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  1. Gonna read through these before I post them for sale with my other Ti99 stuff. Crazy to think the first issue is from 1984 the year I was born.
  2. Have a clean Amiga 500 with box for sale. Comes with ball mouse, gotek flashed with flash floppy,wifi rs232 from oldnet and work bench 1.3 disk. Only issue is a leaky battery in the trap door board which is common and new replacements can be found HERE. I have more pictures HERE. Pickup in Pemberton NJ Asking $500 No trades thank you **SOLD**
  3. Have some Commodores I'm selling as a lot. Some I haven't tested and just don't have the time too. I know one 64 has a memory error but the loose Vic-20 and one of the brown bread bins work just fine. Comes with a new power supply I haven't tested the two 1541 floppies. I have more photos of what come with the lot HERE. Make me an offer Pick up in Pemberton NJ Thanks **SOLD**
  4. Selling a Heathkit H19 Terminal with documents. I got it from the original owner/builder a while ago. Sadly when I turned it on it let out the blue smoke genie. I believe it was from the power supply and the monitor did come on for a brief second. So I'm selling it as is. Pickup in Pemberton NJ. Asking $150 $100 More Pictures Here
  5. Wow nice! shame there hasn't been any word on it since April. Would be a great DIY project if we could get a bare board.
  6. I'm not sure if it's been asked before but has anyone attempted to retrace and create a new Ti99 board like the C64 Reloaded board? Possibly modernizing the power supply, video output (f18a) and plugs for mods like the overclock mod.
  7. When I get time I'll have to read the wiki, the rules seem pretty deep. Might also get me into a wiki-hole of card games.
  8. I never knew there was a sequel, love that it's called DOS I'll have to check it out.
  9. Oh wow what great timing! I'll give it a try, thanks for sharing!
  10. Was there ever a version of UNO made for the 99? UNO is one of my favorite card games and really would love to play it on the 99.
  11. Is it possible to do a kickstarter or indiegogo for the old style F18A's while the new models are getting the kinks worked out? Many of us are biting at the bit to get our hands on either one.
  12. Yup Linux Mint 18.3 with Cinnamon Desktop, now with steam and many games coming to linux I haven't touched windows in years. I don't emulate computers it's to much of a hassle sometimes, I'd rather use the real hardware if possible.
  13. I really was down for this system as a linux user/gamer I see the potential but even on the linux gaming reddit we are sadden by the hardware and kernel. Then UDOO dropped there kickstarter for a super small board with AMD Ryzen V1000 and choice of Vega 3 or 8 GPU! VCS has a nicer case but the UDOO board is packing some serious hardware plus UDOO has be around and making SBC's for a while now so no fear of not getting what they promised.
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