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  1. Well, I have not received my box missing during PRGE and promised to be shipped. It has nothing to do with chip shortage unfortunately.
  2. Maybe next time Nanochess should go to CollectorVision.
  3. Wow! What a great retirement plan. 😄 Email sent for everything listed (new games and controller). Definitely prefer the coloured version. Cheers
  4. Hi I will take one of this great classic but would be ready in March than January. Still have your other controllers in my wish list...
  5. Hi, sorry to hear that so hope you will recover. Starting at $150. Cheers
  6. For those who bought the game at PRGE, when will we received our box? It was supposed to be shipped when ready. I still have not received mine.
  7. Very nice controllers lately. Impossible to buy them all. Which ones would be available for sale one day? Cheers
  8. Hey I was there this morning. Where the h... did you find these? Cheers
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