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  1. When Dr Ports games will be available?!? Did not see or receive any newsletter about these games. Not the only one waiting I guess.
  2. I did but my username was not changed yet in the list so can't access to the forum.
  3. In the top right of the first picture, is that the game that we can't reserve in the new intellivision club because the forum on intellivision online is still locked? Or when OR will be announced for sale?
  4. Ah ok. Can login but do not have access to the Intelliclub forum yet to reserve the first club release...
  5. Yes I do. Just forgot about this account which I did not login since 2014... Thanks.
  6. OK found the problem. My username is Waverider1970. This needs to be change.... or do I need to apply again?
  7. Never has some much problem to login. Ask to be on the list but can't login, can't register and can't reset password. Does not recognize both of my email address....
  8. Holy crap! Almost throw them away, they fall out when I was unpacking. I checked and still have them.
  9. Received my copy last week. Surprisingly, it was faster and without any damage from France Colissimo and Canada Post!! Thanks Cheers
  10. That is great to see that that the TPB games legacy will continue. Amazing homebrew products for sure! Constant high quality until... 2020 but you are right, it is unfortunate for the scratches but they are very small. Bonne année!... and keep the "Bonne Chance" for next year. Cheers
  11. Awesome! Canadian customs and mails are unfortunately pretty late in their delivery prior to Holiday seasons. Still waiting for Rick Dynamite shipped two weeks ago with no much news since Dec 20... I will have to be extremely patient.
  12. Are you serious?!? This is amazing! Never thought Intv would be able to do so. Awesome job! Specially in those new gatefold boxes by Rev - well, on second though, not that new because Elektronite does provides the gatefold boxes for all their games since their beginning.
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