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  1. Thank you so much, we have a blast playing together. Really wanted a different perspective on reviewing this game and I believe Mason nailed it. Remember he is a kid who is being bombarded with the old “What system has the best graphics” yet he is able to tell if an older game has any value to it, if its good... its good. Merry Christmas, hope you have a good one.
  2. ET Christmas morning 1982

    1. Grig


      great vid. fun game, too.

    2. GoldLeader


      Merry Christmas! That was nice!...E.T. isn't the worst, but if I'd made it, I think I could have made it more fun.

  3. Atari 2600 ET Christmas morning 1982... do you remember?
  4. LYNX Joust... Nuff Said

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      Only version of Joust that I've played with something other than an Ostrich for player 2. Is it a Stork?

  5. You know it... you love it... JOUST! On the go!!
  6. Pac-Land on the Lynx

  7. Another great arcade port on the Lynx What one did you like playing - TG-16, Lynx or arcade?
  8. Thanks a lot, I had a blast putting this one together. It's great to look back and see how bad ass this machine really was.
  9. Double Dargon on Lynx

    1. BillyHW


      I like to play with Bimmy.

    2. doctorclu


      One of the best!

    3. Jinroh


      Great vid, I can't wait til I can get my Lynx. :3

  10. Better make this dragon a double... Double Dragon on the Atari Lynx
  11. The Jag Bar LIVE - Baldies CD
  12. I need sooooo much help with this one.
  13. Thanks!Right! I had no Idea that the whole MK episode would become all that...
  14. Thanks so much!So yeah Skip was only involved with the two Bluth games, I will cover BD13 in an episode. And the brothers are slated for NBA TE rematch, don't you worry about that! Thanks for checking out the show, we're having a blast making them.
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