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  1. Fantastic! Can't wait to have these amazing gatefold boxes! There is so many threads, make sure I am on the list for the TNT, Ninja & A.F. boxes. Cheers
  2. I think that the standard is enough if it is simpler for you. Find the extra stuffs not useful except that staying in the box... but if available in Deluxe, I will buy still. Cheers
  3. Hi I received my 2020 game yesterday but the package arrived slightly crushed... so does the box game. Happy and excited for the game, disappointed about the small damage of the box. Will send a PM. Cheers
  4. Ooops sorry my serial number is 11... which is confirm with the small medallion that I did not pay attention. I have confused the last letter of my initials B for 13. To answer the second question, nope, it is not activated yet...
  5. Got my copy today (#13) - box beaten by custom but inside cardboard protected - but still have not received Maria small box version shipped three weeks prior...
  6. Well, add me to the list for two kits if you are going to produce more.
  7. I know it is useless but like Mumbai, I would like to have the non-cabinet version which is much hard to find.
  8. Just wondering, how do we know if we get in the first 25? If we did not hear from you by now, I supposed we are out, isn't?
  9. I am in for one of each... if not too early. Too late (I don't know if I am within the 25 unless one copy per fan rule applied, which should), too early. Damn, these will be difficult to have.
  10. Hi I hope I am not too late due to late working hours yesterday. I am in in for one of each!
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