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  1. Yeah, seems like the films are very hard to track down. Duke University has some in their media archive but they're from the end run of Atari and mostly concern the early Atari computers.
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a collector who might have 16mm or 35mm film prints of Atari commercials from the 1980s. They're for use in the upcoming documentary "Atari: Game Over" being produced by Lightbox for XBox Studios. Many poor quality versions are available online via YouTube and such, but we're looking for film originals. If anyone has copies, or knows someone who does, please message me or email me. We will pay for transfer costs and provide digital copy and a fee for time and trouble and a "thank you" in the credits for the film. Thanks, Andy
  3. Looking for high quality copies of Atari television commercials from 1977-1983, will pay to have them transferred from film to hd video.
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