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  1. April 2020 calendar APR20.pdf
  2. If I remember correctly they were one of our vapors, er, vendors at my clubs FESTWEST.
  3. YN_05_03.pdf CAT_05_03.pdf PRE-SCAN IT!.pdf BUNYARD.pdf YN_05_03.DSK
  4. [ - get menu ] - put menu I have about 4 menus using this method - works great. read the dox.
  5. Ciro I recommend Tape To Disk. it works great.
  6. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, they have theirs and I have mine. Being an old fart that has enjoyed his time with the 4a, I frankly just don’t give a damn what other people think. We as TI’ers know what we’ve got and that’s all that matters.
  7. Thank you for the kind words. Comments are always welcome.
  8. Had a member in our VAST group that had a Rave 99 PE-2 with the console adapter card. I was over there about every weekend trying to get the damn thing working for him. He also had a Myarc HFDC in the box which I think complicated the matter.
  9. YN_05_02.pdf DISK FIXER Hidden Powers.pdf Disk+Aid.pdf Diskodex manual.pdf CAT_05_02.pdf YN_05_02_1.DSK YN_05_02_2.DSK YN_05_02_3.DSK
  10. Systex Xbasher Pre-scan it Ram boot Boot disk Changer - BDC Unbasher
  11. I don’t draw ‘em, I just publish ‘em.
  12. February 2020 calendar 2020 year calendar FEB20.pdf 20202.pdf
  13. I believe Page Pro is the only WYSIWYG that we TIers have. I wanted to do some pages with Desk Top Publisher but the funky image format stops me, it’s not compatible with any other graphic programs. I believe First Draft/Final Copy was done by Art Byers, it is not WYSIWYG.
  14. One of these days I’m going to see if I can talk somebody into building mine up all the way and installing it in one of my spare consoles. Probably a beige one.
  15. YN_05_01.pdf CAT_05_01.pdf DATAX.DSK YN_05_01_1.DSK YN_05_01_2.DSK YN_05_01_3.DSK
  16. For those that might need it, here is the dox for Telco 2.3 TELCO_23.pdf
  17. For those that may be interested, attached is 2 ways to go about the above. The idea was originally conceived by Charlie Summerhill. I went with the procedure that Michael Dorman came up with - West Penn newsletter. PlatoDSDD.pdf 1988_12 WEST PENN.pdf
  18. This is something I've been wanting to do since I first read about it many years ago - Taking all the SS/SD Plato disks and converting them to DS/DD. What does this mean? It means that the entire Plato courseware has been put onto 139 DS/DD disks instead of over 450 SS/SD disks. I primarily did this so I could pile all the disks on to one of my Nanopebs's - starting at Volume 100 (see attached Word file) Note that I do not have: Seperating Fact from Fiction Physics Elementary Mechanics Please note - These disks must be transfered as a complete sector copy - As Plato uses sector 359 (>167) as the directory sector. I believe I have done them all correctly, let me know if not - And yes, It was a pain in the ass! Plato DSDD.zip PLATOLIST.doc
  19. I would like to know Bill’s situation. I will dig for TimeTrack and upload when found.
  20. Maybe I’ve got some funky Plato bin files. Can I convert GK cart saves to .bin?
  21. My Nanopebs don’t seem to like the PLATO cart when used off a FinalGROM. A real PLATO cart works just fine. I just get a blue screen when using the FinalGROM version. Anybody else have issues with this?
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