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  1. Iv seen you can convert a genesis joypad to rotary for tempest 2000. Im wondering can you convert the genesis controller to work with the jag ? I hate the dpad on the normal jag controller.. Thanks.
  2. Any idea what kind of price your going to be looking at ? Also how many do you think you'll be able to make, I mean I'm expecting a big demand for this, I can see massive fire sales on eBay incoming too.
  3. Thanks guys, I think I'll give it a miss. I can't justify 360 dollars than import costs on top for a controller..
  4. Hi guys, really want a pro controller for my jag. But the prices on eBay are plain crazy. From those who use them are they worth the high cost ? Thanks..
  5. Yeah it was me who posted about it, it's been working like a dream since I got it, that one from Germany looks a bit cheap tho. Saying that, I have purchased there csync RGB scart adapter for the Atari jag which allows you to use any normal scart lead. I can post a link if anyone is interested.
  6. Iv Got one and it works perfect...I got it from here... https://en.retrogamesupply.com/collections/all-in-one/products/power-supply-all-in-one-for-atari-jaguar-cd Im very happy with it.
  7. Ok thanks for the advise.. Been a great help .
  8. Can I ask what switchs do you use would any on off switch work ?
  9. Wow thanks, how easy is that, you don't even need to solder just use crimps.. Is this the same for the black keyed joypads ?
  10. Why didn't I think of that.. lol how easy is that. Can you share A diagrame or pic please ? Wonder how easy it would to put a switch on that way ?
  11. Thanks guys, I'll open her up again later and desolder and start again
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