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  1. Hi, interested in one pair of Flashback Adapter and two pairs of Intv2/Sears adapters. PM sent.
  2. Awesome. Also ordered. I am also in for the combined shipping cost request. Cheers
  3. Extra sent from manual in French. Super! A+
  4. Hi what is the extra for the french manual? Please send me PM. Thanks.
  5. Put me for one copy please.... if any left... S**! Did i miss that one? Thanks
  6. Well he has more than some... still waiting to get my version
  7. Hi I am interested in Dragon's Lair Super Game. Please send me PM. Cheers
  8. Well, he is out of stock and told me that restocking might take a while. Haven't you took a close in Rev's pictures? Really like the animated picture from Special Teams...
  9. When Dr Ports games will be available?!? Did not see or receive any newsletter about these games. Not the only one waiting I guess.
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