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  1. Two front teeth is scary! YN_04_12.pdf SUPPLIERS.pdf YN_04_12.DSK
  2. These are two that I use. Basic Builder and QS-Convert bas-build1.dsk bas-build2.dsk Basic Builder.pdf QSconvert.pdf SSSD.dsk
  3. Needless to say, I use TI-Writer heavily in each and every issue of Yesterday’s News.
  4. I thought so too. That is an actual ad of a product that was offered for sale.
  5. No problem Owen. as I’ve said before, the pleasure is all mine. If readers like it great, if not, hey, didn’t cost nuthin.
  6. YN_04_11.pdf 4AFLYER.pdf BHXP1.pdf DOW 4 GAZELLE.pdf Winging It.pdf YN_04_11.DSK
  7. I used a TI-99/4A then a Geneve at work many moons ago. Bill Gaskell even wrote a software piece for me called TIMETRACK.
  8. SXB included “Draw n Plot” which was a software package that was sold on disk by Quality99 or QS if you will. I have the diskette version as well.
  9. Nice pix Cap! Keep ‘em coming! We’ll do a raffle for those 8’s at the next VAST meeting.
  10. I particularly like where the batteries are placed.
  11. I don’t suppose there is an easy “patch” to have the other flavors of XB to work?
  12. I am using the XB variants as supplied on the FINALGROM package.
  13. I have discovered an odd problem using BOOT with different flavors of XB like RXB and MECHATRONICS for examples. Using RalphB's excellent FinalGrom I have loaded up RXB and selected an Extended basic program from my my Boot menu - after doing so BOOT complains No Ex-Basic, press any key. Same thing happens when trying the Mechatronics version. Others may as well? Super Extended Basic works fine, as well as TI's v110. Is BOOT looking for a specific version of XB? I am using V 12/13/89 version of BOOT.
  14. This dsk has quite a few phreakin' programs and text files SMRT_UTILS.DSK
  15. Tried to upload October 2019 calendar - numerous upload fails?
  17. I’m pretty certain there isn’t any info for the Databiotics cart but there may be info for TI-Artist in the manual. I’ll take a look and see.
  18. I see there has been a few downloads of my cheesy artwork. Has anyone tried putting together a conversion program? I’d still like to knock out a single page flyer using this clunky cartridge. Just askin’
  19. Here is CASSETTE TAPE LABELER put out by Asgard back in the day. Makes a decent J-card for cassettes. SSSD.dsk CASS_POWER.pdf
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