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  1. Anyone know how to get into contact with Goldie Wilson III? The fuses for the flying circuits keep popping on my conversion, and he's ducking and dodging me.

  2. I've always wanted to try something like this in person, but have a reasonable suspicion that it would give me a seizure.
  3. I don't much care for the game, but quite enjoyed the video as always.
  4. Cpuwiz most likely knows what's possible with the expansion port, but there was never a marketed item that used it as far as I know. There are pinouts available for it, and lots of speculation.
  5. What was your original issue? A/V modding a bum console is like putting a 8v71 Detroit blower on a bad engine. It may look nice sitting in the driveway, but won't get you to work.
  6. This is always a weird deal for me since I bought a box with a brick in it instead of a VCR at Circuit City years ago. I still open every big purchase at the checkout line.
  7. I agree, it does look quite nice. As far as looking for something, I don't know really, it s more of how a place feels. Although, back when I was really big into Lionel trains, the local hobby shop would put out a 5 dollar box every Wednesday around 3 when the store was slow. It was 5 bucks a piece for items and usually had one pretty nice piece. Everyone in the store at the time the box came out got a shot at buying , and the "prize" could only be picked by the same person once every couple months. Whats more, sometimes we would play poker using the items as chips afterwards. This thing got so popular that there ended up being 10 and 20 dollar item boxes too. Worked great getting people in the building, and the person that hit the jackpot always ended up buying other stuff too.
  8. I'm so sick of welding aluminum. My old ladys next old man better really like this freaking boat if it kills me. lol

    1. Stephen


      Al is the worst - especially cast.  I worked as welder/machinist in a tire mould shop for a while and MAN did I hate repairing the cast AL items.

  9. If you can use a TI-55 proficiently , you can definitely set the clock on your VCR.
  10. I ve never found an early one to take apart. The ones from Best, and the later ones I ve cut apart and repaired easily enough, though they look like hell afterwards.
  11. Just my opinion... any game that makes it s sales numbers off of a contest is not worth playing. Crud..... I was hoping for a "Ready Player One Game". Foiled by my own line of thought.
  12. Really neat story there. There s been a lot of joy and frustration all over the world due to his programming.
  13. Combat. The tanks where red and blue. lol
  14. I have Wicos with leaf switches, it s nice, because i can set the leaves tight to cause very little movement to trigger. Although, a positive feeling micro-switch controller is preferable to a lot of folk. The ultimate stick to buy in my opinion would be the Edladdin sticks
  15. I don t know how it was up there, but down here little independent stop-and-robs bought boxes of clearance games during the crash, and stocked their shelves with them. Everyone had Atari games for sale at the time.
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