomorrow morning. I’m STILL looking for a complete PSYBORG by TImagination!
  9. Yesterday's News August 2020 YN_05_08.pdf CAT_05_08.pdf ROCKRUNNER.pdf TI_RUNNER_EDITORS.pdf YN_05_08_1.DSK YN_05_08_2.DSK
  10. As a side note, there is a file on the dsk named LOAD_FAST. It is a LOAD program that I cobbled together with SYSTEX to enable the program to start in about 2 seconds instead of 33.
  11. Two words come to my mind, ow! why?
  12. August 2020 calendar AUG20.pdf
  13. Yeah, I’m a pretty lousy game player. I do have a pretty big library of games, though.
  14. Yep. I like to stay ahead.
  15. Just finishing up the January 2021, Volume 6, Number 1 issue and then I'll put it to bed.
  16. Yesterday's News - July 2020 YN_05_07.pdf CAT_YN_05_07.pdf CAT_PYRATES.pdf YN_05_07.DSK EZKEYSPLUS.DSK
  17. Cassette E/A 5 loader software (with 32k on board) Spin it. TAPEIT.dsk
  18. July 2020 calendar JUL20.pdf
  19. Yesterday's News - June 2020 YN_05_06.pdf CAT_YN_05_06.pdf YN_05_06_1.DSK YN_05_06_2.DSK
  20. No idea on the 99er disk. why SS/DD? simple - I had them on “flippy” 5.25 disks.
  21. Here's some disks to keep you busy. The file LAS is Logo Auto Starter - dox is on the disk LOGO_A_.DSK LOGO_P_S.DSK 99ER.DSK CATALOGO.pdf
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