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  1. I've checked and clicked in it twice to test it. It links all right to me. Still, just in case, here's the link without the cover attached to it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B077P23R1J
  2. Do you like ninjas with tons of dark fantasy action, sword slashing, and buildings catching on fire? Also, noodles and singers singing barely in-tune? If you do, man do I have the serial just for you! Enjoy!
  3. New release! Arguments, terrible first impressions, new discoveries about this mysterious new world, and a club owner that tries to bite more than he can chew, maybe! Crazy how security systems never work when you need them to, right?
  4. Perhaps keep the name around for a couple of issues, see what happens... and if it doesn't work, get rid of it. But yeah, if Piko is handling this, there is a big chance that it might actually be a thing. Perhaps even a good thing!
  5. I usually just listen to The Unnecesary podcast's videos when it comes to that (specially since they were on it from its "humble" beginnings to its spectacular crash and burn), but hey, I will gladly listen to some more. Have a youtube playlist?
  6. I could swear the first one was a photoshop, hahaha. Good thing that second picture made it clear it wasn't. Or was it?
  7. New release! A mafia boss is attacked as he tries to get some food. A misterious stranger saves his life and now the chase begins. Flying cars, giant guns and mullets in a cyberpunk world!
  8. New release! A wasteland tyrant is looking for blood, quite literally! And some people will tragically die. Also, martial arts because they're cool. Hope you enjoy!
  9. Oh hey, guess I'm going to irc then. I'm already there 24/7 anyway (other servers, of course), another server won't hurt. Google hangout. You're literally describing a google hangout. (Not sure if discord does that? Maybe it does...)
  10. Oh, sounds like a plan! Okey dokey then, will try that and here's hoping everything goes without a hitch. Thanks for the advice!
  11. Actually, let me post my videos AND an update (kindda) first. This are my videos. They're somewhat old, but still accurate. That's how it looks on my TV. The second one is how it looks after I tried to fix the overscan (as you can see, it didn't work) via changing the menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUGKrzGe-yk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pu93axM-TM I went to a... kind of a corner mechanic of sorts (long story short: I was looking to fix my od and busted VCR). Now for some random reason he happened to have a TON of old TVs lying around. I took a couple of pictures. Since I'm not the most tech-savy guy in the planet, I was wondering if this are the TVs I should get instead of the flatscreen I have (they're fixer uppers but they guy is willing to do the work and get rid of them for cheap). http://imgur.com/a/8zT08
  12. I also have some videos of the overscan, I think. But regardless, my question is, if overscan is the issue, is there any way around it? Should I give up and play with overscan OR give up the other way and play with graphical stutter? Again, this is really driving me nuts.
  13. Mmmmh, I have an old picture with the old CRT I tried to use (everything else is plugged to it). http://imgur.com/i72ghwc Here's the setup I HAD to use to play it without the missing borders but with stuttering (Omega CMVS has a cameo near the bottom). http://imgur.com/2Ti7qzD
  14. Is it a flatscreen? And if it is, how do you deal with the missing edges? Those drive me completely NUTS!
  15. Wait a blipitty bloopitty, what kind of monitor is this? (Might as well ask since I'm already here) What kind of monitors do you guys use to get such nice graphics? I got an Omega CMVS several years ago, and I swear of God NO TV ever displays the thing correctly. It has driven me nuts for quite some time now. (specially since the good kind of CRTs that display the Neo proper are actually very hard to come by. All the common flatscreen CRTs have the edges missing when displaying the game). An old Plasma HD TV I found in a pawn shop does manage to display the whole screen without issues... except the graphics stutter (which is specially noticeable with, say, Blazing Star).
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