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  1. Here is OS/99 version 3.0. The dox appear to be in README files on the dsk. SSSD.dsk
  2. June 2020 calendar JUN20.pdf
  3. Here are my 2 Finalgroms and my Flashrom. Beauty, eh?
  4. Kinda reminds me of Escape from the Mindmaster by Starpath for the Atari 2600, But with a BFG!
  5. If someone wants to send me the complete list since this was started I will update the whole page with these current games and high scores.
  6. Yesterday's News - May 2020 YN_05_05.pdf CAT_YN_05_05.pdf YN_05_05.DSK
  7. Thank You!!!! Sorry I posted this in the wrong spot.
  8. My Horizon ramdisk crashed and I lost a program entitled SCREAMER track copier - written by Will McGovern. It works with the Myarc disk controller and it is fast. Anybody have a copy?
  9. Negative. To my knowledge they were released thru Texaments.
  10. Star Fleet slideshows. Uses Display Master, which is included on each dsk. XB autoload or E/A opt. 5 - DSK1.UTIL1 STARFLEE10.DSK STARFLEET1.DSK STARFLEET2.DSK STARFLEET3.DSK STARFLEET4.DSK STARFLEET5.DSK STARFLEET6.DSK STARFLEET8.DSK STARFLEET9.DSK
  11. Futura and Image Wall Street programs WALLSTREET.dsk
  12. Just tried both on real iron - they load and appear to work properly. UNIVDIS_12.DSK UNIVDIS_23.DSK
  13. FWB44_80C1.DSK YN_05_04.pdf YN_05_04.DSK CAT_YN_05_04.pdf FWEB_40.pdf CAT_FNLWB_40.pdf CAT_FNLWB_80.pdf FWB44_40C1.DSK FWB44_40C2.DSK FWB44_40C3.DSK FWB44_80C2.DSK FWB44_80C3.DSK the-spiders-guide-to-funnelweb-configuration.pdf Thorn EMI.pdf
  14. I needed it badly to work with Certificate 99 2.0 to manipulate the font, border, signature and graphic files. I don’t give up very easily.
  15. Success! After some creative searching I found Joypaint Pal 2.0 on the WHT. The dsk contains no protection. JOYPAL20.dsk
  16. I do know that TIDIR does not recognize the J?1,etc files. I have had to copy straight using Paulo’s software in Windows 98. I do not think there is any disk protection per se, but I don’t know for sure.
  17. Thanks Ciro i just tried the disk and I also failed to get it to load. The file J_2 is the main program, I think. it’s got DSK1.BIT at the beginning of the file which I don’t think is correct.
  18. Thanks for your efforts guys, but Joypaint Pal 2.0 isn't there. I believe it was released in 1988.
  19. Thank you Flottmann1 I have that disk too - Unfortunately it's not 2.0
  20. I need version 2.0 of Joypaint Pal because it can view and edit pictures for use with Certificate 99 2.0. Both produced by Great Lakes. Encryption is not a problem.
  21. Anybody have a copy of Joypaint Pal 2.0? I need for use with Certificate 99. It must be 2.0, 1.0 will not work.
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