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  1. Oh, I m sure he wouldn't win. I was more curious if his inclusion lawsuit is something that can be taken to court?
  2. Kind of a hard to wrap my mind around. I don t know how it is everywhere else, but in Texas, a private business has the right to refuse service to anyone. Here s the thing... Twin Galaxy more or less proclaimed to be the public authority on high scores, but I m not certain that it matters. I can claim that I m the upmost authority on Genghis Kahn, but that doesn't mean that historians have to fact check their information through me first. Nor does it mean that someone that has information contradicting my own has the personal right to post it on my fictional King of Hun website. I guess he has the right to sue for defamation, but certainly not inclusion. Or am I missing something?
  3. Hmmm. So it s a really small company with a big potential reach among a niche market. This information kinda changes my perception a bit. It s hard for me not to pull for a small business. I reckon that I ll wait until December (if that s what memory serves is right?) to see what comes.
  4. Was just curious, but how many employees do they have? There s very little information that I could find about the company itself, though that don't mean that it doesn't exist.
  5. Yes, you re crazy, like the rest of us. Enjoy....
  6. Ok, the linked grommets above are a direct replacement for the Wico bat and ball top sticks that I have here. They are a bit stiff, as to be expected, but it allowed me to tighten the leaf switch throws up, and as of yet I ve not had misdirection from the sticks not centering.
  7. I don t really think that making "Atari Agers", which where initially pulling for this to happen the most, and would be not only their target audience but possibly best free marketing group, into daft, dumb, doubting, do-little dimwits is possibly going to help their potential launch. If skeptics are going to be brazenly bashed and censored, then this rude, crude, dude, should be harassed and tendered.
  8. I ordered a pair of them . I ll let you know how they work or if they re too stiff or anything.
  9. This is way over my head, but I would like to point out that every masterplay clone that I ve used had pots to adjust for center. Even the Wico sticks had adjustments on the bottom. Most 5200's have some wander in them, meaning that if I set my wico for center on one 5200, it has a different adjustment for center than my other 5200.
  10. Always a supporter of supercharger games, and this looks neat.
  11. Here s a pic of one like yours torn down for modification. This is not my content, but I sure wish it was. https://mrpjevans.com/an-atari-2600-in-a-cartridge/
  12. Ok, so tore the one down that didn't require me getting up, and inside under the white plastic box is a grommet that is in fact the Wico arcade grommet according to my micrometer and the specs linked here http://www.arcadeshop.de/product_info.php?item_number=546&products_id=546&language=en Mine is actually "gooie". Great job Mitch!
  13. I ll tear one down tomorrow evening and find out. It seems that I tried one of those before, but we ll see.
  14. This whole deal reminds me of the Woodstock 50 fallout. Pretty interesting read really https://www.vulture.com/2019/07/is-woodstock-50-canceled-what-to-know-about-the-festival.html I ve also read some of the responses from Country Joe and John Fogerty. They re a hoot.
  15. This has been requested before, but does anyone have a source for the grommet that Wico sticks use to center? I ve got like 10 of these sticks, and all of them have rubber deterioration on the pivot grommet/mount.
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